Furkids now has the unprecedented opportunity to expand our unique property to create a destination shelter like no other.

Ultimately, Furkids will complete the destination with new buildings including a cat shelter, a dog shelter, a medical center, a cafe and pet boutique, an event center, an administrative building, pet cemetery and memorial garden.

A. Existing Parking Lot
B. Administrative Building
C. Giaquinto Event Center
D. Fort & Michele Felker Cat Shelter
E. Giaquinto Medical Building
F. Future Dog Shelter
G. Existing Intake Cottage 1
H. Existing Intake Cottage 2
I. Existing Isolation Trailer
J. Future Storage
K. Future Parking Lot
L. Existing Koi Pond
M. Existing Retention Pond
N. Proposed Rain Garden

The Fort & Michele Felker Cat Shelter

The Fort & Michele Felker Cat Shelter is a 7,554 square feet with cage-free cat habitats, catios/cat porches, a large adoption room, exam room, laundry and cleaning rooms, storage, and a break room for our volunteers. The new building has the capacity to host 200 cats. Also included is a cat cafe, open to the public during normal operating hours that features adoptable cats.

Since the shelter's completion, our long-term resident cats have moved there, and their previous housing area in the administrative building is being converted into office space for Furkids staff.

The Dog Shelter

The new Furkids Dog Shelter will be approximately 13,000 square feet and similar in configuration to the Cat Shelter, with fenced outdoor play yards and each dog having an individual room. The new building and enhanced configuration will enable Furkids to accommodate up to 135 dogs, doubling our current lifesaving capacity, while providing additional room and a more comfortable environment for our long-term residents.

In addition, constructing the new Furkids Dog Shelter will allow us to work more efficiently by consolidating our dog and cat operations at Headquarters. Our current dog shelter (located three miles away at 1520 Union Hill Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005) will eventually be sold and the proceeds applied to current dog shelter construction costs.

The Giaquinto Medical Center

The Giaquinto Medical Center will feature state-of-the-art space and equipment and increase our lifesaving capabilities. Plans include:

  • Doubling our number of surgery tables from three to six
  • Incorporating five separate wards with the space to treat more than 100 individual cases at a time
  • Strategic space for quarantining animals based on treatment plans
  • Shortening hospital stays thanks to consolidated   expert care
  • Better ability to handle emergency needs, including cases of Parvo, upper respiratory infections, panleukopenia, ringworm, and much more
  • Better ability to perform lifesaving surgeries

We expect our animal control intakes to increase by 50% in the first 6-12 months and 100% in the first 24 months, bringing us from 3,000 rescues from kill shelters annually to 6,000 within two years of opening the new medical building.

By providing these services, we will help ease the burden on municipal animal shelters so that we can all save more lives together.

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To schedule a visit or learn more about the Destination Furkids Capital Campaign, please contact Samantha Shelton at [email protected] or (770) 613-0880, ext 106.