Fostering Saves Lives

Posted on Thursday, December 31st

Fostering Saves Lives In early March, our family received an urgent call from the Furkids Foster Home Coordinator. A litter of five kittens had just arrived and two were deathly ill. As a veterinary technician, my skill set was prepared to take them on--and as a mom, I knew my maternal instincts would somehow play a role in keeping these babies alive.  At just three weeks old, all five kits were suffering upper respiratory infections. Two of them, Captain and Blindbeard, were also presenting much more complicated symptoms than their siblings. They were lethargic, weak, and had severe eye ulcerations. Our days and nights were filled… READ MORE >

Furkids TransFUR Program Expands

Posted on Tuesday, December 29th

Furkids TransFUR Program Expands Giving the gift of life never stops at Furkids.  In 2020, our domestic TransFUR program expanded to the islands of Puerto Rico & St. Croix, bringing more than 170 homeless and abandoned dogs stateside. The islands have been struck with earthquakes, economic hardships and pure devastation during 2020. And in turn, pet abandonment is at an all-time high. With limited shelter resources, the islands are overpopulated with “street dogs” trying to escape the inevitable—death! At Furkids, saving the lives of animals is our core mission—no matter how near or far! Without your support, all of these deserving dogs would have been euthanized and/or… READ MORE >

A Holiday Message From Our Founder

Posted on Tuesday, December 15th

A Holiday Message From Our Founder As I look back on 2020, it’s so tempting to focus on how COVID-19 impacted all of us. While schools shut down and businesses were vulnerable, one thing remained constant—our shared commitment for helping homeless animals in need. Throughout these months, I’ve found it helpful to focus on what we do have and the deep passion that bonds our Furkids community. Thanks to our dedicated employees and volunteers, we kept our shelters open during the pandemic while many other rescue organizations shut down. Desperate animals needed us more than ever as cruelty and abandonment cases increased. On the flip side,… READ MORE >

Door Dash Driver Discovers Miracle Kittens in Trash Bag

Posted on Tuesday, December 1st

Door Dash Driver Discovers Miracle Kittens in Trash Bag There are only a few hours left #GeorgiaGives on #GivingTuesday...   …and your generous donation can make a life-saving difference! This is your chance to fund medical assistance, food and care for thousands of deserving animals while we work to find their forever homes. Your #GivingTuesday donation will be matched up to $50,000 and immediately go to work helping thousands of homeless and abandoned animals in need. Not your average litter.  A DoorDash delivery driver was making rounds on her first day of work when she noticed two tiny kittens on the side of the road next to a sealed trash bag with six of… READ MORE >

Homeless Cat Survives All Odds

Posted on Tuesday, December 1st

Homeless Cat Survives All Odds Today is the Big Day! Double Your Donation: Double Your Impact It's #GeorgiaGives on #GivingTuesday -- the largest day of giving across the nation, and we need your help meeting our $100,000 fundraising goal! For the next 24 hours only, your #GivingTuesday donation will be matched up to $50,000, and immediately go to work helping to save thousands of homeless and abandoned animals in need. Meet Mr. Clean Every day, kittens, cats and senior cats like Mr. Clean face life-threatening circumstances, hoping to survive against the toughest of odds, Furkids cannot save them without your continued support!  When we first met him, Mr. Clean was homeless and… READ MORE >

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