Samba’s Long Road

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th

Samba’s Long Road Samba was just a puppy and had been abandoned - failed at every level by the people who were supposed to be there for him. When we met him, we knew he had many health issues – from a skin issue to joints that weren't functioning correctly – but we saw his soul in his sad eyes. We felt his desire to live, and we knew we had to help him. Once we got Samba in a Furkids foster home, he did so well! But in a few days, he took a turn for the worse and had to spend several days at the emergency vet.… READ MORE >

Orville’s Bumpy Ride to a Soft Landing

Posted on Thursday, August 6th

Orville’s Bumpy Ride to a Soft Landing He is a beautiful fluffy young cat that most people would love to have; yet he was found wandering outdoors, hungry, with a badly infected puncture wound on his leg. If left untreated, a wound like this will lead to a painful death. One-year-old Orville had never been neutered and didn’t have a microchip. He was also FIV positive, and while he can live a normal life with FIV, it is an indication that he’d had no vaccines. Yet Orville has clearly never been feral. If you pet him, he rolls on his back for a belly rub! How does this… READ MORE >

Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Vincent

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th

Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Vincent We value each and every volunteer who donates their time and energy to our cause. In our Volunteer Spotlight series we're honoring our amazing volunteers and recognize the incredible work that's helped us continue saving the lives of countless homeless animals in need.       Meet Courtney Vincent.           Why did you choose Furkids to volunteer/foster? I was driving in the rain and saw a tiny black kitten on the curb, about to walk onto Jimmy Carter Blvd. I pulled over, rescued her from harm, and wrapped her in a towel on my lap. It was this kitten,… READ MORE >

How Fate helped a Mangy Puppy Find Her Way to Treats, Love and an Amazing Home

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th

How Fate helped a Mangy Puppy Find Her Way to Treats, Love and an Amazing Home Pinky Pye was having a rough go of it when an animal control officer picked her up in rural Georgia. She was just a puppy, and the great big world didn’t seem very nice so far.  Pinky had a severe case of Demodex mange and was miserably uncomfortable, not to mention hungry and scared. Thank goodness animal control connected with Furkids, and we immediately took her into our program. Pinky was popped into a foster home and put on a five-week regimen of medications, warm baths and lots of love and attention. She began to heal, both outside and inside. As… READ MORE >

What Would You Do to Save a Kitten?

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd

What Would You Do to Save a Kitten? Last Thursday, we received a call from a volunteer who feeds a feral cat colony. A kitten had fallen 18 feet down into a storm drain, and had been there for DAYS! Local emergency services responded, but could not get down far enough to save the kitten, who was crying constantly, and in grave danger whenever it rained, as water flooded the storm drain. Somehow, she managed to stay on a small ledge. Can you imagine?? Her will to survive is amazing! Thankfully, our volunteer and her family managed to lower food and water down to the kitten regularly, but it… READ MORE >

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