Feline infectious respiratory disease, also called Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs), are highly contagious sinus and nasal infections in cats and kittens.

Similar to the flu or common cold, symptoms include clear or colored discharge from the eyes or nose, coughing, sneezing, swelling of the mucous membranes around the eyes, ulcers in the mouth, lethargy, and anorexia. In rare cases, cats may have trouble breathing. When being treated properly, a cat with one of these infections will normally clear all clinical signs within two to three weeks.

At Furkids, we intentionally rescue cats and kittens who are diagnosed with (URI) and isolate them in our medical-specific URI building where they receive the necessary care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Is your cat or kittens experiencing a runny nose, crusty eyes and sneezing?

Consult your veterinarian for the best course of treatment as some URIs can progress to pneumonia if left untreated.

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