Brennan Hodges

Gerda Hofer
1934 – 2014

Marchelle Sanchez
1977 – 2015

Patricia Ann Krebs
1942 – 2014

In honor of Nutter - Renee Sumperl
In memory of Wilma Rapp Willis - Richard Hutchinson
In memory of Fabiola Hudson - Karen Dabbs
In memory of Ellen Limratana - Sarah Sarratt
In memory of Max - Ann and Craig Watson
In memory of Honey Boy Kodman-Mooney - Ann and Craig Watson
In memory of Wilma Rapp Willis - Gabrielle & Rich Lesser
In honor of Barbara Thomason - Sharyn Faro
In memory of Abbey Road Fahey - Meaghan Prindle
In honor of Conley Houk - Rhonda Houk
In memory of Nain, a phenomenal grandmother to Jon and Mandy. - Dale Nellums
Jewels lived a full life filled with many road trips and plenty of love and hugs. Missed but not forgotten. - Diane Rogers
In memory of Joe Armetta - Kay Giaquinto
In honor of Sam Dressler - Lois Barcus
Macy was the sweetest, most loving dog ever. She crossed the rainbow bridge April 2020. - Rita Barger
In memory of Gigi - Wendy Ludwig
In honor of Jeannine Addams rocks! - Jeff Carrico
In memory of George - Amy Crowell
In honor of Speckles - Mary Verner
To the most important thing any of us can do...make an impact on someone else's life -- two legged & four legged! At her young age, Sara Edge realized this! - Margie & Sam O'Krent
Same as above - Marilyn Crane
In loving memory of a very fine and well loved cat, Uncle Buck - Carolyn and Joe Marczak
In honor of Alissa Dougherty - LINDSEY Burge
In honor of In appreciation of - Carole Ann, Betty Ann, and Julian Webb
In Memorial of Curtis Gorman, advocate and lover of all of nature's creations. - LexisNexis Risk Solutions
In honor of Susan Gilbert - David Gilbert
In memory of curt gorman - scott eaton
In loving memory of my brother David Williams, who always stuck up for pit bull dogs. And Bulls Williams who passed away along side of him. Faithful until the very end. ❤️ - Sarah Starkman
In honor of Nathalia & Adi: In Honor of your Marriage - Paula Ciembor
In honor of Yeontan - Thaisha Camacho
In memory of Uncle Buck - Lisa Merkin
With love for Uncle Buck - Elizabeth Jordan
In honor of Roxy - Yennam Nguyen
In memory of Angel. Known to Furkids as the largest cat in the shelter, and to her family as the sweetest, loveliest, and strongest kitten that will forever be in our hearts. 14 years was not long enough. We miss you, love you, and hope you are at peace. Angel is survived by her mother, Chloe, formerly known as the 2nd largest cat in the shelter. Status of siblings Goliath and Mouse are unknown, and we wish them well. - Katherine Coyer
In honor of Riley & Smedberg - Malinda Coulter
In loving memory of Ralphie and Kiah. Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts ♥ - James McCulloch-Grant
In honor of Sharon & Bob - Thomas Robinson
RIP Fatty Waheed! You were a great cat, you brought your family much joy, and you will be missed! - Jeff Pekarek
In honor of Kaia - Josh Langner
In honor of Birthday - Dondra Murphy
In memory of Pat Lavin - Kaye Ginsberg
In memory of Joni Jordan - Bill and Angel Jordan
For the beautiful tuxie -- KC - Elizabeth Jordan
In loving memory of precious Rain. - Elizabeth Jordan
In memory of Rufus - Sam and Debbi Dooley
In memory of Macey Hansen - Victoria Hansen
In honor of Kim Davis - Susan Jacobs
In honor of In Honor of Your work with Girl Scouts - Mary Schauer
In honor of Sara and Jake’s Wedding - Annie Goode
In loving memory of the best friend i've ever had - Jake Chaffin
In memory of Max and honor to Max's person, Sarah, who did all in her power to give him the best life possible for as long as possible. - Judith Morris
In honor of Barbara and Bob Briggs - Barbara Briggs
In memory of Yvonne Nowak - Adele Green
In loving memory of Vinny Shackelford - he had cattitude! - Angelic Moxley
In memory of Clinton “Trey” Mathews - Margaret Davidson
In honor of Jennifer Petty - Chris Schwab
In memory of Danielle Holm - beth campbell
In honor of 50 th Birthday - Amy Michaels
In memory of Emily Hunter - Liza Griggers
In honor of Shannon and her love of animals. - Heather and George Mackel
In memory of Dennis Urban Wenzlick - Barbara Wenzlick
In honor of Brandt and Honey Watzman - Saul and Kyle Watzman
In memory of Shannon Brunson - Elizabeth Jordan
For Loris Mann in memory of her father, Joel Green - Lisa Loewenstein
In memory of Ruth Cerny - Christine Griffin
In honor of Braemer doggie   - Design Bridge New York
In memory of Martha Young - Joan Orentlicher
In memory of Toonces, a furball of pure love. - Roland and Peggy Deliniere
In memory of Dianne Forrest and her love and compassion for animals. - Laraine Kanner Levine
In memory of Tiffany Dockery - Omni International
In the fondest memories of a wonderful person, Evelyn Gershon. She will be missed by all who knew her! - Lanette and Seth Moore and Keaveny
Denny always made time for me as I spent summers on his parents farm. He was lost too soon and will be missed by many. I want to honor him with this gift. - Troy Johnson
In memory of our sweet baby Tucker. - Amanda Mooney
In memory of Bear - Mikal Kitchens
In memory of Martha Young - Barry Rubin
In honor of sweet Ruby and all the wonderful memories created together during almost 20 years. - Karin & Steve Stern
In loving memory of our nephew and cousin Dennis Wenzlick - Sheila Horning
In honor of Theo Caruso - Carin Berkowitz
In honor of Jenny and James - jacob sanchez
In honor of Thanks mr beast - Owen Walker
In memory of Dennis Urban Wenzlick - Denise Crosby
To Marmi, Baxter and all the kitties who left us too soon... - Solange Han-Barthelemy
In honor of Winnie Corona - Angela Ferguson
In memorial to Dallas. The best boy ever. - Alexis Sanchez
Peace and love to Jackpot forever thanks to Marc! - Robert Coleman
In honor of Dogs R. Great - Jack Kubanek
We'll always love you, Simba - Eva Fennell
In honor of Patrick Sheehan - Alyssa Markowski
In the sweet memory of Joan Barclay - Kimberly Hopkins
In honor of John Lurie - Mary Ann Barfield
In honor of Happy Birthday - Elaine Urbina
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Michael Billedo
In memory of Saul Goodman - ruth whiting
In memory of Maggie the Dog - Neal and Linda Manners
Piper was the sweetest stray we rescued. He was only 12 hours away from his scheduled Furkids intake to be available for adoption when he was peacefully put to rest, due his physical condition from living outdoors. May his memory contribute to help all the other kitties have the life we so badly wanted for Piper. - Samantha Findling
In memory of Wilson Mazikowski - Cheryl and Scott Dunbar
In Memory of Maggie—Princess—Dunbar - Cheryl and Scott Dunbar
In memory of Eisenhower - Helen Johnson
In memory of Joel Carr Colvin - Gayle Timoteo
In honor of Snowball - Kerstin Ohlsson
In memory of Leia - Ilyssa Tabor
In memory of Lily Sant - Tommie Best
In memory of Kramer Mann - Elizabeth Tidwell
In memory of Scout Simpson - Tommie Best
In memory of sweet Scarlet - Rob, Amanda, Bryce and Adeline Young
In memory of Mia - Kirti Kandhal
Simone Spector DOB 07/01/06 lived a full life with her family. She passed on 07/03/20 to be reunited with her beloved companion Popo Spector. - Juliana Spector
In memory of Ramsey - Tommie Best
Our sweet cat Minnie Mouse recently passed away after a long life. We can think of no better way to honor her memory than to make a donation to Furkids. Our daughter has been volunteering as a reader for the cats at Furkids over the past year. Since COVID-19 has interrupted our volunteering in person, making a donation is also a good way to continue our support for this worthy organization, especially during their time of increased financial need. We would like our gift directed toward the fund for replacing the stolen van. - Emily Richardson
In memory of Joseph Ludwig - Lynn & David Urda
In honor of Amanda Bowers - Meadow Smith
Donation made in loving memory of Twyla Keiser. - Matthew Ownby
In honor of Bo and Daisy the Dogs - Robert Gray
In memory of Ricky - Adair McAlister
In memory of our sweet Dylan. Our first foster, he quickly grabbed our hearts and he found his forever home. Thank you for 14 years of love and tail wags. Lisa & Bob Senn - Lisa Senn
I was so sorry to hear about your missing van. Hope this helps with your Van expenses. Thank you for all you do to help the animals. Our daughter, Rachel, loved our dog Kiley so much. Kiley came to us from Furkids and was named after Brenda Kyle. - Susan Goldsmith
In honor of CA Webb - Greg Olson
In Memory of Diane Forrest - Ron & Karen Davis
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Dale Klein
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Tom and Kathy Morris
In honor of Robbin Yeager - JOAN PETERSON
Wheeler-Wheeler. I miss you - JOAN PETERSON
In memory of Yaz, a cat who lived with birds! - JOAN PETERSON
In honor of Kate Sullivan - Brenna McGinniss
In honor of Jude McDivitt - Leslie Ross
In memory of Misty, who loved her pets and rescues so much. - Lillian Hodges
In honor of Lucy - Vivian Feltz
In honor of Karen - Mary Kyle
In honor of Happy Birthday, Alice! - Sara Magnuson
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Paul & Alice Schneider
We got our beautiful kitty Gino from Furkids long, long ago. He was the boss, a wonderful companion, and best friend of my daughter, Noelle. We miss him and hope this donation helps kitties at Furkids as a legacy to Gino. - Julia Marchais
Okie Cohen - Gone but not forgotten! - Renae Glass
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Ben Myers
In remembrance of Dianne Forrest - Rita Greenlees
A wonderful lady with a huge heart for our fur babies. - Erin White
In memory of Dianne Forrest - Tony Rosa
In honor of Allison Knightly - Sinead Knightly
In memory of Deborah Dianne Forrest - Joseph Alongi
In memory of Phillip Madden - Daleen Madden
In honor of Benjamin A. Rudolph - Mark Doctor
In honor of LesterPaul - Delaine Anderson
In honor of Ben Rudolph - Wendy Rudolpj
In memory of Cotton Jacobs - Kelly Jacobs
In honor of Magy - Joe & Pam Scripture
In memory of Lewis Macallan “Mac” MacKenzie - Kate and Brent Everitt
In honor of Benjamin A. Rudolph - Linda Kuhn
In honor of Cooper - Marilyn Pfister
In honor of Against all suffering of animals - Precious and Zsa Zsa Slaughter
For Chris Paolozzi who was the best dog mom to Tessie ever. You will be missed.- Kim - Kimberley McKenzie
In honor of Benjamin Rudolph - Maria Duggins
In honor of St. Martin’s Episcopal School Green Club - Green Club St Martin’s Episcopal School
In memory of Moose - Meredith Leonard
In memory of Kirby - Jack & Pat Kingston
Sadie Cone was one of the best! She lived her days fully, loved by her family and friends. Her gentle spirit was felt all. - Momcierge Atlanta
Given in honor of Little Kitty, from Aunt Ashli, Uncle Jac and Cousin Leo - Ashli Owen-Smith
In honor of Phaethon Constantinides - Michelle Hughes
In honor of Ben’s Bar Mitzvah - Deborah Woolf
In honor of Captain - Pam Fellows
In memory of Lucy Engelmann - Linda Borsky
In loving memory of D.J. and in honor of all Furkids calico cats. - Katherine L. Johnson
Chris and Family have lost a dear friend ???? - Susan Muntzing
In memory of Georgia - Joe & Pam Scripture
In memory of Einstein - John Aldridge
Foxy Roxy - always in our hearts, always pampered to the finest, our PEM mascot and honorary fellow. - Kina Le
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Terri Dunson
In memory of sweet Georgia, who was the best adopted dog-mom to any animal in need. Her memory will live on through the care of other rescue animals who deserve a life full of love. - Ashley Merkin
Dedicated to the memory of Claudia, a loving and faithful ginger cat greatly missed by her owners. - Jacq Marie Jack
In honor of Copper, the coolest cat I've ever known and my inspiration for adopting my own from Furkids. - Samantha Small
In honor of Benjamin Alexander Rudolph Bar Mitzvah - Ken Ferdon
In memory of Shayna Breakstone - dori perling
In honor of Ben Rudolf - Julie Strickland
In honor of Ben Ewing - Norah The Wagoner Family
In honor of Laura Agront-Hobbs - Norah The Wagoner Family
In memory of “Bentley” Reside - Janet Chapman
In memory of Myles Swain and his decades of service helping shelter animals - Susan Feingold
Run and play in heaven Sweet Talladega - Linda Yandle
In honor of Ben Rudolph - stephanie Schlanger
In loving memory of Myles Swain. Your years of dedication to the homeless animals of metro Atlanta will not be forgotten. We miss you already. - Stacey Hall
In honor of Shanthi Ramesh - Divya Ramaswamy
In honor of Anne Leon - Paul Manning
In honor of C.A. Johnston Folds - Kourtney Davis
In honor of Brett Anderson - Kathleen Trimmer
In honor of Happy Mother’s Day - John Lewis
In memory of Mohan Kunwar - Kirti Kandhal
We adopted our late dog Emma from Furkids 7 years ago. When she and her soon to be daddy, my husband Will, saw each other for the first time, it was love at first sight. I always say they were the original heart eyes emoji ????. We said goodbye to her this past weekend and it’s been really tough. She leaves a huge hole in our family and especially for Will. We’re so grateful to Furkids for bringing Emma into our lives 7 years ago. We hope this small gift helps other Wills find their Emmas. Rest easy, sweet girl. We love you. - Leslie Landers
In honor of Conley Houk - Rhonda Houk
In memory of Peachtree Ridge Resident Kitty - Eliza Lowe
In memory of Roxy - Katrina Harris
In honor of SOPHIE CALLAHAN - Roberta & Robert Callahan
In memory of Barnaby - Jamie Hill
In honor of Milo Mills - Mark Stadtmuller
In honor of Daryl and Boston - Billy and Frankie Bryant
For Lady - Sara White
In honor of Sara White-Farnell - Rebecca Nelson
In honor of Lady, the best protector, cuddler and all-around amazing German Shepard a human could ask for. We miss you like crazy! - Deidre Kinoshita
In honor of Richard Jakubecy - Allison Jakubecy
In memory of Trini Frieden - Sam and Debbi Dooley
For Scarlett - Laura Huber
In memory/honor of a big sweet boy- Rocky McNabb - Kathy reineking
Rest in peace Guster! Love your Alliant Family. - Niki Myers
Lucy brightened our lives for 9 years. We will miss loving and being loved by her. Thank you, furkids, for bringing us together. - John Engelmann
Raven Hathway, well-loved fur baby. - Kerri Grooms
In honor of Gratitude - Dena Rosenzweig
In memory of sweet Gator, Eva Room 5 Mom - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Jeff Shelton - rosita fine
In honor of Pat & Lamar - Mary Hewitt
In honor of Danielle Lewis - Danielle Lewis
In memory of Marina Rusev Sherrod - Amy, Scott & Joshua Jacobson
In memory of Cody - small, but fierce. - Jennifer Marsh
In loving memory of Gator. He was a wonderful kitty who loved his mom, Jenny Holmes, with all his heart. - Carolyn Marczak
In memory of Adrian who was loved by all who knew her. - Marisa Lindsay
In honor of Tortie. - Valarie Fetherston
In memory of Leroy - Helen Johnson
In loving memory of LUCY CARR. July 23, 2009 - March 26, 2020. LUCY was pure joy! She was a precious little chocolate-color cocker spaniel. She would race and leap into the air to catch a tennis ball...she bounced when she walked, loved to play, loved her toys, and was my devoted little friend. I love LUCY! All the best in her memory to Furkids. - Ruth Carr
In honor of Tortie - Patricia Hewitt
In honor of Parker a special FURKIDS FIV+ kitty who brought joy to so many of us volunteers. - Patricia Hewitt
In honor of Darren Margolis - Carolyn Riticher
In memory of Sox Vancleave - Lynn Williamson
In honor of K&S love animals - Yennam Nguyen
In memory of Emmy - Angela Martello
In honor of our sweet boy Bhaju, the most perfect fur baby ever! - Kavita Upadhyaya
In Loving Memory of Harold Marlin Phillips Jr. August 5, 1960 - March 23, 2020 - Taylor Carrion
In honor of Teddy Whitlock - Abigail Whitlock
In honor of Gina Tyre - Lori Kirschner
In memory of Elaine Garber - Laura Schilling
In loving memory of Donald Bowman - Charlotte and Ken Bexley
With much love and appreciation for Tortie and the amazing inspiration she has been for Furkids. - Vicki Smith
In honor of Twinkle (“Twink”) McMichael - Dorsey McMichael
In loving memory of MoJo Colter - Eddy Hernandez
In honor of Tortie - Tina Marshall
In honor of Tortie - L J
In honor of Tortie - Rhiannon Gibson
In honor of Tortie - Faye Roane
In honor of Mallory Milam - Victoria Milam
In honor of Tortie - Margaret Watkins
It’s been a year since we had to let you cross that rainbow bridge. We miss you everyday. You were the best boy cat we could ever have. It was so hard to have to let you go. We love you WowderWow. Remember, no bites, only licks. - Brenda Hallenbeck
In memory of my sister, Linda Foster, who welcomed, saved and found forever homes for so many of our four legged friends. - Kathleen Gould
In memory of Ella Fitzgerald, a Furkid alumna, adopted on 2006. May she be purring near the Rainbow Bridge Love you, Mama Jackie & Mama Tammy - Jackie Martin
In memory of June Deloris Bennett - Penny Dumas
In honor of Ruth Wanner - Susan Goico
Mike McFarland was a wonderful man. This donation is in his honor. RIP Mike. Thanks for always supporting me. - Justin Day
In honor of Taz Erickson - Terri Erickson
In honor of Tanner - Lori Kirschner
In honor of Thank You - Buzz Bernard
In honor of Anniversary 4-15 - LL Benner
In honor of The Tuman Family - Disa Mason
In memory of Our beloved Cupcake - Keri Lubell
In honor of Piper Allem - Faith Allem
In memory of our daughter, Rachel, and her love of animals, on what would have been her 35th day, April 3. - Susan and Gary Goldsmith
In honor of Thomas - Lin Barker
In honor of Ashleigh Erickson - Bobby Courage
In memory of Diesel - Jamie Balk
This donation is in memory of my late Aunt Lilly Dickmon, who who had much love and compassion for all animals, especially cats! Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace ???? - Doris Adler
In honor of Weenie - Sheena Wilson
In memory of Moose Friedman - dori perling
Annie Shepherd, Femme Fatale ❣️ - Ria Bruns
In honor of Richard Petree - Richard & Aida Werblow
In memory of Pokemon - maureen wilce
To my sister, Sharon's family for Lacey. and in memory of my Wheeler/Wheeler - Joan Peterson
Phoebe was a feral cat I cared for 14 years. Her kittens were able to go into a shelter & later adopted. She was blessed with a long life and we were blessed to have her in ours. - Tina Marshall
In memory of Todd Tucker, a wonderful brother to Tammy Lopez, and uncle to Maddie Morden. - Cherie Gibson
In memory of Cleo Gustin - Kerri Grooms
Bianca Painter... feisty, sexy lady, lived a grand life with her mama and sister... RIP. - Alice Kwan
In honor of 50.00 - K.Ellen Hagan
In honor of Conley Houk - Rhonda Houk
May other animals enjoy life to the fullest with their family the way Roxy Jimenez did. - Meghan Caylor
In memory of my beautiful beloved Sacha. Cindy Lindsay - Cynthia Lindsay
Emmie Sue was the sweetest kitty. She was adopted from Furkids by Georgia Gunter and her husband, and she was loved unconditionally. - Carolyn Marczak
Chupea was a Furkid who was adopted by two loving parents. He had a wonderful and loving home with his brother, Zazzman. - Carolyn Marczak
In memory of Coco - Frank Beeland
In honor of Benny and Molly Mittens - Linda Trickey
In honor of Birthday giving - Laura Melson
In memory of Richard A Petree Sr - Whittington Jones Rudert CPAs
er - Linda McQuaig
With appreciation and gratitude, on behalf of Laura Simpson, thank you for all you do to love and support the animals at "furkids." - Mary Lou & Steve Konsin
In honor of Colette Price - Aimee Price
In honor of Elizabeth Cason - John Cason
In honor of Richard Alfred Petree - Gene Herman
In memory of Richard Alfred Petree - Johns Creek Primary Care Physicians LLC
May you rest in peace, Mr Petree. - Lee Urbanski
In memory of Pixie Kennedy - Elizabeth Tidwell
In memory of Mr. Richard Petree, Sr. - Wanda Hoyt
In memory of Richard Petree - Jerry & Karen Rollins
In memory of Carol Bass - Allen & Martha Ziegenhals
In memory of Richard Petree Sr - Lisa Stuenkel
In memory of Carol Bass - Valarie Smith
In memory of Noodle - Tiffany Bennett
In memory of Carol Bass - Florence Bischof
In memory of Sharon Herndon Rader - David Herndon
In memory of Carol Bass - Sherry Alston
In honor of Carol Steinhauer Bass - Grace and Jerry Regan
In memory of Carol Steinhauer Bass - Dianne Fries
In memory of Karen Laite - Marcia Mead
In honor of Caroline Catherman - Gary Catherman
In memory of Sharon Herndon Rader - Bill and Gail Crecelius
Sincere condolences on the loss of my close work colleague Dylan Rader's Grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Robert - Robert Harper
Howie aka Ted E. Bear made this world a happier, warmer place. He is missed. - Judy Rangel
In memory of Sharon Herndon Rader - Laura Lulejian
In honor of Sharon Herndon Rader - Ronald Aberman
In memory of Georgia’s Mom - Eva Lautemann
In memory of Elle + Harriet Roll, 2004-2020 - Catherine Pearson
In loving memory of Sharon Herndon Rader and in honor of her extreme love for animals - Bill and Terry Newton
Given in the memory of Sharon Radar, beloved mother of Debra Radar Giddens. - Frank Murphy
In memory of Sharon Rader - Katherine Chase
In memory of Aunt Lorraine and her love for animals. You will be missed. Love Nancy, Lu, & Joyce - Nancy Welsch
In memory of Margo Bentley who was as compassionate towards animals as people. - Pat Coe
In honor of Happy 4th birthday! - Laura Melson
Lucy Mitchell RIP - Debra Hayes
In honor of Danielle Duncan - Sydney Haltom
In memory of Tom Beggs - Jan Williams
In memory of Margo Bentley - Kim Elmore
In memory of Vex, best girl ever! - Deborah Phillipeck
In memory of Ron Reynolds - Melanie Puckett
In loving memory of Phoebe Fensterman--a true cat and horse lover and free spirit. - nanette and terrell wesley
In memory of Margo, who loved life and animals!! - Michael Coleman
In memory of Eric Scukanec - Paul Meggs
In honor of not unknown - Eva Lautemann
In memory of Chris's grandmother. From BMSL and NSQAP colleagues, past and present - Elizabeth Hall
In memory of Fergus Scothorn - Tommie Best
In memory of Lucy - Vanessa Sciacchetano
In honor of Leslie Joven - Mary Howell
In memory of Margo Bentley - Shelley and Steven Goldstein
In memory of our dear friend Nancy, who cared for and rescued animals with lots of love. - Irma Walker
In loving memory of Belle - Allison Estes
In memory of Sarah Hutchinson - Beverly and John Norris
In honor of WendyLin Liu - victor chao
In memory of Chloe, the best at hugs and snuggles. - Sara Hoffman
In memory of John Hudson - Tom/Rita Newell
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Julia Fleischman
In memory of Pixie - ROGER HOPPER
In loving memory of sweet Isabelle ♥ - Gyliann Pena
In honor of Luna Landefeld - Amy Warren
In memory of Miss Georgia - Barbara Fagerlin
In memory of Lilly Gupta - Kim McCollam
In loving memory of Josie. - Maria Chachere
In Memory of Leslie Kochensparger, animal lover and good friend. - Carolyn and Tom Mergens
In memory of Leslie Rae Kochensparger - Michael Beran
The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul forever. Heathcliff was such a special companion... - Cindy Wilson
In honor of Julia Witcher - Anna Baldwin
In Memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Patrick Cho
In honor of John W.  Rhodes - MarthaAnn/ Carol Ann Gregory/ Croft
In memory of Leslie Rae Kochensparger - Julie Mantey
In honor of Congratulations - Diana Gray
In honor of Leslie's loving spirit. - Louise Runyon
In honor of Miyuki - for Ginger, the cat at Furkids - Carolyn Marczak
In memory of Mr. Pickles, the sweetest cat in the world. Love and peace to his devoted parents, Alison Hoehn Berger and Kurt Berger. - Foy Anderson
In memory of Leslie Rae Kochensparger - Robinson Salvage
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Jessica Kane
In loving memory of Leslie Rae Kochensparger. - Gwendy Schulte
In honor of Kim Davis - Sylvia Leary
In loving memory of Leslie Kochensparger. a true patron saint of animals. - Marie Carswell
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Liza Strub
In memory of my beautiful niece - James Kochensparger
In honor of Happy Birthday Mom! - Paul Manning
In memory of my friend, Leslie Rae Kochensparger. She loved all FurKids and was the best FurKids mom! - Stephanie Dobies
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Rufus and Susan Nash
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Danielle Stiner
In memory of Sara Edge - David Peterman
We contribute in memory of Leslie and in honor of her family, both of whom have shared their many gifts with others, human and otherwise. - The Johanssons - Catherine Johansson
In memory of Leslie Kochensparger - Judy Caines
In memory of Leslie - Morgan and Will Kauffmam
In memory of Leslie Rae Kochensparger - Rhonda Shank
Love to Leslie's family. - F.G. Beauregard
In memory of my wonderful Bruce. - Edith Stephens
In memory of Hammer. He gave us his all. - David Burns
In memory of our sweet Mia. She came to us as a foster but she already found her forever home. She grabbed our hearts, giving us 11 years of love and joy. - Lisa Senn
In honor of John Waller - Carol Jamieson
In honor of Mallory Milam - Victoria Milam
In honor of Rosie Tilghman-Rumiser and Zachary McMichael - Kris Holt
In honor of Penny - Kris Holt
In honor of Melody - Linda Blazer
In memory of Warlock, Ebony, Bae Bae and P-nut who all passed away in 2019. - Erin Peck
In memory of my best friend, Sandy Markley, who passed away on Dec. 31, 2010 after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. - Rachel Smith
In memory of Cotton Jacobs - Susan and Rick Jacobs
This is in honor of the late Dr. Walton "Tony" P Waller, my college mate from Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. - Stacy Matthews Branch
In memory of Brownie - Gail Brice
In honor of Sam and Westin Sand - Anna D’Andrea
This donation is in memory of my sweet little Black and Tan phantom poodle Elliott. I adopted him from Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society when he was 8 and he was with me until he was 16. He was a true blessing to me - I could not have asked for a more loving pet. - Kathleen Hall
Sara loved FurKids and your mission! I am pleased to make this donation on her behalf! - Sara Edge
In memory of David Reinstein, may his memory be a blessing - Layla Sinclare
In honor of our little Charlie, Furkids brought her to us in 2008, and she was the light of our lives. - Ronnie and Terje Gulbrandsen
In honor of Rubye and Wayne Reid - Wayne Reid
In honor of Linda Harrell - Constance and Jacob Shreckengost
In honor of Georges - Jennifer christensen
In honor of Mira Isbister - Robyn Painter
In loving memory of Wynn Baummer - Nicole Baummer
In honor of Jennifer Fenton - Jonathan Epstein Celebrated Impact
In memory of Ginger - Kathy Sigmon
In honor of Joanne - Michele Hamilton
In honor of JP & Associates Realtors Metro Atlanta - David Aynes
In honor of Tom Scarborough - Roy Scarborough
In honor of Leigh Bates and Charlie McNair - Mary Clendenning
In honor of Jeff and Tammy Smith - MarySue Piccinino
In honor of Megan Morris - Timothy Morris
In honor of Merry Christmas for the cats in need! - Kelie Kerns-Bland
In honor of The Baileys - John Starr
In memory of James Conlon. - Eleanor Capozzola
In memory of Spirit Hickman who was rescued and whose life was extended and blessed with much love. May this gift help to rescue others and give them the same chances for happiness and opportunities to give joy to their human families. - Bryan Hendrix
In honor of Richard Jakubecy - Jeffrey Jakubecy
In honor of Dad - Jessica Giordano
In honor of Pamela Burnett - Colin Burnett
In honor of Merry Christmas - Richard Bitting
In honor of John Walter Widner - John Widner
In memory of Dr. Ron Gurin - Sheila and Dave Adelman
In honor of Shawn and Ann Leveto - Judith Leveto
In memory of Ellie - Lauren Sarnacki
In honor of The Baileys - Andy Starr
In honor of Linda Elsner - Melinda Evanovich
In honor of Elisa Hill - Edwin Hill
In honor of Edwin Hill - Edwin Hill
In honor of Teresa Page - David Page
In honor of Christmas Miracle 2019 - Karen DuVal
In honor of Lily - Bearden Barnes
In honor of Kim and Bud - Richard Davenport
In honor of Robin - Richard Davenport
In honor of Emily & Jon Dixon - Brent Hobbs
In honor of Allyn Family - Dawn Seckinger
In honor of Marcia Parker - Sharon Blumer
In honor of Diane Wisebram - Woodie and Steve Wisebram
In memory of Nilo and Lucy - Melissa O'Shea
All of our Babies - Roger Hopper
In honor of Julia Simpson - Charlie Shilling
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bungalow Family - Debbie Collins
In honor of Ace - Jan Williams
In honor of J Addams & Partners - Sputnik Pictures
In honor of Jane - Penny Miller
In honor of Polar Bear Bredbeck - Brooke Bredbeck
In honor of Matthias Stamey - Lizbeth Stamey
In honor of In honor of Benny’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah - Holley Griset
In honor of Furkids - Ginger Stinson
In honor of Opel Gilmore - Ronald Gilmore
In honor of Joe plantamura - Susan Slack
In honor of All animals in need - Paul Ginnetti
In memory of Raquela, The Gardening Kitty - Maria Helena Dolan
In memory of John William Hudson - Colleen O’Rourke
In honor of Dana Summerbell - Kathy Roberts
In honor of Maureen Rittner - Jennifer Anthony
In honor of Megan Stout - Jennifer & Dana Millar & Laskowsky Bilicki
In honor of Joe and Pam Scripture - John Merkin
In honor of BJ Hopper - Paula Garrett
Sending love for the loss of Nola. - Maria Chachere’s
In honor of Jane Navichonak - William Rankin
In honor of Erin Hayden - Dustin Hayden
In honor of Cookie and Smudge - Leslie Antos
In honor of Julie Caplan - Julie Caplan
For our Lily Rose; we love and miss you always. - Joseph Parker
In memory and honor of our dear friend and colleague Sherry Pitts. She was an energetic, caring, compassionate woman with a beautiful spirit and kind heart. She is greatly missed by all of us. - Michael Freeman
In honor of Cat Shelter - Brendan Walsh
In honor of Dog Shelter - Brendan Walsh
In honor of Brian and Colleen Chambers - Ralph Newberry
In memory of John William Hudson - Stacy Williams
In honor of Elaine D’Aubert - Diane Ewing
In honor of Bill & Cindy Johnson - Bill & Pam Mahan
In memory of Sam - Elizabeth Tidwell
In memory of Max - Elizabeth Tidwell
In memory of John William Hudson - Mike & Pam Migliaccio
In memory of Dr. Skees Daughter - Nancy Daniel
In honor of John Hudson - Wren Newman
In honor of Christmas Donation for the Animals - Deanna Campbell
In memory of John William Hudson - Thomas Budelman
In memory of John Hudson - Lydia Kopel
In honor of Eternity - Robin Summers
In memory of Sarah Hughes - Richard and Laurita Young
In honor of DJ - Terri Barnes
In honor of Liddy - Susan Morgan
To my Baby Bear. I'm sorry. - Sherry Wright
In honor of Katherine Tyler - Katherine Tyler
In honor of Mina’s birthday - Gracie Ganson
In honor of Nancy Shevitz - Lisa Barrios
Remembering my little family today. They are all gone now and the house is empty. Hoping this donation in their names will help many other cats and dogs find furever homes through Furkids. - Laura Pate
We adopted our 3 boys this year. We’ve accomplished so many goals in life. Even though cancer took you @34 years old, I always remembered how much you loved dogs and always wanted to adopt one but our schedules didn’t agree. So this life- changing adoption here at FurKids will change our family dynamic for the better. Love you forever and ever! Your husband - Bryan Mitchell
Jackie was a light and a joy. She loved animals and gave so much of her love and time to them. - heather fryxell
In memory of Bella - Meredith Leonard
In honor of Marion Scoular - Vera Grimsley
In memory of Daphne Cotton - Richard E. O’Neal, II
In honor of Marion Scoular - Wendy Lynn
In honor of Babs - Phyllis and Steve White
In honor of Mom’s birthday - Richard Bitting
In memory of Margaret Hill - Dale and Beverly Wallace
In honor of Mina Rose Williamson - Cheryl & Howard Reeves
In memory of Zuzu - Kim Smith
In honor of Vickie Kirbo - Deborah Celecia Wagoner
In memory of Howard Fine - Nancy & Ronnie Galanti
In memory of Carmen - Meredith Leonard
In honor of Emily Worosz - Lucy Paire
In Memory of Murphy, a white fluff of energy and a loving character. - BJ Hopper
In memory of Cornerstone Financial - Don Dusick
In loving memory of Caymus, a sweet soul and loyal friend. - Kelly Lecceardone
In memory of Mrs. Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Kathy Tholen
you were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. - shirley vega
In memory of Kobe and Kani - Jill Bargmeyer
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Donald Demba
In memory of Lizzy - Ronnie Happel
In honor of Melanie Kaplan - Madeline Kaplan
In honor of Howard Fine - Carolyn Oppenheimer
In memory of Sherry Elizabeth Pitts - Docebo NA
In Memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder, lover of animals, lover of life and a beautiful soul. May she rest in Heaven until we meet again. - Kimberly Eiklid
In honor of Ira, Santa and Pavel - Samantha Pender
Sherry will be greatly missed by GK Development and everyone that had the pleasure of working with her. She was quick to help everyone that she met and always had a positive, can-do attitude. She was so full of life and personality. - Jaime Gudino
In honor of Kathie & Dave - Brian & Donna Marcus
In memory of Leslie Becker - Toby and Russ Winer
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Vivian McLendon
In memory of Sherry Pitts who loved animals and was prone to rescue and care for those in need - Katie Kardian
In memory of Alice Martha Slate Mashburn - Rachel Lesser
In honor of Happy Birthday Richard - Fran Patraker
In honor of Lyla Daruwalla - Heather Barandiaran
In memory of Sharon Blackwelder - marvin and beth Towner
In loving memory of Sherry Pitts - Uncle Barry & Aunt Betty - Elizabeth King
In honor of Zuzanna Georgalis - Wesley Kerns
In memory of Abbee - Meredith Leonard
Chauncey Palmer will be dearly missed forever! - Julie & JD Pearson
We will miss you Ray! Your friends at Care Solutions. - Carla Rogg
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Carol and David Harms
In memory of Sherry Pitts - Sh Westerman
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - DEE McCloskey
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Sandra &Fabio; Zanni
Molly Moon Richmond beloved puppy of Steve and Beth Richmond - Jennifer Skurpski
In honor of Richard Hartnig - Amy Schwab
In honor of Sherry Pitts. May God Bless her family and friends and watch over them in this time. - Wayburn Costellow
In celebration of Sharon Alden Burton Blackwelder's life. - Paul Jensen
In loving Memory of Sherry Pitts - Katie Booher
In memory of Sara Brown Edge - Richard & Lynn Knox
In memory of Sharon Blackwelder - Michele Colson
In memory of Sara Browning Edge by Linda Nichols Hasty - Linda Nichols Hasty
In memory of Emmaline Collinger - Tommie Best
In memory of Sara Browning Edge - Dawn Bye
Given in memory of your beautiful niece, Sara. With love, Andee and Jeff Blauser - Andee and Jeff Blauser
In memory of Scout - Bryan Coleman
In Loving Memory of Boogie Owen - Vanessa Sciacchetano
In honor of Sherry Pitts - Freerick Baerenz
We are happy to make a donate to Furkids in memory of Sara Browning Edge. - Autumn Romanski
In memory of Sharon Burton Blackwelder - Ann Potts
For Sherry - Jackie and Dallas Brown-Stidd
In memory of Sara Edge - Billy van Ginkel
Keep the loss of Sara Edge in your thoughts and prayers along with her family during this difficult time. - Julia McCoy-Williams
Wishing you peace and comfort in the coming day, weeks and months. The Moore Family - elisabeth moore
May God Bless Sara Edge - Garth& Linda Brocking
In memory of Sara Browing Edge - Drs. Carey & Jones
In memory of Murphy - ROGER and B. J.  HOPPER
In the memory of Sara Edge. May she be at peace and forever an angel above watching over those she loves. - Kristin Golub
In memory of Edge Family - Gregg Byrd
In memory of Jet - Wendy Cornelisen
In loving memory of Sara Browning Edge - Sarah Smith
In memory of Sara B. Edge - Sharon Goodwin
In memory of Cindi Kirkman - Katrina Harris
In memory of Sara Browning Edge. - David Murry
In loving memory of a beautiful young woman - Sara Edge..... - Wanda and Brian O'Reilly
In memory of Iggy the cat - Julie Erwin
In honor of Wynona Malley - Jennefer Resko
In honor of Kate - Anais Garnett
In honor of Lyndsey and Collin’s Wedding - Collin Brown
In honor of Winn Courts - Whitney Dean
This donation is made in honor of Sam, a cat that brought laughs and memories for many years! He will be missed by many, but most of all his wonderful baker of a pet mom, Kate. - Kristen Barfoot
In memory of Jenny - Susan zumBrunnen
In honor of Kathy & David - Dorothea Mann
In honor of Jolie Levy - Abigail Richman
In memory of Winston - Robert & Brenda Campbell
In memory of In memory of your mom - Leslie Crawley
In loving memory of Dr. Phil Israel - Fred, Susan Feinberg
In memory of Jinx - Karen Kieffer
Fred will be missed so much! He was a sweet little cat. - Mary Henderson
In loving memory of Olive. - Razel Foster
In memory of Gray Cummings. A family member, and lifelong best friend. - Molly Walker
In honor of Honor Diane & Memory Rain - Elizabeth Jordan
In memory of Sammy - Connie Morris
In honor of In recognition of Teresa’s retirement - diane wachman
In honor of Ava’s 10th Birthday - Hannah Harrison
In honor of Ella Grace - Valerie Gadrix
In honor of Aidan Slater - Robin Slater
In honor of Ava Graham - Michelle Hylton
In honor of Birthday - Melitta Brandt
In honor of Francine Lowe - Karen Sumers
In honor of Melissa Jones and Bo Jones - Carey Logan
To my sweet Bu girl:We lost you two years ago today, and the grief haunts us still. Our lives will never be the same without our Bu bear. You are always in our hearts & in our thoughts. - Joy McClanahan
In memory of Mary, Queen of Scots - Marsha Moore
In honor of Flash - Diane Magee
In honor of Dream, Chicago, True and Stormy - Debbie O’Brien
In memory of Cleo, a sweet and beautiful cat who brought joy and comfort to our lives for 18 years. - Adele Shepherd
In memory of Jean Ann Guance - David Griffith
In honor of Kitty Jar/Sammy - Lacey Crumley
In memory of Wayne Drake - Roy & Janice Hasty
In loving memory of Coco. - Paula Sherman
In memory of Susan Morris - Thomas Morris
In honor of B. Anne Libman - Ronnie Schmucker
In honor of Coco Sensenig - Tommie Best
In memory of Wayne Drake - Neil & Marian Yarrington
In honor of Amy Whaley - Susan Hagemeyer
In memory of Sara - Kim and Steve McCollam
In honor of Karen Charmatz - Deneta Sells
In honor of Thank you! - Kim Reddy
In loving memory of our sweet Murphy - Michele and Shon Travoss
In memory of Murphy Travoss - such a sweet little dog that lives forever in our hearts - Sherry Livingston
In honor of Thank you! - Kim Reddy
In memory of Sam Byram - Megan Pankow
In memory of Manny - Jon Holmgren
In honor of Choy - Christin Henson
In memory of Keith Frazee - Katrina Harris
In memory of "Jo" Lilya, the best friend, nurse, snuggler and traveler a gal could have. Thank you for 16 wonderful years. - Camille Cordak
In honor of my Mama, who loved her cats so much! - Lora Biccum
In memory of Smokey - Keri Lubell
In memory of Truffles - Rits Holt
We miss you Charlie. - Pamela Wojnilower
In memory of Henry - Michael Grable
In memory of a wonderful person who was so loved, Dede Weber - Laurie and Jeff Crittenden
In loving memory of Baxter - Brent Jaworski
In memory of Sentry - Patricia Kingston
In memory of the world-class veterinarian Dr. Jim Weiss and his animal-loving wife! - Jennifer and Dave Embree
In memory of Suzanne Weiss. Our deepest sympathy for Chuck and the family. ~ friends at Pace Atlanta. - Karla Johnson
In memory of DeDe Weber and her love for people and furkids alike. She will be missed. - Sandi and Peter MAHNCKE
In honor of Thank you! - Wollnick
In memory of Hank Phillips - Erin Mooney
In memory of Dr Jim and Suzanne Weiss - Jeffrey E Giessen
Tom Tom was such a sweet kitty...he will be missed. - Ken and Cindy Wilson
In loving honor of Dede Weber (February 27, 1960 - June 24, 2019). - DUNWOODY ERS
In loving memory of Slick. - Eddy Hernandez
In Memory of Smudge Crosiar, our beloved special needs kitty - Janice Crosiar
In memory of Diane Corey Weber - Elizabeth Stevens
In memory of Eric May - Lori Roe
In memory of Bristol - Linda Gibbs
In memory of Eric Alden May - Anne & Al Pate
In memory of Dede Weber, who adored and helped every animal she met. - Sally Robertson
In memory of George - Kimberly Najjar
In memory of Shamrock McGorrin - Jeanne Mielke
In memory of Eric May. - Lori Zeitinger
In honor of Mike Giordano - Jessica Giordano
In memory of Amy - Amy Small
Memorial donation is made in memory of a dear friend and animal lover, Eric Aldan May. - Mike and Mary Leonard
I am so very sorry in the loss of your husband, Eric. - Rose Kelly
Bentley was such an amazing friend and had a wonderful soul. He brightened the lives of everyone he touched and will be so deeply missed. - Ariel Adams
In memory of Eric May - joy fincannon
In memory of Eric May - Richard LaBarba
In memory of Tessa Harris. Your spunky personality and sweet little bark will be dearly missed. Lots of love. - Beth & Eric Tietz
In honor of Eddy Hernandez - Rick Espaillat
In memory of Roxie - amanda tramonte
I will be forever grateful that I was so fortunate to have Dr. Weiss as my first mentor in this wonderful profession of veterinary medicine. - Nancy Moses
In honor of Mickey, a greatly loved dog. - Carolyn Marczak
In honor of Cindy Wilson - Jaime Jones
In memory of JJ - Debbie Gilbert
In memory of Lizzy Schoenfeld - Laura Sjoberg
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Hadaway - Harrison Hadaway
In honor of Meri and Jonathan - Janie Ploucha
In honor of Lisa Perlin - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Robyn Zimmerman - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Julie Altmann - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Tara Morrison - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Kristy Biber - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Laurie Kaplan - Allyson Tuck
In honor of Jonathan Link - Chris Hammond
In memory of Lily, who lived a long, charmed life. Love, Rosebud and Snuggs - Judy Rangel
In honor of Colleen Romero - Brian Medford
In honor of Happiness Club - Jules Greenberg
In memory of Dennis van Hove, a great friend. - Stephan Hamann
In honor of Marilyn Mundy - Rebecca Degioanni
In honor of Kelly Lecceardone - Megan Stephenson
In honor of Ms L - thank you for a great year! - Megan Stephenson
In honor of Beth Reeves - Mary Lou Lewis
Hoss was a gentle giant! - Kim Simmons
In honor of Wendy Hornby - Amy Hornby
In memory of sweet Sawyer, Memorette, and Winnie. - Heather Levesque
In honor of Kasey Tolbert - Amanda Traylor
Jake was an adopted and much loved member of his family. We hope this helps other pets find the same amazing, loving homes as he did. - Siobhan Miller
In honor of Lea Saigal - Chintan Amin
In honor of C.A. Johnston Folds - Kourtney Davis
In honor of Congratulations - Pearce DeAngelo
Donated as a "thank you" on mother's day, on behalf of the many, many four-legged kids raised by my Mom. - Richard Bitting
In honor of Grandma - Sam Dressler
In honor of Granny - Sam Dressler
In fond memory of Dianne Gilmer - Beth Wielage
In honor of Lucille Hamann - Emory Psychology
In honor of Lisa McClurg - Rachel McClurg
In honor of Myrtle Hunsaker - Michael & Emily Brewer
In honor of Kacey and Hunter Hadaway - Susan Stokes
In honor of Claudia Crenshaw - Jonathan Hill
In honor of Nancy Pihera - Beth Hirst
In memory of Gally Gibson. - Rhiannon Gibson
In honor of Meri and Jonathan’s Wedding - Wayne Toth
In memory of Fozzie - Jane Stutfield
In honor of Dick Jakubecy - Deanna & Jeff Jakubecy
In memory of my forever friend, Dianne Gilmer. Several cat adoption fees have been sponsored in your honor. "I had a farm in Africa"..... - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Mildred Spalding - Ann Moorhouse
In honor of Kasey Tolbert - Dennis Bruce
A donation to remember and honor Darby Neumann. She lived a great life with the most loving family around. - Beth, Blane, Holly & Liz Tietz, Case, Smith & Stacey
A donation in memorial of our sweet Furkids boy, Angus, adopted in May 2012 when he was only 9 months old. He was an amazing, one-of-a-kind cat. He will live in our hearts forever. - Kristin & Jim Maxson
In honor of Dianne Gilmer - Kathy Gallo
In honor of Eli Foley & Emily Shirley - Brian Ouellette
In honor of Chris Bray - Melissa Burton
In memory of Phyllis - Meredith Leonard
In loving memory of Princess Tam Tam - Marcie Millard
In memory of Max Wirtz — Lisa & Kimberly - Lisa Loewenstein
We'll miss you Ernie! - Mary murphy
In honor of Aaron Zunzunegui - Franciso Agudo   (Lidice’s cousin)
In loving memory of Shea, she will forever be in our hearts. - Katherine Joselow
In honor of Jon Link - Becky Hachenburg
In honor of The LeBeau Family - Susan Kimel
In memory of BuddyWow, one of the best cats ever. My heart is broken. He will never be forgotten. We will always love and miss you Wow. - Brenda Hallenbeck
In memory of Becky Sanders - Laura Sinn
Penny Chambless - Ken and Cindy Wilson
In loving memory of Freida Pratt Edmonds-Walters. - Commonwealth Associates, Inc.
In honor of Kitty & Terry Barfield - Kathryn Rigsby
In honor of Odie - Brandie Park
In honor of Sasha - Brandie Park
In memory of Drapper - Elizabeth Moore
In honor of John Gilberto - Roy Garbarino
In honor of Jamie Reese - Les Westerberg
In memory of Otis Power - an amazing family member (more than just a dog). - Kim Bergonzi
Sweet Abby Harrris will be missed by more people than she ever knew. An honorary team member that would unknowingly participant in some meetings. Rest well sweet girl. - Alexis Nieves
In memory of Olive - Gretchen and Scott Asher
In memory of To great memories of Cozmo - Russ and Dodie Snider
In honor of 50th birthday!! - Jackie Martin
In loving memory of Ramone Tanner. Teaching us all how to triumph and shine after a rough beginning. - Deborah C. Wagoner
In memory of Mr.B - robert cudia
In honor of Mira Sceusi - Amelia Maust
May Bono Kiely's sweet memory live on through other precious kitties adopted by a loving pet parent like Kaedy! - Jan Exum
In honor of Mira Sceusi - Jessics Grozine
Cosmos Huebner will be missed ! Love from Moe and John - Maureen Callahan
Gomez was a loving and loyal companion for over twenty years. He will be missed but always remembered. - Suzanne Binney
In honor of Andrea Brown - Denise& Bruce Arnold
In honor of Fang Strine - Donald Skola
In memory of Curt Westley who loved animals large and small. - Debra Robinson
In honor of Erin Stephenson’s 12th Birthday - Alyse Ramer
In honor of Lisa Lowenstein - Deborah Field
In memory of Mary Rogers Thomas - Greg Torre
In honor of Erin Stephenon - Jessalyn Meeks
Riley Dunlap Patel leaves a legacy of love and beauty. Murphy and Simon are welcoming (and maybe harassing) his sweet soul in heaven. May St. Francis keep him close. - Judy Rangel
In memory of Hailie - Jennifer Smyth
In memory of Ollie Latasa. - Cathy G Todd
In memory of Lily Lois Ryder - DONNA RUSHING
In honor of Britta Linstrom - Jennifer Reinhart
My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved pet. I know Maggie had a wonderful life being your furkid as well as being a big sister to Murphy. - Susan Lynn Taylor
In memory of Zila - Dan Hylton
In honor of Cats at Furkids -  Barbie Bregen
In memory of Sunny - Veronica Happel
In honor of Boomer - Francis Wilburn
In honor of Julie Chabot and Glennjamin Button - Pam Tirado
In honor of Ginny Lee - Mae Dessecker
In honor of Hannah C. - Edward Skala
In loving memory of sweet Riley. - Eddy Hernandez
In memory of Charlie Robertson - Tim & Jessica Huseby
In honor of Christy Jowers - Melissa Komitor
In memory of Molly Arsenault - Melissa Komitor
In memory of My Mother&My; first foster kitty: Chester Girl - Miyuki Gallo
In loving memory of Phoefe from the Newborn Screening Quality Assurance Program - Sherri Zobel
In honor of Steve Whittle - Deborah Celecia
In memory of Butters Lee Phillips - Elizabeth Tidwell
In memory of Tyson - Desi Paper
In honor of CT Bday - Kris Bush
In honor of Oliver Peanut - Elizabeth Wolff
In memory of William Voegeli - Molly Hutsler
Squeak the cat was an absolute treasure and will be sorely missed by her humans. - Ariel Moore
In memory of Francis Bates - Susan Davidson
For all my furbabies who are no longer with me, but are still so loved. (I got my very favorite kitty of all time, my little Brooke, from Furkids.) - Sherry Wright
In honor of Happy Birthday Adella - Mary Robinson
Dogs love us unconditionally, softening our lives with sweetness and affection. Such treasures can never be forgotten. - Kimberly Estep
In memory of “Charlie”, “Peach”, and “Tux” - Denise Alkhayab
In memory of Boccoccio. - Meredith Leonard
In honor of Roland Rice 59th Birthday - David Christy
In honor of Tim - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Louise Adams - Pamela Ison-Glover
In memory of Blaine Etzbach - Carolyn Hardwick
In honor of Jacob O. - Lucie and Xavi Lentz
In honor of Andrea and Elaine - Heather Totten
In memory of Brutus Dillard - the best Brutus there's ever been! - Jordann Dillard
In memory of Isaiah who went to kitty heaven in December 2018. He was the beloved and cherished cat of Price Crafts. - Dori Jones
In honor of Claudia Stucke - Cheryl Brimer
In memory of Jefferson - Meredith Leonard
In memory of Cody Hickson - Sheila Ward
In memory of Bale - Kathy & Brian Levitt
Remembering Natasha, a wonderful companion and kitty! - Jana Camerin
In loving memory of Lollapoo Rinzler - Jamie Balk
In honor of Wagner Wedding (in honor of Jeffrey) - Jim Potts
In honor of Pearce Green’s 9th Birthday - Emma Fambro
In loving memory of Margaret Kirby from Elaine - Elaine Echols
In honor of Claudia Stucke - Joy McDonald
For the best mom to her children and her furkids. - Samuel Holmes
In memory of Lynn Duran - Bobbie Sue Millsaps
In honor of Sally Davis - Arlene Kay
In honor of Samantha Shelton and MELODY - Linda Blazer
Kiss, Thank you for fourteen great years! We love and miss you. - Susan Franco
Daisy the sweetest Furkid dog ever. My friend and companion for four short years. - Mary Smith
In memory of Morgan Brogan from her Powell Cove friends - Elizabeth LeBeau
In memory of my dear father, John S Gridley, Jr., a Vietnam Vet with a very soft-heart for all pussycats! - Sharon Gridley
In honor of dr. sandra hedge - jodi buckley
In memory of James Conlon! Happy 35th birthday in heaven.... - Michael and Eleanor Capozzola
In honor of Heath Family - Krista and Brent Anderson
Coco was a cutie and gave many years of love to her human family. She will be missed but always remembered with love. - Dona Price
In loving memory of Harry and Murphy Happel - John and Ann Doyle
In honor of TJ - Derron snd Shannon Blakely
In honor of Mary and her cats - Edwin Hill
In honor of Carolyn Taliaferro - Karen Winters
In honor of Mike Giordano - Jessica Giordano
In honor of Kathy Friton - Dean Friton
In honor of Dog Lover - Andres Orozco
In honor of Shannon Hanby - Shannon Hanby
In honor of Christmas 2018 - Sherri Rogers
In loving memory of Carley, who will be deeply missed. Run free, sweet girl. - Patricia King
In honor of Koleta Porter - Amber & Adam Harlow
In honor of The Brookhaven Beiers - Phyllis McKay
In memory of David Hartman - Howard Knapp
Our sincerest condolences on the loss of your brother. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Lois Beaudoin & family. - Lois Beaudoin
In honor of Diane Wisebram - T. Carter Jewell
In honor of Blaine Etzbach - Brad Slipiec
In honor of All the furbabies - Janet/Lori Carter/Buff
In honor of Kitty, Buddy & Willie (and all kitties everywhere) - Janet/Lori Carter/Buff
In memory of Blaine Christopher Etzbach - Melody Holley
In honor of Janie Wright - Nathan Daniels
In honor of Kallie - Corey DeMontigny
In honor of Burt & Lara - Heather Scalo
In honor of Didi - Heather Scalo
In honor of Erin, Pat, & Gert Moye - Kris Holt
In honor of Molly, Tony, & Goose DePratto - Kris Holt
In honor of Courtney Tilinski - Debbie Collins
In honor of Laurie Bookman - Carol Jamieson
In memory of my beautiful Sunny Who I lost a couple of weeks ago. I have such wonderful pictures of you wearing your Santa hat. I miss you terribly. - Phyllis Caccioppo
In memory of Blain Etzbache - Thomas Farrell
In honor of Beth Singleton - Teresa Dozier
In honor of Joanie Dorfman - Haley Dorfman
In honor of Happy Holidays - Janet Carter
Boomer Steele May He Rest In Peace December 2018 - Patricia & Jack Kingston
In honor of Eva Lautemann - Lori Kelly
In honor of Cindy and Bill Johnson - Bill and Pam Mahan
In honor of Karen Greene - Mary Kyle
In memory of Blaine Christopher Etzbach - The Timkos
In honor of Barbara Koll - Julie Caplan
In honor of Gabrielle DeLange - Lara Sturgis
In honor of Dr. Alan Gorlin - Wes and Deborah McCoy
In memory of Snuggles Pancake Ovorus Adams. We love and miss you Snugg! - Pam Jiles-Ovorus
In honor of Happy Holidays - John Roberts
In honor of Chantel Dicks - Cheryl Scott
In honor of Teresa Page - David Page
In memory of Jeanne Swank, a kind and lovely person whom we will miss. Blessings and peace. Joe and Mary Berry - Mary and Joe Berry
In memory of Ivie - Tammy Bregman
In honor of Rookie Naughton - Chris Naughton
In loving memory of Mandy, sweet girl and precious companion for 13 of her 14 years. I will miss her doggie kisses and sweet face forever. - Angelic Moxley
In memory of Redford Putnam - William Peck
In loving memory of Lucas Elliot Mull (12-24-2006 - 12/8/2018) and his best friend, Jarrod Mull (09/20/77 - 12/6/2010). Together again at last. - Kathy Mull
In honor of In memory of Shortstop - Laura and Larry DeMarcus
In honor of Caring for our furry friends - Elizabeth Lueg
In memory of a special fur foster, Whitman! - Tiffany Gschwendtner
In honor of Katie’s Christmas wish - Melanie Puckett
In honor of Carolyn’s Christmas wish - Melanie Puckett
In honor of Justin’s Christmas wish - Melanie Puckett
In honor of For Sebastian’s Friends - Angela Melnyk
In honor of Jeremy Silver’s 40th Birthday - Adam Blaiss
In honor of Donna DeSalvo - Max Kneis
In honor of Shannon Cooper - Sean Swift
In honor of Donna Morrison - Derba Harris
In honor of Charlie Nevinger - Emily Nevinger
In honor of In honor of my friend, Colleen - Jamie Gilbert
In honor of Zoey - Barry Tetrault
In honor of Beans - Laura Jones
For Clara, a sweet and beautiful girl. She will be missed. - Rahul Desai
In memory of Burness Moore - Sharon, John, Devin, Erin Doherty
In memory of Betty Cox - Carmen Agnew
In honor of Necos - Neely Sullivan
In honor of The Levenberg Family - Harrison Nathan
In honor of Christmas Gift - Cheryl Barnard
In memory of Pamela Richards - B. Andrew Plant
In honor of Marcia Parker - Sharon Blumer
With great fondness , and respect for my Pasha , Linus . You were stalwart and hardy . A terriers terrier . May the hedgerows you forever rummage be filled with plump vermin to pursue - RPC - Robin Clow
In memory of a beautiful lady, boss, and friend. Rest in Peace Pam Richards. - Juli Eschenbach
In memory of Zora Geist - Molly and Morris Strauss
In memory of Opal Purser - Sophie Sirzyk
In honor of Yana Barga - Dana Coleman
In memory of Nitro - Linda Yandle
In memory of Shasta, dear old boy, beloved kitty of Amy D. of Furkids Thrift Store, Peachtree Corners - Ellen Lenart
In honor of Jeanine Huebner - Christopher Richter
In honor of Zach and Tink - Margaret Cashen
In loving memory of our neighbor, Rhett James Smathers. - Ryan Young
In memory of Maggie: sweet, (sometimes weird) and loved unconditionally. - Nikki Bricker Cameron
In honor of John L. Watkins - Kimberly Wright
In memory of Pamela Hibbets Richards, a generous soul who always was mindful of all that she loved, even the furry ones, Miss Lily & Daisy Kitty.Blessings and angels guide your sweet spirit home. - Karen Beard
In memory of Steven Voige, lost to us much too soon. - Amy Gandolfi
In honor of FurKids - Jennifer Hayes
In memory of the love Pam Richards shared with her beloved rescue cats. - Deb Johnson - Deb Johnson
In memory of Pam Richards - Bradley Hester
Donation in memory of our little rescue Scruffy, a devoted and loyal companion, best friend, and one-of-a-kind dog. - Melanie Hudson
In memory of the love Rhett Smathers had for his beloved dogs.With Love,Selina Parks, Infinite Energy Center - Selina Parks
In honor of Sandra Loeffler - Jane Mullin
In honor of Noel Fein - Darien Chimoff
In honor of Bryan & Robin Armstrong - Jennifer Millar
In memory of In memory of Harlee Haber - Yisrael and Sheva Frenkel
In honor of The Rappoport Family - Lois Barcus
In honor of Jaime jones - Evelyn Hamilton
In honor of Allan Freiman - Larry and Dana Freiman
In memory of Lynn Denney - Janie Welden
In honor of Sophie - Tammy Bregman
In honor of Svengali - Heidi Hill
In honor of Diamond Penar, he was a handsome boy, patient, loyal and determined. He will be missed. - Christine Jorel
In honor of Tammy & Bridget - Tammy Wright
Scout was a gorgeous lab with a sweet and gentle spirit! She will be missed! - Leslie Dyke
In memory of Alice Hollander - Alee Karpf
In loving memory of Diamond - Ashley Williams
This donation is in honor of Clyde Kantor, an amazing cat who gave us 16 amazing years. May he rest easy in Cat Heaven with all the tuna fish, filet mignon, and lobster he can feast on. We'll miss you and love you forever, Clyde. - Max Kantor
In memory of Rhett James Smathers - George Mauser
In memory of Alice Hollander who had a big heart for animals. ❤️ - Dana Dahm
In memory of Barbara Glass - Diane Walker
In honor of Haley and Dylan Hirokawa - Beth Tyler
In memory of Ollie and Bennie, I miss you - Danielle S. Wax
In honor of Dylan Levy - Kevin Spindel
In honor of Tiki Hickson - Sheila Ward
Scooter was an amazing dog-son to an amazing person, and we're sure he brought just as many laughs as his human brings to her work family. He will be remembered fondly, and with the help of Furkids, his passing will bring more love to other animals in need. We love you Scooter! - Sydney Ling
In honor of Lyla Daruwalla - Jennifer Harris
In honor of Hoff Adami - Joan & Sloan Long
In memory of Jeanne Swank - madeline dwyer
In memory of Lulu Staub - Sarah Hodgin
In memory of Cooper, a beloved family dog - Kelly Lecceardone
In memory of Summer Bear Cherny who was perfectly imperfect. We will miss you! - Caroline Osborne
In loving memory of "Jasmine" Collins - Christina Perez
In honor of Sandra Maffey - Vanessa Reid
In honor of Diane Wachman - Sara Darsey
In honor of For Sebastian’s Friends - Angela Melnyk
In honor of Ambarish and Kajel Mhaskar Wedding - Yolanda Gallegos
In honor of Maddux Freeman - Donna Muizelaar
In honor of Deborah Wagoner - Emily Followill
In honor of Ellizaeth Whitcomb - Jane Lanners
In honor of Cook Sheryl - Sheryl Cook
Casey Lou McKenzie, much beloved - Debbie Gilbert
RIP Rocco. We miss you. - Ozlem Zuaznabar
In memory of Dinque - Barry Glasgow
In memory of Molly - Samn Smith
In honor of Thanks! - Amanda Wollnick
Peeka—such joy her life gave! One precious girl! - Marsha Moore
In honor of Sandy & Ken Garrow - Brenda Beshara
In honor of The Lane Family - Brenda Beshara
In honor of The Lane Family - Brenda Beshara
In memory of Monkey a beautiful kitty with FIV taken in the prime of life . We loved you the short time you were with us - Jennifer Disotell
In honor of Elias a/k/a Mr. McFatty - Janet Hudson
In memory of Nicole Hare - Max Lateiner
In memory of Lucy, who brought joy to all who knew her. - Ashley Williams
Linus Kreh — one fantastic feline - Jillian Brooke
In memory of Nicole Hare. - Gee-Gee Bean
In honor of Paula Rothman Tucker - Bunny Lenhard
In honor of Wedding Gift - Heather Dautel
In memory of Donald Rhoton - Derek White
In honor of PACK 129 - Jennifer Hollister
In honor of Sam Dressler - Lois Barcus
Thank you for 18 + years of love and companionship. We miss you Sherman. - KIMBERLY NAJJAR
In Loving Memory of Harry and Cleo Couch, our beloved kitties - Kathleen and Michael Couch
Jere Michele Dabbs, Flat Rock NC with love in our bond of Phi Mu. Julia Chabannes - Julia R. Chabannes
In honor of Lisa Marie Jenkins-Wells - Julia R. Chabannes
In honor of Honorary Donation - Carolann Curry
Cats with FIV can live well with others as long as they are unable to reproduce. I have 2 cats that have tested positive for FIV, and both are over 10 years old. Thank you for saving FIV-Positive cats from euthanasia. - Julissa Kappes
in memory of Lilly. From The Spratlins - Elizabeth Spratlin
In memory of Patrick Davis. Love The Spratlins - Elizabeth Spratlin
In memory of Dr. Jim Sokolowski - Linda Caminiti
In memory of Bast - Barry Glasgow
In honor of Evie Schuessler - Toni Page
In honor of Scout - Angela Imsand
In honor of Adam “Biggie Boy” Doyle - Ronnie Happel
In Memory of our special Boys, KeKe (Sweetest) and Eddy (Little Man). Chester misses you so much, so do you forever. ???????? - Rodger & Nancy McPherson
In honor of Anne France Tremege - Julia Chabannes
In honor of beloved Baxter and his devoted people. - Carolyn Pettigrew
In honor of In honor of Charles’ 60th birthday - Marcia Hauler
In memory of Ella, my best friend and companion. May Furkids make many more such wonderful matches. - Rachel Rodriguez
In honor of Birthday honor - Ina Law
In honor of In honor of Lydie Barnett - Claire Barnett
In honor of Tommye Holbrook - Christian Sobon
In memory of KACEE - Barbara   Barnett
In memory of Harry Blount - Beth Tidwell
In memory of one of the sweetest dogs I every met...Kacee. Tess you are in my prayers.• "Recover from grief a little each day Say good-by a little each day." - Joyce Hagan
Buster will be missed! He was the neighborhood watchdog and an ambassador to everyone ! - Leslie Dyke
In memory of Pam Swinney - Andrea Miller
In memory of Hemi - Kate Siegel
In memory of Dyson - Kate Siegel
In honor of Charlie and Hobbes - Barry and Joy Pendry
In honor of Lauren Donnenfeld and Teddy Ivey - Adam Smiley
In honor of George - Janet Hudson
Dear Gracie, we miss you so much and hope you are happy and know Cody and I will join you one day. Love always! - Christy Krummert
With loving memories of Smoke, a wild feral FIV + kitty transformed into a gentle member of our family through patient care and love by Furkids staff and volunteers. - Pat Hewitt
In memory of Cindy Smith - Mildred Cook
In memory of Bailey, the big sister who lived her 14 years to the fullest. She may not have always loved sharing her mama with her siblings, but she always made sure to give them love and at least a little space on the bed to cuddle up and be comfy. She leaves a big role to be filled by Lilly June, but her impact on the lives of everyone who ever got a wet kiss will be both missed and fondly remembered. - Sydney Ling
In honor of Birthday - Cobi Cohen
In honor of Abby Magnus - Jill weinstein
In honor of Melissa Maldin - Melissa Maldin
In loving memory of Julia Anderson, who loved all animals unconditionally. - Bonnie Anderson
In honor of Tucker and Finley Unell - Annabel Blalock
In honor of Nora Brooks - CAITLIN BYRD
In honor of Adam Slater & Karen Naide - Eric & Laura Naide
My wife and I adopted a little kitty from Furkids who’s name was Ridley almost 12 years ago. We renamed him Juno and he was our best friend. He was always at the door when we got home and always up for a good snuggle on the couch. He passed away today, but we just wanted to thank you so so much for the love that he brought into our home. He was such a good boy. - Stephen Arey
Remembering Ruby, a great dog - Sharon Nicholson
In memory of Jane Carney - Kristi Rapson
In memory of Jenny Kennedy Trudeau - John & Susan Stevens
In honor of Appreciation for Amy & Crew at the Furkids Store, Holcomb Bridge - Maria Douglas
In honor of Jan Cardwell - Cynthia Currence
In honor of Frank-the furriest and feistiest member of the Mabeus family. He gave so much joy and so many belly laughs in his lifetime. - Kahler Petersen
In honor of Karen and Terry Powell - Amanda Smith
In honor of Kenneth Lee Hedrick - Art Gomez
In honor of Ken Hedrick - William Cockrum
In honor of Ken Hedrick’s 60th Birthday - Brian Robboy
In honor of Owen Lefkovits - MLee Lefkovits
In honor of Ken Hedrick - corey cushing
In memory of Susan Garrett - Jody Hudmon
In memory of Mrs. Deanna Hansen - Intrinsic Wealth Counsel, Inc. Neal Van Zutphen
Susan will certainly be missed. May her kindness live on in the lives of all of us who were blessed to have known her. Robert Athena Farms - Robert Poole
In memory of William “Bill” E. Rahl, Jr. - Tracy Badham
In memory of Susan Park Garrett - DAVID PIERCE
Fond memories of Susan Garrett Lynne & Tony - Lynne & Tony Plant
Dogs come into our lives and teach us about loyalty and love. Though one day they leave us, the precious memories will always remain in our hearts.In memory of Oliver, beloved fur baby and friend. - Casey Kiel
In memory of Susan Park Garrett - Risa Moskowitz
In Memory of Susan Garrett. - Anne Stockton
In memory of Deanna Lee Hansen - Emily Dupree
In honor of Dawn Gillerman - Sheryl Heller
In honor of Sasha Collier - Brian Barga
Rest In Peace, Gizmo! - Trent and Sarah Kate Marshall
In memory of Jaybird McMillan - Virginia Mischen
This donation is in memory of Jenny Trudeau and allshe did for all animals We'll miss you Jenny - suzie Woodall
In honor of Mike Johnson - Drive Medical-Atlanta - Ryan Marsh
In memory of Jenny Trudeau - Arthur James
In memory of Richard Hutchinson, who shared a love of family and dogs. - Andy Kite
In honor of Jenny Kennedy Trudeau - Recycling Management Resources Whitley and company
In memory of Mike Johnson - LINDA KENNEDY. & Mary Deane Davis
In memory of Emerald - Stephanie Phillips
In memory of Jenny Trudeau - Lionel Reilly
Aunt Jenny Kennedy Trudeau, for as long as I can remember has loved animals, kept them as pets, fed the feral ones and even brought them into her life and home as she did with any person that crossed her path. How lucky I am to have had her in my life.???? - David & Ellen Lloyd
In memory of Jenny Kennedy Trudeau. - Craig Geraci
In memory of Jenny Kennedy Tredeau - Diane and Tim Knight
In memory of Jenny Trudeau - Kathleen Fargason
In honor of Jenny Trudeau - Brendan Keelan
In memory of Bella Streeter - Bernadette Watts
In memory of Candis - Mark Mindykowski
In honor of Quinn Yedvarb - Lyla Clanin
In honor of Lucinda Dignam - Brian Pollack
In memory of Dinah Watts - Erin Mooney
In honor of Lucinda - Zoe Webber
In memory of In memory of Dakota - Judy Lowen
In memory of Major Fogle, a major cuddle bug, a big slobberer, and an amazing companion. He was never far from the people he loved, and they kept him close, too—so close, in fact, that he was usually on top of them. His big paws and big heart will be sorely missed and remembered fondly. - Sydney Ling
In honor of Eggleton’s and Netherton’s - Staci Eggleton
In loving memory of Leslie Durio. Brian and Colleen Chambers - Colleen Chambers
In memory of sweet Sally: 2003 - 2018 - Sarah Chattin
In honor of Sam - Glen Noworyta
In memory of Molly - Nancy Tiegreen
In memory of L10 - Bonnie Mitchell
In honor of Boolabelle - Claudia Smith
In loving memory of Captain America "Cappy". He was truly one of kind and will be missed by so many. - Elizabeth Tidwell
In honor of Richard Flanders - Nora Von Duyke
We are so thankful for the 11 wonderful years in which Lucy, Ricky and Audrey were together. Lucy will always be remembered and loved though her time here was too short. Run free sweet Lucy until we meet again! - Adair McAlister
In memory of Michael Lee - Beth and John Marshall
In memory of Rosa - Julia R. Chabannes
Rest in Peace, Beautiful Bocce Caminiti - Dian and Mike Deimler
In honor of Honey & Micah’s 7th adoption anniversary (5/14/2011) - Mr. Saul & Mrs. Kyle Watzman
Our hearts and thoughts go out to Natania and her family at this sad time. - Michael, Cat, Praxis, Blayke, Ava.Natania Salah Jarrad April 2, 1988 - June 17, 2018 Photo: - michael bays
In honor of Patricia Lentini - Antonio Lentini
In memory of Ali Gator - Terri Moore
Pekoe was a very sweet dog who added a canine kindness to my monthly massage. He always wanted a little "personal touch." I will miss him. - Carolyn Conley
In memory of Jim Heefner - Holly Smith
In honor of Happy Birthday, Alice! - Sara Magnuson
In honor of Girl Scout Troop #17631 - Jennifer Rhett
In loving memory of Michael Louis Lee. We celebrate his life and honor his memory. "Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories." The Professional Women in Building Atlanta Board - Donna Mathis
In memory of Michael L. Lee - Bryant and Nancy Tirrill
In memory of Blue Bowie - Lucy Curzon
In honor of Richard Waterhouse Happy Birthday - Judy Simmons
In memory of Michael Louis Lee - Ben and Susan Emdin
In honor of Elberton Heartworm Dogs - Carol Aiken
In honor of Mitchell Taplitz - Craig Robson
In honor of Ron Robson - Craig Robson
Celebrating the life of Drexel, who was a very special boy and a very loved companion who will be missed by us all. - Debra O'Neill
In loving memory of sweet Little Black - Ashley Williams
Maisy was a sweet kitty. I'm glad she brought so much joy to your lives! - Lynette Branch
In memory of Gertie - Courtney Fillnow
In memory of Buddy Spruell - Mikal Kitchens
For Eleanor. A little dog with a big heart.Robert and Steve - Robert Cudia
In memory of Scott Simmerman. His love of animals, and specifically cats, led him to Furkids. He will be missed by his two and four legged friends. - Gerry and Maryanne Sprengle
In memory of Clayton Eugene Peacock Sr. - James Keith Smith
In memory of Maxine Joyner, a surprisingly adept possum chaser and an even better dog. - Ashley Heher
In memory of Susan Getman - Julie Hand
In Memory of David Hartman - Tim Price-Williams
In honor of Ella’s 10th birthday - Abigail Peacock-Marcewicz
In memory of Elgin Wells - Michael Barrow
In Memory of my friend Elgin Wells - James Cook
In loving memory of Elgin Wells - Julia R. Chabannes
Remembering a kind and compassionate man who was special to so many. - MARK STROUSE
To the wonderful memory of the always happy dog - Sadie. We will miss you. - Gina and Brian Dorko
In honor of Jan Jones - Michelle Meltzer
In loving memory of Bill Field from Susan Hunt and Suzanne Mittleman - Susan Hunt
In memory of Sasha - Emily Wieseman
In honor of My wonderful teachers, Dr. Kulka and Mrs. Bennett - Jack Landau
In memory of the sweetest chocolate lab, Bella. -Jason & Becky Barnett - Becky Barnett
Weep Not For Me Weep not for me though I am gone. Grieve if you will, but not for long.I am at peace; my soul’s at rest. With your love I was so blessed. There is no pain; I suffer not. No need for tears, just pleasant thoughts.I am content as I move on To know in your memory I will live on.Remember me for what I was: Your faithful friend just because.Do not let this cause you strife. Celebrate instead my splendid life. - Murray Bauer
Weep Not For MeWeep not for me though I am gone. Grieve if you will, but not for long.I am at peace; my soul’s at rest. With your love I was so blessed. There is no pain; I suffer not. No need for tears, just pleasant thoughts.I am content as I move on To know in your memory I will live on.Remember me for what I was: Your faithful friend just because.Do not let this cause you strife. Celebrate instead my splendid life. - Murray Bauer
In honor of Stephanie Rinzler - Lisa Salzberg
In memory of In memory of Grace and Max - Barbara Nicholas
In memory of William Field - B Lyle
In Memory of Boomer Cox. You will always be our best friend. We love you. - Zachary Cox
In memory of Eva Hamilton - Sonya Garber
In memory of Zeke - Lori and Tillis Ross
In memory of William Edmund Field - Brent Howard
In memory of Francine Orlando - Adam Roebling
In memory of Sir Luvalot - Kate Everitt
In memory of GRADUATION - paul idzik
In honor of Matt and Scotti Mazikowski - Laura Melson
In memory of Charlie - Sheryl Heller
In memory of Verna Spanogle (Sue) Hicks - Martha Hicks
In honor of Adriann’e Wedding - Katrina Avey
In honor of Richard Jakubecy - Allison Jakubecy
In honor of Jane - Traci Illingworth-Cramer
Dedicated to Francine Ragone Orlando: animal lover and wonderful person I miss you. RIP - Susan Nellans
In memory of Scott Simmerman, who volunteered and took wonderful care of the cats. - Cathleen Verderose
In honor of Mr. Dick Brent - Jeanne Mielke
In memory of Maybelle Schultz - Virginia Mischen-Hays
In memory of Sofie who will live in our hearts forever. - Jan Tenney
In memory of Nancy & John DeLettera - Rhonda Levan
In honor of Aaron Zunzunegui -  Judson Cobb
In loving memory of Patricia Lentini who adopted Charlie and Houdini as lost stray animals and showered them with her love and tender care. They were as much a part of her family as her husband and twintwin sons. - Donna Sanders
In memory of Scott Michael Simmerman - Marcia Peterson
In recognition of Scott's great love of animals. - Jere Shawver
In honor of A Birthday Celebration - Steven Kraftchick
In memory of Jane Carney - Alison Bahm
In honor of For you b-day - Sofia Lowe
In honor of Courtney and Lucy Imlay - Janet Will
In honor of Arron Zunzunegui - Jamie Keathley
In honor of Aaron’s 8th Birthday - Liz Means
In honor of Aaron Zunzunegui - Kristine Hayes
In honor of Aaron Zunzunegui - Emily Gartland
in tribute to a wonderful woman. We will miss Jane’s smile, her spunk, her cooking, and so many other wonderful traits, but it is her love and acceptance of us and many others that we will miss the most. Thank you Jane for helping to bring joy into all our lives. You were much loved by many. Stephen & Lester - Stephen & Lester
Donation made in Ping's memory. May he be roaming freely and eating everything in site! - Scott and Solange Barthelemy
So sorry to hear of Nancy's passing. You all made her life wonderful. Sending healing wishes and thoughts to you all. - Scott Keiller
In honor of Muffy - Fay Horng
To honor my dear friend, Dr. Jere Link, a true lover of animals & believer in rescue. - Linda Heinze
In memory of Amy’s Mom - Rachel Domba
In memory of Amy Delettera's mom, Nancy Delettera. The Norcross store staff. - Susan Craton
In honor of Happy birthday, Sammy! - Paige Simunek
In honor of Braden Thorne - Braden Thorne
In honor of Maggie - Ashley Craig
In memory of Sweet Tio - Jill Ramsey
RJ , also known as “Rotten Jerk” was more like a human than a dog, with his unique personality. He commanded attention with his ferocious bark…keep in mind he was only 8 pounds. He danced like Richard Simmons anytime he wanted to show off, which was often. He never missed a meal and would eat his sister’s food incessantly, even though she’s a 90 pound Lab. Speaking of food, RJ loved his beer, margaritas and McDonald’s hamburgers. He would cry and bark when he saw the golden arches. You would have to pull over immediately and order him a hamburger through the drive-thru. RJ was a little ham and loved to pose for pictures, a natural in front of the camera. We used to make up stories about RJ as if he were a person. We would envision him drinking a martini with a cigarette hanging out of this mouth, chatting with all of the ladies dogs circling around him. He was very old school Hollywood glam. Even as he aged and lost most of his teeth, he still had a commanding presence. All kidding aside, RJ was a special companion and loyal to the end. He made us laugh and brightened everyone’s day. He acted tough, but was a softy and just wanted a lap to sit on and someone to cuddle with. He loved his family and was surrounded by love when he passed. Rest in peace, little man… you will be missed. - Sydney Ling
In memory of Nancy DeLettera - Kathy Friton
In memory of Nancy K. Delettera, beloved mother of Amy Delettera - Ellen Lenart
In honor of Ryker Valentine - Amy Coffee
In honor of Sawyer - Kelley Dansby
In memory of Patrick Moran - Donna Hogan
In honor of Retirement - Ruth Sutton
In memory of Baxter - Joyce Lau
In memory of a wonderful dog, Camelot Hudson Marsh, who was a Furkids rescue. We loved him for many years and miss him so much We were blessed to have Cam with us and will see him over the rainbow bridge. - Anne Hudson
In honor of Sanhita Panse - Jessica Zeitlen
In memory of Kathy Parker - Kimberly Slominski
In honor of Pam Olinto - Lauren Reagin
In honor of Simon Maloof, who misses his loving doggie dad, Mike. Simon says: I'll be wagging my tail with joy to see you again. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge. - jeannine addams
In honor of Nancy Van Patten & Han Solow…. - Norman Eddie McKee
In memory of JJ Beerman - Jeanne Mielke
In honor of Rose Satoris 2nd Birthday! - Nancy Tao
In honor of Patrick M. Moran, who passed on March 6, 2018 we are donating to as per the families' wishes. - Joyce Brian
In honor of Draw Novoselsky - Amit Cohen-Nissan
In memory of Emma Scheinberg - Adam Blaiss
In memory of Verna (Sue) Spanogle - Michael Fielding
In memory of In Memory if Pat Moran - John and Peggie Groom - Tracy / John Savage / McDavid
In Loving Memory of Patrick M MoranMelisa and Terry Cunningham - Melisa and Terry Cunningham
In honor of Patrick Michael Moran - Robert and Katherine Bair
In memory of a good, good husband, father, grandfather, and friend - Joe Mosley. May he rest in peace. - Becky Stephens
The Avuncular Sea Monster! - Liese and Walt Gavin
In memory of Bobbie Jo Freeman - Claudia Shorr
In memory of Patrick Moran - Nicki Nash
In memory of David Hartman - Howard &Kathie; Knapp
In memory of Meow Meow - Sara Pope
In honor of Rachel & Joshua Dressler - Ron & Rita Dressler
In Memory of Winston - a sweet dog who was part of an amazing and loving family. - Cynthia Mokotoff
In memory of Patrick - Barbara Matarazzo
In memory of Hobbs, he'll be terribly missed - Paul and Lisa Harber
In honor of Mira Sceusi - John Buehler
In memory of Sheree Burdette - Oakland Meadow
In loving memory of Miles the Corgi, beloved furkid of James Brian Coker - Diana Zeitzer
In memory of Daisy Perling - dori perling
Gonzo was a pup who taught compassion, patience, and saved a few lives in the process. - Sarah Hodgin
In memory of Jon Hastings - Melinda St George
In honor of Mason Loeb’s 10th Birthday - Remy Loeb-Willer
In Honor of David Hartman. His love for his dog Louie was touching. We miss David so much and hope this will help another family find their own loving pet. The Mousa family - Heather Mousa
In Memory of David Hartman - Travis Loya
In memory of Buddy - Keri Lubell
In memory of Ms. Bobbie Coker - Mary McCart-Perez
In honor of Nancy Van Patten - Kathy Driscoll
In honor of Support to FIV+ cats - Sabrina Hom
In honor of Sam/Felix - Joyce Daniels
Stella was such a sweet, gentle loving dog! She was rescued from Furkids! - Andrea Winders
I met David Hartman while working with him at Slalom. He was one of the most gentle, patient, and positive people I have ever known. I miss you David. I know that you will continue to love all those you meet in your next life. Farewell friend. I will see you in the next life. - Will Riley
Sweet Grandma Cammi - Ronnie Happel
In loving memory of Clonie Cat. Forever our alpha kitty. - Marianne Yee
In memory of David Hartman - Theo Samouris
In memory of Jennifer Smith - Jennifer Leff
In memory of Stella - Jennifer Leff
In memory of Kali - Jennifer Leff
Nugget was the best little fight for life cat ever. With only 2 legs she was amazing❤️ - janie Clemons
In honor of Birthday Donation - Sarah Ludwig
In memory of Jean Upchurch - Terri Burns
In honor of THANK YOU! - Laura Melson
In memory of Jax - Carrie Poline
In honor of Happy 60th Birthday from Heidi & Teri - Heidi Overton
Love to Scout on the rainbow bridge - Pam Server
In honor of Cami Forman - Sara Grooms
In memory of my friend, Brennan Hodges - Bonnie Mitchell
In memory of Mandy Moxley. May all dogs be as lucky as she was to find such a wonderful forever home! - Dorissa Shackelford
In honor of Errol Guggenheim - Darren Margolias
In memory of In memory of Robert Neiditz - Vita Zeltser
In memory of In memory of Max - LeAnne Kintner
In honor of Terry Rawls Harth - Connie Britt
In Memory of my sister, Cindy Smith, on her birthday, January 22. - Mildred Cook
in memory of Fakester and Minka - sandy levitt
In honor of T.J. Lowry - Cathy Jones
In honor of Anne Moushey - David Moushey
In honor of Noah Ryan-Lawrence - Josh and June Bryan
In memory of Julianna - Cody Wellons
In memory of Juliana - Laura Moss
For Riley - a wonderful friend - Deb White
In memory of Ginger - Cindy Price
In memory of Gloria Beck - Valerie Ginn
In memory of Linda Nash Groetzinger - Ysabel Garland
In memory of Richard Brown - Roxanne Kaplan
In memory of Jesse Wyckoff - Robin V Shannon
In honor of Laurie Bookman - Carol Jamieson
In memory of Sarah Kell Reece - Kevin Kell
Please accept this donation in memory of Gloria Beck. - Gayle Papadopulos
In memory of Sam Sowards - Debbie Gilbert
Rest, sweet Spencer. - Janice Howard
In memory of Cindy Smith - Judy Dunn
In honor of Melody Blazer - Linda Blazer
In memory of Red - Ani Satz
In honor of Tispy - Nora Von Duyke
In honor of Emily Shelton - Jeannine Addams
In honor of Great Cat Parents - Robert Watkins
In honor of Eric Rossman - Carolyn Dinberg
In memory of Kate Austin Berg - Anne and Tony Cochran
In honor of Karen Deffler - Carmela Quinlan
In honor of Scout - Angie Imsand
In honor of Merry Christmas - Dan Balmer
In honor of Merry Christmas - Dan Balmer
In honor of Merry Christmas - Dan Balmer
In honor of Riley Yinterson - Laura Yin
In honor of Lauren Dean - Glendae Tuthill
In honor of Erin, Pat, & Gert Moye - Kris Holt
In honor of Mary - Jaime Croft
In memory of Squeaky Cohen - Jennifer Storey
In honor of Happy Birthday Annitta!! - Stacey Arnold
In honor of Christmas 2017 - Brent & Krista Anderson
In honor of Suzanne Patterson - Phillip Seiler
In honor of Joseph Davis - Theodore Davis
In honor of Joseph Davis - Catherine Bowman
In honor of Rick Ellis - Sheila Blaine
In honor of Sharon Ellis - Sheila Blaine
In honor of Howard and Nyla - Tom and Liz Guinan
In honor of Diane Wisebram - Beth Jones
In honor of What does this mean? - Anjali and Erik Jarrett
In honor of Annelly Deets - lisa staats
In memory of Stewie Russell - Bethany Ketchen
In honor of Fernando El Capitan - Gary and Karen Burnette
In honor of Heather DeAngelo - rose eagle
In memory of David Pilling, my friend and cat lover. I hope you're with your animals who have gone before, and that you're keeping an eye out for mine. See you in a while. Love and miss you, Terry. - Terry Hoffman
In honor of Dunkin Haggman - Blake Denson
In honor of Benson deHaan, Service Dog Extraordinaire - Elizabeth Ginn
In honor of Linda “Beep” Furneaux - Susan Keeney
In honor of Harrison Douglas - Truitt Douglas
In memory of Spot Kelly-Rogers and with love for our friends Beth and Joe. - Cliff and Mary Mansfield
In loving memory of Binky Jackson - John Rhodes
In memory of “Chip” Gilbert - Sheila Cox
In honor of Curtis Hope - Bert Brown
In honor of Laura - Mary Beth Snyder
In honor of Leigh Ann and Tim Lowry - Justin McCormick
In honor of Because you care - Cheri Demmers
In honor of Chantel Dicks - Cheryl Scott
In honor of Aaron Zunzunegui - Heather Zunzunegui
In honor of June Wood - Anne Wood
In honor of Rusty & Woody - Tabitha Riley
In honor of Christmas donation in honor of Stephanie & Rusty Evans - Cathy & Jim Elmore
In honor of Ruby, Warren and Marla - Greg Kittle
In honor of Cosmo and Buckeye - Richard and Linda Carrano
In memory of Shirley Groppe from Mike & Dianne Gilmer - Dianne Gilmer
In memory of Ron Johnson - Karen Duling & LeAnne Kintner - LeAnne Kintner
In honor of Marry Christmas - Shannon Benjamin
In honor of Gillian Canty-Ross - Margaret Heffner
In honor of Best wishes on your marriage! - Deborah McCann
In honor of Erin Leymann & Sophie - Emily Hylton
Colin's best friend for 17 years, who was by his side through thick and thin; TJ was dearly loved and given the best life a cat could ask for. - Violet & Jeff Blakely
Zeus was a dearly cat who was gone too soon but loved deeply. - Jeff Blakely
In memory of Jewel Cherry - Melanie Puckett
In honor of Bryan Brooks - Lisa Haupert
In memory of Mr. Black and in honor of the love and kindness showered upon him by the entire Schultz family. - VIRGINIA Mischen-Hays
In honor of In Honor of Sebastian - Angela Melnyk
In memory of Peanut and Pepper Watkins - Janice Kronour
In loving memory of Mo; Sister Kitty, and Rascal - Richard Jones
In honor of Gidget and Marty Johnson - Joseph Feliciano
In honor of In Honor of your Marriage - Sam & Eddie Dressler
In honor of Jean Easton - Kathy Lorenz
In honor of Melissa Mull - Kevin Mull
In honor of Jane Eden - Sara Eden
In loving memory of Alan Montgomery. He loved his animals! - Roger and Sally Melcher
In memory of Penny - Sheryl Heller
In memory of Roscoe - Jeanne Marie Marcil
For Debbies Chip RIP ❤ - Lynn Waycuilis
In memory of Clem, Clyde, and Greta - Carol and Bill Means
In honor of Dorothy Halmstead - Barbara Barnett
In memory of Winnie - Georja Freedman
In honor of Myra Davis - Karen Lemon
In honor of Love for all animals - Lin Barker
In memory and celebration of life for Nellie Bryan. - Dean Mullins
In honor of Bert Magpie Charles - Eileen Peterson
In honor of Elaine D’Aubert - Diane Ewing
In memory of Nellie Grace - Joe S Patterson
In memory of Barbara Ross - Adele and Craig Dickinson
So grateful for the life of Jeanne Pinamonti - Elizabeth Collier
In honor of Lois - Linda Yandle
In memory of Daisy - Linda Yandle
In memory of Pebbles, a well-loved cat. - Patricia Williams
In memory of Terry Carpenter - Sheleila O’Neal
In memory of Nancy Crowder - Kathryn Emling
In memory of Diva, the beauty queen cat - Susan Cicero
In honor of Terry Carpenter - Anita Bryan
In memory of Hershey - Dianne & Mike Gilmer
In honor of Superhero Award - (Amy)  BRAIN Programs Inc Luke
In memory of the beautiful Maggie May, may she rest in peace. Say hello to Merle and Hank for us! You 3 are the rainbow trio.....much love to all! Love- The Mikes Family (Jeff, Shawna, Hayden and Julia) - Shawna Mikes
In memory of Debra Vaughan - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Lyla’s 11th Birthday - Jennifer Harris
In memory of Barbara Ross - John Michael Carrin
In memory of our Granddog Cindy! You will be missed! Thank you for giving all of us your love. - Steve and Barb Strzepek
In honor of Katie - Terri Moore
In memory of Miyuki’s Father - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Anya Gray - James Haley
In Loving Memory of Dorrie. We are so blessed to have known her. Sending thoughts and prayers - - Courtenay and Chris Gabriel
In memory of Barbara Bond Ross - Amy Marler
In memory of Jeanne Pinamonte - Chris and Alan Balch
In memory of a wonderful woman, Barbara Ross. - Carol Fromhagen
In memory of Lou Butler - Leda Blumenthal
In memory of Norris Cameron - Lisa Taylor
Aunt Terry brought smiles, laughter and love everywhere she went. She also spread that love to fur babies! She will be missed. - Michelle Maddox
In memory of Jeanne Pinamonti - Marilynn Wooten
In memory of Jeanne Pinamonti - Wendy Zettler - Durham Furniture
In Memory of Terry Ann Carpenter - Colleen Michuda
Wishing Stanley endless snacks and naps in the sky with all the Blatt animals. May we all be as lucky ! - Sarah Hodgin
Jesu was one of the sweetest, most playful dobies you could’ve met. He brought laughter and happiness wherever he went, leaping and bounding into the hearts of friends, family and strangers alike. He was a true testament to the joy and love a dog can bring into his owner’s life. With this donation, his memory will live on and help create more lasting bonds between dogs and the humans who need them. - Sydney Ling
In memory of Mr. Lego - Mark Kreiner
In honor of Aaron Blank - Ted and Annette Marcus
To remembering Lola callaway - Sarah Hodgin
In memory of Charles F Edgington - Robert Lewis
In loving memory of Jeanne Pinamonti from the Northwood PTA Board Members. - Northwood PTA Board
With our sincere condolences in loving memory of Jeanne Pinamonti. Matt, Kelli & Andrew Hagaman - Matt & Kelli Hagaman
Macon will be missed by everyone that knew him! Hope he is chasing the deer, rabbits and squirrels in heaven! - Leslie Dyke
In memory of Jack - Melissa Hunter
In memory of Sam - Terri Moore
In Memory of Jeanne Pinamonti from the CCR Tennis Sunshine Fund - Sharon Waymire
In memory of Jeanne Pinamonti - Jan and Dan Jurgensen
In memory of Zilly Leach - Robyn & Doug Ross
In honor of Eliana Pahl - DArcy Goldman
In honor of Deborah Wagoner - Emily Followill
In honor of Deborah Wagoner - Emily Followill
In honor of Anne Levinton - Megan Marin
In memory of Ted Noe - Patti and Marti Williams
In honor of Drake - Katie Choate
In Memory of Joan Morgan - Carlos, Grace,Maria & Kids Giordano
In honor of Bill Mundy - Mike & Dianne Gilmer
In Memory of John DeLettera - Rachel Domba
Given in memory of Alan J. England, Temple, GA - Zack Butler
In honor of Joshua D’Cruze - Steve Stuglin
In honor of Grizabella - Howard Slutzky
In memory of Jake Phillips who brought much love to his family. You are in our hearts, now and always. - Michelle Griffin
Our hearts go out to you in this time of sorrow. John will be missed dearly by many. Love, Scott and David.- Scott Keiller
In honor of Adam and Jen - Carla and Scott Mills
The sweetest and most loving boy! - Theresa Parsley
In honor of Furkids Medical Staff - Joyce Reynolds
Father of Leslie Crawley - Joyce Reynolds
In honor of Jennifer Maze - Andrew Riveros
In memory of Stripe Foley - Jayne Foley
In honor of Jen & Adam - dave schofield
In honor of Barbara Koll - Julie Caplan
In honor of Jennifer Maze & Adam Russell - Mary Elizabeth & Andy Montgomery
In honor of Sandra - Jeff & Kelly Sprecher
In honor of In honor of Adam and Jen Maze’s wedding - Freeman Hall
In honor of Jennifer Maze & Adam Russell - Niccole Taylor
In honor of Valerie’s Birthday Tribute! - Christina Thompson
We are so sorry for the loss of Ed's Mom.Char Lucy America - char greer
In honor of Jennifer and Adam - Kevin Dodt
In memory of Nikko - Eva Lautemann
In memory of Cataboy Lenart, beloved pet of Ellen and Joe Lenart. The Lenarts have been generous supporters of Furkids for many years. - Melissa Carman
In honor of Shoemaker family kitty - Joan Brooks
In loving memory of Leo (originally named Josh by Furkids). We will miss you greatly. You were such a sweet and loving furbaby. - Tiffany Knight
In memory of Ellie - Eva Lautemann
In honor of Truman - Joan Brooks
In memory of loving and loyal best friends -- Mike and Millie - Cynthia L. Acker
To Paul Limerick Happy Birthday in Heaven. I will always love and miss you. Grandma - Rosemarie Wolfe
In honor of Aliza’s Birthday - Robyn Schildkraut
In honor of Annie McCrory - Pamela Neukum
In memory of John DeLettera - Kathleen Friton
In honor of On Behalf of Fabienne Cetran - Leslie Flynn
In loving memory of Thomas E. Watson, Jr. - Diana & Charles Stinger
In memory of John DeLettera - Kathy Friton
In memory of John R. Delettera, beloved father of Amy Delettera, manager of FurKids Thrift Store, Peachtree Corners, GA - Ellen Lenart
For Lily James - Carlton Wyatt
In honor of Benjamin Schrager - Corey Hirokawa
In memory of In Memory of Gail McLeod VanArsdale - Kelly Morehouse
In honor of Heather DeAngelo - Kendall Shelton
In honor of Mr. Ahmad Nikomid Tehrani - Susan & David Kornbluh
In loving memorial of Ella Fitzgerald, beloved cat of Jill Ramsey, who lived for 18 wonderful years. - Susan Priest
In memory of Major the Bulldog - Neal and Linda Manners
With love for Loki Ellenberg - a wonderful and beautiful friend. - Meghan Pendergast
In memory of Suri - Les Barnett
In Memory of Ms. Cosette - Lynn Speir
In memory of Persephone, loved kitty of Sarah Malkin. - Sally Siegel
In memory of Cassie - Wally and Cindy Sherer
Joanna, we are so sorry for the loss of your mom. We love you! -The Wieseman Humans and Kitties - Emily Wieseman
In memory of Charles Edgington - Adam and Michelle Patterson
In memory of Miss Cassie - Nadine and Frank Gurley
In honor of Jackson - Beth Barnes
In honor of Teeter - Patricia Nail
In memory of In memory of Charles ‘Chuck’ Edgington - William Carman
Zoe was a Small Dog Rescue success story. She lived a long, happy, luxurious, well cared for life. She will be forever missed. - Mindy Fine
In honor of Karen Greene - Mary Kyle
In memory of Fluffy - Betsy Culberson
In memory of Kipper the Weimaraner - Neal and Linda Manners
For Tommie Best and her family, in loving memory of her mother, Mrs. Louise Jones. --Caroline, Jessica, Laura, and Tyler - Tyler Sant
In honor of Bennett Cobb - Camden Hyde
in honor and memory of Kathy Lee Seiber - Cathy Fell
In memory of Kathy Sieber. Soar with the eagles! - Jodi Austin
In memory of Slash - Karen Rigsbee
I did not know Tiffany O'Quinn personally, however her family and friends have shared stories with me about her strong commitment to both love and care for animals and often times her bold efforts to rescue them. - Lisa Bily
In honor of Kim Barnes. - Liz Mansfield
In honor of Girl Scout Troop 15538 - Amanda Evans
in memory of Tiger - sandy levitt
In honor of Jen & Adam Russell - Betsy & Dan Morris
In memory of Sam Byram - Megan Pankow
In memory of Squeaky - Denise Abercrombie
Our kitty Sugar passed away tonight. She was 19 years old and was a rescue cat. She had a wonderful, long life and I hope that our donation can help other cats find loving, forever homes. We love you Sugar, catch you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. xoxo - Kylee Hayes
In memory of In Memory of Loa - Chris and Caitlin Lowndes
In honor of Laurie Deemer - Rolin Desir
For Becky and Josh, in memory and honor of Boreal - 17 years of love, laughter, tenderness, sunshine, grass, brotherhood, and true family. - Melissa Moore
In fond memory of Boreal-we will miss you. - Chris And Jennifer
In memory of Tiki Bulat: companion to Lola and beloved member of the Bulat-Portnoy-Turner family. - Rebecca Bachelor
In memory of Cynthia “Cindy” Smith - Debra and Scott Pyron
In memory of Dorothy McCart - Darleen Carstarphen
In memory of Dorothy McCart, who will certainly be missed. - Elizabeth Barr
In honor of Dorothy McCart - Lauren Ross
Oliver Smith Rest In Peace little guy - Pam Server
In memory of Wolfie and Felix, two great cats. - Adele Shepherd
In memory of Dorothy McCart - Helen Joyner
In memory of Dorothy McCart - Edna Whitson
In memory of Coby Weiss - Jennifer Stout
Remember Boris - Jana Camerin
In memory of Lily, faithful companion to the Hauler family. - Theresa Cohen
In honor of Liz Mansfield-birthday for cats! - Leigh Ann Wheeler
In honor of Justin Puckett - Melanie Puckett
In Loving Memory of Violet Giaquinto Debaylo Catrini - Kay Giaquinto
In Loving Memory Of John, a Cat Lover - Kay Giaquinto
In memory of Holley - Robn McDowel
In memory of Jazz - Stewart Hagy
In memory of Tessa, a beautiful cat adopted from Furkids in 2004. She brought so much joy and grace and sass to the world. She is greatly missed by my dear friend, Deena. There was no better human for Tessa than Deena and no better furkid for Deena than Tessa. - Peg McGuire
In honor of Murphy Harrison - Gina Griego
In memory of Dusty - Joe & Bobbi Patterson
In memory of Georgia Johns - Anita Bray
In honor of Piggie - Helen Talley-McRae
In memory of Harp McClellan (cat) - Margaret Watkins
I'm memory of Aunt Marie Wilkins. She loved animals, especially her beloved dog Samantha - Jeannie Hucko
In honor of Felicia Adkins and Family - Laura Hieb
In memory of Cotton - Lori Nash
In honor of 40th Birthday - Ronette Throne
Uncle Mel loved dogs. He wrote books about them, especially dogs on stamps. This is the perfect way to remember him, to help a furkid in need... - Drew Rubin
I make this donation in the memory of our beloved cat, Mizu, who passed away June 2, 2017. She will be sorely missed and forever loved. - Paul Johnson
In honor of Terri Sellers - Terri Sellers
In honor of Frou Frou Taylor - lisa harber
In memory of Frou Frou - Deborah Roissing
Remembering my friend Cindy Smith. - Carol A Hughes
Dear Trent, Joey was one lucky kitty to have been loved by you. I'm thinking of you and sending you love and hugs! - Emily Wieseman
In memory of Opie, a beautiful soul that is dearly missed. - Debra Slaughter
In honor of Liz Champlin - Bob and Bonnie Fangmann
In memory of Edward Newsom Bradley Jr. - Cheryl Clifford
In honor of Lisa and Bob - David Crooks
In memory of Cindy L. Smith neighbor and friend and a lover of all creatures great and small. - Miriam and John Whetstone
In honor of For the FIV cat suite!! - Sara and Andrea Broad
In honor of Curt Gorman - Elizabeth Reeves
In honor of Melissa Mular - Kathryn Wilz
In memory of POOTIE the Dog - R Neal Manners
In memory of LEAH the Golden Retriever - R Neal Manners
In honor of Peggy Altherr - Amy Witcher
In honor of Lea Saigal - Chintan Amin
In memory of Mum - Annette Macaulay
This small donation is made in memory of my late mother, Allene Walker Rheney, who loved cats all her life and imbued in me that love as well. She grew up in rural middle Georgia and always had kitties. Consequently we always had kitties when I was growing up, too, despite my Dad's rather vocal preference for dogs! In her later years, well into her eighties and nineties, she and a friend in Macon comprised a 2-woman TNR team in their neighborhood, using their own resources to pay for services for the many "unfriended" cats who lived there. As a result, the population of cats stabilized and actually declined over time as many of the kitties were placed with rescue organizations and found permanent homes. So, on this Mother's Day, I remember with love my mom and the kitties she loved. Thanks, FurKids, for all you do. - Beverly Littlefield
In honor of Vicki and Casey - Alice Grist
In memory of Sue Verner - Bryan McDaniel
In honor of Janet Barnes - Gregory Esslinger
In memory of Sue Verner - Sue Verner
In honor of Liz Champlin - Janice Odom
In memory of Cynthis “Cindy” Leaptrot Smith - JohnAndShirley Plunkett
In honor of Jake - Betty Ireland
In honor of Cynthia “Cindy” Leaptrot Smith - Valrie George
In honor of Congratulations on your wedding! - Tom Dinkelman
In memory of Patrick Tiedemann - Stas Preczewski
In loving memory of Anne Wenn Williams, mother of Holly Coleman. - Claudia Shorr
In loving memory of Liz Champlin. - Kent & Donna Lusk
In fond memory of Elizabeth (Liz) Champlin. - Jennifer Greene
In honor of Winston Sweet - Papa & Nanna Loy
In honor of Russell William Maynard. We send our sincerest condolences and thoughts to your family and hope that this donation in your name helps an animal in need - your CB friends and family - Erica Jones
Blessings and God's peace to you, Mildred, and Cindy's entire family. I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy and condolences . - Sharon Goerling
In honor of Ryan - Adrienne Murray
In loving memory of Virginia MacAllister. - Jennifer Branch
In memory of Forrest Kobau - Susan Wais
In memory of Karen Kimmel a friend to all four legged Creatures. You will be missed my friend. Love Amy - Amy Deschaine
In honor of Richard Jakubecy - Allison Jakubecy
In memory of Chi Chi - Joyce Stewart
In Memory of Billy Pitt and his love for Miss Emma. - lauren schulz
In honor of Big Picture Casting - david shae moretti
In honor of Ms. Pat Wheeler - Tara Warren
In memory of Katie - Lori Furr
In honor of Egon - Laura Moss
In memory of Droopster Mann - Robin Shannon
In memory of Wally - Susan Massar
In honor of Candy Fernandez - Giovanni Gomez
In memory of Mike Lang - Gareth Thomas
In honor of Afikomen - Jane Diamond
In memory of Mike Lang - Anil Kappadath
In memory of In Memory Of Billy Pitt - Shelley Walz
In memory of Michael P Lang - Kimberly Webster
In memory of Billy Ray Pitt - Keith   Lewis
In memory of the GREATEST of Great Danes, Alphie!! Love you forever and always you sweet goofy girl! Love, The Timbes Family - Ashley Timbes
In memory of Lia Bryan - Cynthia Owen
In memory of Molly - Jeanne Mielke
George passed away recently. We adopted our tuxedo bobtail cat, Max, in 2015 and I wanted to make this memorial donation in his name. We love and support the work you do. - Elaine Echols
In memory of Xena the Cat - You will be missed! - Linda Yandle
In memory of Mike Lang - Lari Ramos
In Memory of Maggie Werner...she loved her Sunday walks on the beach with her mom. - Patricia Williams
In Memory of Mike Lang, friend to mistreated animals and valued colleague at Freddie Mac. - Matthew Coughlin
In memory of Mike Lang - Joseph Szwarc
In memory of Neo - JOAN MACDONALD
In memory of Mike Lang - Barbara Holzinger
In memory of Mike Lang - Brittany Holzinger
This donation was made in memorial of Missy Kat, the best cow cat in the world! We miss you still. - Angela Pratt
Mike was a very kind, gentle, giant soul that we lost way too early. - Darlene Stephens
In honor of Leslie and Dave Get Hitched! - Jared Hague
In honor of Nancy Trier Shevitz - Amy Sandler
In memory of Michael Lang - Randy and Charlotte Hymel
In honor of Happy Birthday Maggie!!! - Calder Shurling
In memory of Mike Lang - Gail Greene
In honor of Mike Lang - Linda Farmer
In honor of Mike Lang. Mike will be sadly missed by all that new him. He was a great Daddy to a very special furkids dog named Monty; also great Dad to their Kitty's. I had the privilege to meet an pet sit for them. So very glad to have meet them. Sincerely Renee Pittman - Renee Pittman
In memory of Michael Lang - Ken & Jayne Urgo
In memory of Mike Lang - Tom Connolly
In Memory of Michael Lang. - Latoya Davis
In the memory of Mike Lang. May you rest in peace and your legacy stay alive in the hearts of those you have touched. - Agnes Schwietert
In memory of Michael Lang. - Michael Lang
In honor of Michael Lang... Hope you keep smiling big guy. - CarolAnn Denton-Fitzpatrick
In memory of Mike Lang - Mike Diffee
In honor of Olivia Bobbitt - Maia Sharp
In memory of Spencer the Dog - Neal Manners
In honor of Olivia’s Birthday - Logan D’Eramo
In honor of Olivia Bobbitt - Nathan Bittner
In honor of Scout Sells, a fantastic sweet and sociable cat. RIP Scout! - Karen Charmatz
In memory of Jon Benson - Virginia Horton
Che Cha will always be in our hearts and minds as a very gentle and loving cat. - Annette Macaulay
In honor of Olivia Bobbitt - Grace Shickler
In honor of Happy Birthday - Ken & Anne Davis
In honor of Mike Lang - Mike & Doris Szwarc
In honor of Kasey and Andrea - Lynda Walker
In honor of Mojo - Jane Rabey
In memory of Kodak DePretto-Tsoukalas - Amy Olthouse
In memory of Mike Lang, who adopted and loved a funny Pug named Monty. From a Furkids volunteer, who got to witness a feral dog transformed into a loving companion by Mike and his wife, Debra -- Linda. - Linda Bryans
In loving memory of our beloved Miss Puppy. We found her abandoned at a gas station Nov 1999. We loved her unconditionally. She was diagnosed with cancer March 14th 2016. She passed away April 6th 2016. We miss her so much. - MARIA ADAMS
With love to sweet, sweet Bella and her most devoted owner and mom, Sarah. May they both be okay and may Sarah find comfort. From the Merlinis. - Laura Merlini
For Barbara O'Leary, a wonderful person and cat lover. - Deborah White
In memory of Barbara O’Leary - Deborah White
In honor of Mason Loeb’s birthday - Mark Pavese
In honor of Mason’s Birthday Wish - Jessica Zeitlen
In memory of Dakota - Hillarie Morris
In memory of JoAnn Flegal - Mark Shaw
In memory of In memory of Betty Barnes and in memory of Cody - Judy Harris
In honor of Sally Melnyk - Nancy Pickett
In memory of Jake - Drew Graves
In honor of Megan Shih - Luke Stanley
An honorary donation to Christine Collins and Jeff Porter In loving memory of Jake. - Gail Tolbert
In memory of sweet Georgia ("Georgia Girl"), who was lucky enough to live 18 years full of love and joy with Mrs. Anita Costello Hankins. - Foy Anderson
In memory of Chanel - Tracy Scott
In memory of Karl Kuehne - Jennifer Dial
In memory of Todd Wilson - Diane DiBuono
In honor of Ms. Elaine Poag - Cynthia Hubbell
In honor of Abigail West - G Chenenko
In memory of Cedric Williams - salome campos
In memory of Diana's and Andy's beloved dog, Murphy --- from the Manners Family - Neal and Linda Manners
In memory of Cedric Williams - Janna Nelson
In honor of Teagan Johnson - Ella Metzner
Thinking about you both during this time of grieving. Nothing ever replaces our furry children, but the memories stay true. - Harris Botnick
In honor of Mason Loeb’s 9th Birthday - Remy Loeb-Willer
Dedicated to Smudge, a loving companion - Karen O'Leary
In honor of Sheryl Camp - Maggie Patterson
In memory of For our friend Patricia Jester - Fred and Joanne Onken
In memory of Athos Barnes-Holliday - Sarah Barnes
In memory of Bodhi - Gayle MacAllister
I thank you for being my friend Lane. - holly Keenan
In memory of Virginia "Sissy" Brown Luciano (1924-2017) - a wonderful and much loved daughter, mother, aunt and cousin. Rest in peace. Len & Anita Bittner - Anita Bittner
In honor of Laurie Bookman - Carol Jamieson
In honor of Coral Wasserman - Tracy Scott
In memory of Tiger Abercrombie - Ken and Cindy Wilson
In memory of Nelson - Katherine Mcdonough
In honor of Patricia Jester - Broadcasters General Store & Family Shute-Kerstin
In memory of Pat Jester - Linda Williams
In memory of Patricia Jester - Rebecca (Becky) Gibson
In honor of Bitsy - Bonnie Evans
In honor of Cy Lynch and Barbara Koll - Sheila Hendricks
In memory of Scrappy - Deborah White
In honor of Nathan Kleber - Adena Brumer
In memory of “OLIVER” - Ray & Kathy Toth
In honor of Cocoa Clark - Robbin Pearson
In memory of Pico & Joule - Alex Bowers
In memory of in honor of Pat Jester - Natalie Hamlett
In memory of In memory of our precious FurKid, Sassy Raiford. - Holly Raiford
In memory of In honor of our precious FurKid, Sassy Raiford. - Holly Raiford
In memory of Pat Jester - Randy and Beth Hay
In honor of Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah - Mark & Beth Taratoot & Shershun
In memory of Duncan Wolfe - Angelic Moxley
In memory of Pat Jester - Steve Westbrook
In memory of Mowgli Mayer - Dianne Mayer
In memory of Pat Jester - Dorothy Boyd
In memory of Maggie - Alison Womack
In memory of Boots - gordon gyor
In memory of Brennan Hodges - Bonnie Mitchell
In memory of Todd Wilson - Mary Helen Stirling
Alvin - may you run, bark, lick, cuddle and lead the pack. Your warm heart, rambunctious spirit and constant busy personality can't be replaced. Until we meet again our baby boy. Love, Dad, Mom, the girls, Theo and Oreo - Melisa Hinders
In memory of Shyla Blimline - Rebecca Clusserath
In loving memory of Duke, the best Doberman I ever knew and in the Top 5 list of sweetest dogs in the history of dogs. I will miss the Duke Tales and his adorable photos with everything stacked on his head! - Angelic Moxley
In memory of the best two kitties in Atlanta. We miss you Scooter and Missy. See you over the rainbow bridge. - D Elaine Jones
In memory of Alvin - Vicki Therrian
To Alvin from your mom - "My heart breaks, time will heal but you will always be the leader of our pack. Love you baby boy. Run, play, bark dance and be rambunctious, never sit down, best hugger and begger ever! RIP my good boy." - Christina Pike
In Memory of Cooper, a Brave and Loving Boy. - BJ Hopper
In honor of Roger Hopper - BJ Hopper
In memory of William (Bill) F. Robinson (1927 -1989), a gifted pianist, writer and lover of animals. He will be missed by his family, friends and all the homeless animals he cared for. - Len and Anita Bittner
In honor of Evelyn and Jessie - Jan Lewis
in memory of Princess Leverett - sandy levitt
In memory of Sadie Jane - Pat Gershenoff
This gift is in memory of a wonderful loving dog named, Bella. She was loved like the princess she was. May this donation help another rescued animal find such a loving home. - Lin Barker
In Memory of Jeffrey A Erikson, dearly loved son, brother, grandson, and friend. - Jennifer Erikson
In memory of Autumn Miller - Robin Shannon
In memory of Patches - Andrea Miller
For Tipper (aka Ol' Saddlebags), the 22-year-old legend who did her best to outlive us all and is now making Jesus' couch back sag in Heaven - Del Scott
In memory of Teddy Murphy - Casey Quirk
In memory of Little D - Sarah Murphy
In honor of Jennifer - Rachel Pattohn
In memory of Katie and Murray, our neighbors' sweet cats. - Janna Benston
In honor of Happy Holidays - Brent and Krista Anderson
In honor of Lea Singh Saigal - Anjula Singh
Love the commercial and love what you do. Keep it up! In memory of Bruiser and Cairo from NJ. - Poma Bhow
In memory of Bob Bittinger - Bonnie Davidson
For Cheryl Bradley, mother of Heather Bradley, wife of Thomas Bradley, and companion of cats - Jennifer Krause
In memory of Jack Bauer - Billy Ussery
In memory of Kate Austin Berg - Teresa Nelson
In memory of “Pippen” - Debi and Fred Akers
In memory of James Conlon - Mike and Eleanor Capozzola
In honor of Gilli Canty-Ross - Jeanne Francis
In honor of Happy Holidays! - Mary Jones
In honor of Happy Birthday - Julie Brody
In honor of Charlotte Muse - Janet Blackmon
In memory of Niko. Thank you for 17 wonderful years. - Chad Myers
In Memory of Tammy Privett Rankine (1960-2016), a beautiful person, and sweet and wonderful soul, who loved animals, especially her big fluffy orange tabby named J. J. - Sheila Hendricks
In honor of Gilli - Lawrence Friedman
In honor of Gilli - Erik Jarrett
In honor of Vera Wenzel - William Alexander
In honor of Andrew Wood - Margaret Edson
In honor of Four - Emily Piez
In honor of Kent & Sandi Sterrett - Sean Sterrett
In honor of The Mascaro Family - Stephen Streiffer
In honor of Anne Moushey - david Moushey
In honor of Ben Shainker - Susie Stern
In honor of In honor of Zeke and Cynthia Dunn - Taylor Page
In honor of Adam Church - Adam Church
In honor of All your fur kids. - Kathleen Bridges
In honor of all your fur kids - Kathleen Bridges
In honor of Cara and James Ebeling - Diana Hurlburt
In honor of Ankita Shah - Derron Blakely
You loved animals and they loved you. - Jean Goldsmith
In honor of David Carlile - Jennifer Carlile
In honor of Atishi - Aditya Sthanunathan
In Memory of Lizzy Quay - the best dog ever with the best owners ever! Lizzy's spirit lives on in the feeding and care of other rescued animals awaiting to be adopted by owners that will love them as much as the Quays loved Lizzy. - Brad Martin Kelly Gwin
In honor of Annelly Deets - Lisa Shore
In memory of O’Malley - Julie Barton
In honor of Peggy Burk - Latrelle Burk
In honor of Grace Franetovich - Colleen Cruz
In honor of Katya Erin Denny Keetom Rufus Fund - Scott McDaniel
In honor of Happy Birthday Leah - Jessica Tuman
In honor of Evelyn Carlile - Monica Woodie
In loving memory of our sweet rescue dog Elvis. The best dog ever. - Jim Klay
In honor of Manon Cherrier - Martin Cherrier
In honor of Aunt Pat - Abbey Culverhouse
In honor of Lloyd C. Naassan - Nicole Naassan
In memory of Dwight Sledge   - Nanci Hayward
In honor of JJ and Sky - Randy McDaniel
In memory of Bill Mundy - Diane DeShazo
In memory of Marchelle Sanchez, the best parent, friend, and volunteer this world had ever seen - Avery Willis
in memory of sweet Tater. - sandy levitt
For a wonderful kitty, Rose. May she forever live in our hearts. - Lynn Harris Medcalf
In honor of Simi - Robert Connolly
In honor of Maggie - Brenda Labbee
In honor of S Cooper - B D Wood
In honor of JoAnn Bowdoin-Aynsley - Meredith Cornett
In honor of Matti Birge - Michelel Crow
In honor of Billie Barnett - Dorothy Irwin
In honor of Nancy Post - Dorothy Irwin
In honor of Margo Woodson - Dorothy Irwin
In honor of Sally and Steve Thompson - Dorothy Irwin
For Tiny, Rosie and Chance who gave me so much love for so many years; miss you. - Judy Mcdaniel
In honor of Animal-Lover Robert C. Gerwig - Robert Neal Manners
In honor of Moellenbeck Pets - Kristie Eubanks
In honor of For the kitties and puppies of the Patton house - Olivia Wilson
In memory of Clara Mae Lasky - Dottie & Jack Wallace
In honor of Rufus - Max Howard
In honor of Clara Mae Lansky - Sondra Wright
In memory of Clara Lasky - Nancy Freeman
In honor of Lynn Trujillo - Laura Baxley
In honor of Colin and Alec Burnett - Joan Burnett
In memory of Charlie Jones - W Trent Jones
In honor of Maggie Shults - Katherine Dresser
In honor of Chuggie, Auggie, and Georgie - Myra Davis
In honor of Brenda Schmitz - Ashley Williams
In honor of In honor of David Mann’s birthday - Estra Grant
In honor of Leslie Norman - Joy Norman
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hegarty - Janet Chambers
In honor of Mr and Mrs. J Campbell - Janet Chambers
In memory of Claire Rogers - Leslie & Joy Norman
In honor of Hannah Eastham - Donna muizelaar
In honor of for Atlanta dogs - Judy Hoxie
In honor of Jackie, Frederick and Tiberius Schuknecht - Leah perez
In memory of Bruce the Dog - sandy levitt
Donation given in memory of animal lovers Martha & Hal Boyles. - Cathie & Don Boyles
In honor of Ashley Williams - Stephanie Lotti
In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller - Gretchen von Dwingelo
In honor of Thomas Wheathera - Patty McGonagle
In honor of Carole Ann Webb - Anne McClain
In memory of stetson - dori and michael perling
In memory of Dieter Lautemann - Michael & Dianne Gilmer
In honor of John Watkins - Elaine Urbina
In honor of Ronn and Sherri Smith - Kylee Hayes
In honor of Heather Bruce and Matt Phears - Linda Phears
In honor of Gertie, Dottie, Weasel and Heather - Deyan Crow
A donation in memory of Jeffery Steven Ginn with love from Elizabeth, Caroline, Colleen, Craig & Katie. - ANN ELIZABETH YOUNG
In honor of Sid Flint - Steve Brown
So sorry for the loss of Nikki. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Patti & Cathy - Patti Giuliano
In honor of Merry Christmas - Amon Whitfield
In memory of Patrick Joseph Farrell - Andrea Miller
In memory of Nora Weeks Barnes - Sheryl Heller
In honor of Harry - Melissa Hargrave
In honor of Kate Haynie - Rebecca Bradley
In honor of Pat Locher - Kelli Eargle
In Memory of Martha Boyles - Gabriella Severcool
In memory of Barbara Harrington - Patricia Pennauchi
In lieu of flowers, here is a donation to furkids! Thank you, Joe McFadden for being a excellent man and citizen of this country and I can't thank you enough for raising an incredible woman, Amy Clavijo, my friend. PS Say "Hi" to Jesus for me! - Martha Murray
May all the dogs at the Shelter be as blessed as Scooter was to have found the most loving family on Earth!! - Robin Dictenberg
In memory of Julius the orange Fivvie and in honor of new intake Julia who is his namesake! Team FIV rocks!! - Patricia MacAllister
Given in memory of Holly's loving mom, Martha Haygood by Martha, James, Max and Gracie Davis - Martha Davis
In honor of Samantha Shelton - Barbara Orloff
In memory of Claire Rogers - Anthony & Terra Winter
In memory of Claire Rogers - Janice Bullock
In memory of Claire Rogers - Amy & Jerry Rothenberg
In memory of Bil Mundy - Vince and Kathy Gallo
A donation has been made in memory of my friend Bill Mundy. He was a great friend and will be missed. - James Brown
In memory of John S Gridley, Jr. - husband, father, grand-father, Vietnam Veteran and lover of all four-legged FurKids! - Sharon Gridley
In memory of Elton Wesley Shepherd, Jr - “Chief” - Janis Wilsterman
In memory of Bill Mundy - Sofia Slutskaya
In memory of Carlos - Susan Graham
In honor of Eva Lautemann - Michael & Dianne Gilmer
In honor of In honor of the wedding of Amanda and Kurt - Suzanne Urquhart
In memory of Bill Mundy - Mountain Park Branch
In honor of Cobie VanderPol - 2016 MBCA Volleyball Team
In memory of Bill Mundy - Joan Britt
In honor of Leslie Hunter - Ariel Grodensky
Bill Mundy touched many lives and inspired all those he came in contact with. The world has truly lost a great man and we share your sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Eva, and your family. We are very sorry for you loss.With love, Your CAREing Paws Family- CAREing Paws
In honor of Bill Mundy, who loved his wife Eva and their cats. - Laura Tartak
In memory of Buster - Robin V Shannon
In memory of Bill Mundy - Dieter Lautemann
In memory of Rosie - Rick & Shirley McDonald
In memory of Sherwood Merchant - Debra Robinson
In Memory of Chief, who showed and shared his heart so wonderfully. - Rob Hyland
In honor of Jason Arack - Jason Arack
In memory of Chino - Billie Jo Corell
in memory of Yasmin - sandy levitt
In honor of Jackie, she was a well-loved canine companion and she enjoyed a happy life with her family. - Lisa Howard
In honor of David and Maryjo Cox - Jane Hemingway
In honor of Furby Taylor... a pet, friend, and companion. - lisa harber
In loving memory of Sam Byram. - Kathleen Walsh
In honor of Anna - Lynn Marie Persi
In honor of Anita Lynn - Monica Maher
In honor of Molly - Jax Palma
In honor of Molly - Geoffery King
In honor of Mark Thompson - Adelaide Smith
In honor of Riley Thompson - Scarlett Smith
In Memory of Casper Read. - Erica Stein
In honor of Blanca and 2 sibs - Carl Merritt
In honor of eBay who will be greatly missed. - Cindy Morris
In Memory of Matilda Patrick - Michael Hoffmann
In loving memory of our favorite Grandpuppy, Quorra Bottichio. We know how badly her parents Lyndsay and Tommy Bottichio miss her. - Theresa Trauner
She loved cats and we hope her cat, Callie will be located as she got out of the car in the auto accident--in Covington. - Kay Giaquinto
In honor of David and Loris Mann - Barbara Cummings
In memory of Tippy - Susan Choate
In memory of Brenda Drukenmiller. – Sara Kay Wheeler - Sara Wheeler
In honor of Dubbie - Jennifer Branch
In memory of Ken, Beth, and Cole Soons - Joe S Patterson
In honor of Andrea & Reid - Andrea Van Vark
In memory of Daisy - Beverly Hollifield
In memory of Midnight - Joe and Bobbi Patterson
In memory of Pumpkin, a really great member of the family and who now resides in our hearts and memories. - Martha Church
In honor of Micah - Elise Eplan and Bob Marcovitch
in memory of Rocco - sandy levitt
In loving memory of Sweet Kyra. Dearly loved by Taylor & Joe Tackett. - Judy Taylor
In honor of Marci reynolds - Alison Sophie and Cameron Glastein
In memory of GEORGE STARACE - Karen Andrews
In memory of our beloved Crash, we make this heartfelt donation to Fur Kids. May other deserving animals have a chance for a wonderful life like the one that Crash enjoyed. - Lisa Howard & the Distinctive Petsitting Staff - Lisa Howard
In honor of Katherine and Becky - Matthew Ruzicka
For our Angel Holly - Richard Hamilton
In honor of Cassie Wilson -  Anne Sargent
In honor of Lauren Lam - Elizabeth Lenhard
In memory of Diane Thornton - Tracey Pred
In honor of Dawn Gillerman - Sheryl Heller
In memory of Hopper, our big sweet kitty whom we loved dearly and will forever miss. - Hilary Fentress