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Chihuahua Puppies Dumped in Garbage

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, October 27th

Furkids recently took in two Chihuahua puppies after a Good Samaritan found them in a dumpster. They were so tiny and frail, and they seemed to be sick. When the puppies arrived to Furkids, the dog shelter medical team went straight to work to determine what was making them so ill. Our vets estimated that the puppies were about 4 weeks old, and determined that they had Parvovirus.

These Chihuahua puppies who were thrown into the trash like garbage now had a new obstacle: to survive Parvo.  They were transferred out of the shelter and into a vet clinic so that they would not infect any other dogs. Fortunately, they survived and are now back at the dog shelter recovering.

At a time when these puppies should have been with their mother, these sick babies were thrown into the garbage and left to die. We are so thankful to the kind person who found the puppies and brought them to our facility to receive the best care.

They are currently around 7 weeks old and will be available for...


Advocate For Our Dogs

Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, October 11th


Furkids has already found 30 dogs homes this month, even for some "harder to place" dogs like Trooper. Trooper was found starving to death, 

left in a crate in the middle of a busy road. Because of this traumatic experience, he had exhibited some behavior that turned potential adopters off, but what those people didn't know was that he was just acting out because he was terrified. 

These "hard to place" dogs are animals that have been in our program for some time and have special circumstances that the average adopter may not be interested in accommodating, or they are dogs that don't show well in a kennel. Animals thrive when they are placed in homes that suit their needs. 

We are asking for help advocating for these dogs. We know that perfect homes are out there waiting for these dogs, but we have to be the voices of these animals in order to find them. Please be a champion for these dogs. Create or share posts on social media, foster,...


Lula: A Gentle Girl with a Brutal Past

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, July 28th

Lula is a sweet and gentle soul who is the poster-child for neglected animals everywhere. She was found in Dacula totally emaciated and with a terrible skin condition. Lula was days, if not hours, from death. A Furkids kennel tech brought her to the dog shelter and we immediately got to work to save her life. 

Our vet told us that her nails had grown into her paw pads, but gentle Lula allowed her to cut them without even flinching. Her skin scrape came back negative for mange, but she will be starting medication to help her skin heal as soon as she puts on more weight. Lula weighs 40 pounds with absolutely no muscle on her, so she is supposed to be a big dog. The vet said she was surprised to see Lula walking due to how emaciated she was.

Neighbors in the area where Lula was found claim that she belonged to a man who went to jail six months ago. They said that this man often shot at his dogs with BB guns, even once to the point of death. She hadn’t been seen in the first four...


Calypso is Ready to Dance Home!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Saturday, January 16th

Young and Beautiful CALYPSO Is Interviewing Forever Families, In January, her Adoption Fee is ZERO! Meet Her At Our Cat Shelter!

Calypso is a VERY special girl, for many reasons. She has one blue eye, and one gold; giving her a unique and exotic look. She is DECLAWED. (While Furkids does not advocate declaw surgery, we know that some adopters are looking for declawed cats) and, finally, Calypso is deaf. Which doesn't bother this beauty one little bit.

Calypso had been in foster care for a while, and her foster fam reports that she was a delight. Now, however, she is back at our shelter, and it is not the best environment for a quiet girl like Calypso. She would so prefer the comfort of her very own home...

Deaf cats are remarkably adaptable. Most people forget that their pets can't hear, because they are so attuned to the goings on around them via their other senses. And if there are other pets in the home, deaf animals will take cues from them. Calypso is no exception. She adapts...


Valentine and her growing needs

Posted by Furkids Admin | Monday, June 15th

Little Valentine could not even lift her hind end when she arrived at Furkids as an 8 week old puppy. She scooted around on her front paws, dragging her rear. Facebook followers may recall her first set of wheels constructed by a Furkids volunteer in the garage. That got Valentine up and rolling. Then we saw what needed tweaking and eventually Valentine graduated to the Walkin' Wheels® she now uses. Not only does this wheelchair allow Valentine greater mobility and use of her four legs, but it also helped to strengthen her muscles and now Valentine is able to stand and take a few steps without her wheels! But make no mistake about this, Valentine loves her wheels! Hook Valentine up to her Walkin' Wheels and she is a force to be reckoned with! Her tail wags the whole time she's running and she can finally chase and play with other dogs. A far cry from scooting and dragging!

Valentine currently lives at our dog shelter where we can take care of her 13 hours a day with walks, physical...

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