Scruffy’s Road Home

Posted on Tuesday, December 29th

Scruffy’s Road Home "I was dumped at a rural county shelter, and I knew I was doomed." "I mean, who would take a chance on a blind, one-eyed, senior dog with multiple cancerous tumors covered in his own filth? I heard them whisper the word euthanize and I knew my time was running out. I actually felt a sense of relief after all these years of neglect. My hope for a sweet life had run dry and I was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge….until Furkids saved my life!” Furkids received a plea for help about Scruffy and his scheduled euthanasia. With his life on the line,… READ MORE >

Homeless Cat Survives All Odds

Posted on Tuesday, December 1st

Homeless Cat Survives All Odds Today is the Big Day! Double Your Donation: Double Your Impact It's #GeorgiaGives on #GivingTuesday -- the largest day of giving across the nation, and we need your help meeting our $100,000 fundraising goal! For the next 24 hours only, your #GivingTuesday donation will be matched up to $50,000, and immediately go to work helping to save thousands of homeless and abandoned animals in need. Meet Mr. Clean Every day, kittens, cats and senior cats like Mr. Clean face life-threatening circumstances, hoping to survive against the toughest of odds, Furkids cannot save them without your continued support!  When we first met him, Mr. Clean was homeless and… READ MORE >

Ellie’s Journey: Please help us raise crucial lifesaving funds on #GivingTuesday!

Posted on Monday, November 30th

Ellie’s Journey: Please help us raise crucial lifesaving funds on #GivingTuesday! Tomorrow is one of our biggest fundraising days of the year… #GivingTuesday and #GAGivesDay! We need your help to meet our $100,000 goal: your donation will help save the lives of some of the most at-risk animals across our state and beyond. Meet Ellie. This courageous girl miraculously survived a hit-and-run with no broken bones, but both of her eyes were severely impacted. Left alone on the side of the road, the roughed-up pup arrived at animal control following the traumatic accident in need of immediate, life-saving medical attention. The Furkids medical team was able to spare her right eye but… READ MORE >

Scout Has Her Best Day Ever!

Posted on Thursday, October 8th

Scout Has Her Best Day Ever! Scout just had the best day of her life! Recently, she got to go on a Pooch Pontoon ride with Best Friends on the Lake. That would be a great day for even the most spoiled dog, but it certainly meant EVERYTHING to a pup who has lived in a shelter for her entire life. First, Scout got a pontoon ride to a private island in Lake Lanier, where she got to run off-leash. She also got all the trees, branches, and sticks she could ever ask for. Scout is one stick-loving dog – BIG sticks!! Scout also discovered she really… READ MORE >

Jacque’s Two-Pound Spa Treatment

Posted on Saturday, September 5th

Jacque’s Two-Pound Spa Treatment Would you like to lose almost 10% of your body weight in an hour? Poor Jacque came to Furkids from a sad situation, where his human passed away. When he arrived, Jacque weighed a whopping 24 lbs and was covered in the worst mats we’ve seen in our 18 years of lifesaving! Although it was the end of the day, our med team wouldn’t consider allowing him to suffer one more second and stayed into the evening to shave the horrible mess off his body - all 2 lbs of it!  Between his obesity, which limited his ability to self-groom,… READ MORE >

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