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Samurai’s Sad Story, and a Happy New Beginning!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, May 11th

*Out of respect for our friends, family, and followers, we are going to tell Samurai's story with words rather than pictures. The photos are difficult for even rescue professionals to stomach, so we are not sharing them here.*

Samurai came to the attention of Furkids a while ago, when one of our previous kennel techs heard his tale. He was cowering in a drainage ditch at an apartment complex in Flowery Branch, and he was badly injured.

It took about a week for a group of volunteers to finally capture him, and he went straight into emergency care. He had huge, angry burns all over his belly - we don't know how long he had been in this condition, but we know it had to be terribly painful.

Clearly, this little guy was a fighter, so 'Samurai' seemed a fitting name. He endured his initial medical treatment - more pain - and a week later, found himself in foster with a loving and experienced medical foster family; where he is slowly learning to trust humans again.

Samurai receives...


Nothing Compares to a Mother’s Love!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, May 11th

Nothing Compares to a Mother's Love!

Sweet mom, MOSAIC, gets a smooch from little PRISM, as MURAL looks on. It's a pretty picture, but here's the cold reality - many of these precious families don't make it out of shelters.

Especially this time of year. Kitten Season brings with it rampant cuteness, and deep despair. So many in need, and so few resources.

We watch our beautiful mom cats tenderly and lovingly care for their littles, and we're so grateful they're safe in Furkids' embrace. But there are always more, waiting...

This year, why not honor your own wonderful mother, with a lifesaving gift to Furkids? Your donation will change tiny lives in the most profound way. Your mom will be touched - we're sure of that - and so pleased to be part of our mission.

Click here, and make a tribute or memorial donation. Then, tell us about your Mom! She'll become part of the Furkids Story, for everyone to read!

Happy Mother's Day, all...and thank you for making more...


Furkids’ 15th Birthday Party - An Out of This World Success!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, April 6th

The Furkids' 15th Birthday Party was an out of this world success! We are proud to announce that we raised $150,000! We are so grateful to our sponsors, our auction donors, our guests and donors for making our party such a successful evening! A special thank you to our special celebrity guest, Jackson Galaxy, our honoree, Paul Preston and our emcee, Kaedy Kiely! This was a celebration we will cherish forever!  

We also want to congratulate our volunteers that achieved 10 years of service this year and were honored at the party. The 2017 class is Elizabeth Colvin, Laurie Deemer, Beth Erwin, Martha Camp, Belinda Kach, Suzanne Patterson, Judy Hall, Beth Reeves, Karen & Larry Getze, Jennifer Graham, Barbara Orloff, Judy Dickson, Monica Laguaite, Susan Waisner, Lorie Flacker, Pat & Barry Ryan, Mary Davis, Donna Reich, Nanci Hayward, Marjorie Reilly, Debbie Granger, Renee Palmer, Nancy Shevitz, Lisa McGregor, Bonnie Davidson, Kim Mitchell, Jan Price, John Doyle, Suzy Berliner. 



Furkids Partners with Dog Trainer Alex Andes!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, April 5th

Our tails are wagging so hard - we're excited to tell you about the big plans for our Dog Program! Furkids staff and volunteers will soon be learning the latest canine training techniques with Alex Andes, owner of Peach on a Leash Dog Training & Behavior Services. Before pursuing her dream of starting her own business, Alex worked for and learned from celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog.” 

Alex will help us become even better at assessing and serving dogs at intake, in the shelter, and after adoption. Some planned programs include puppy classes, manners classes, and follow-up classes for adopters; as well as  "Save the Adoption" classes for dogs and adopters who might have headed down the wrong path.

She'll organize trainings for everyone at the shelter to learn dog body language, prevent dog bites, and teach our residents social skills to make them more adoptable. We'll also soak up tips and tricks to highlight our adoptable dogs...



Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, April 4th

Mostly-toothless Khatleesi was not having an easy time with what was surely her umpteenth pregnancy. As an 8-year old, she was, technically, a pregnant senior. But she soldiered on, and delivered The Meowtain, Jon Snow, Arya Stalk, and Tyrion Lannispurr. (Don't judge, she'd used up all those cute kitten names with other litters. This time she had to think outside of the litter box.)

As Khatleesi was cleaning them up, which was surely challenging without teeth, she began to feel nauseous. Although she was hungry, she couldn't eat. Pain made it nearly impossible for her to nurse her littles. But, luckily, this pregnancy and delivery was very different from those before. Khatleesi was now a Furkid, and her loving foster mom saw her distress.

Her babies were shuttled to a member of our brilliant bottle brigade, and Khatleesi was rushed into emergency surgery. Her seriously infected uterus was removed - likely just in time to save her life. She was sore, but she felt so much better when...

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