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Hurricane Matthew Victims Update

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, October 27th


Two weeks ago, Furkids took in 63 Hurricane Matthew victims who had been affected by severe flooding in the Carolinas. We asked for contributions to help with the care of these helpless animals who had lost everything, and our fans stepped up. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to provide for all the Hurricane Matthew dogs and cats who came into our shelters. Many of the animals were placed into safe, warm, loving foster homes and are settling in well and recovering.

Again, we want to thank all our supporters, volunteers, fosters and staff who contributed toward this astonishing rescue. We are so thankful for each and every one of you. If you would like to make a donation toward the animals still in the program, please visit

The Hurricane Matthew animals will be available for adoption soon. Follow us on Facebook for updates!




Fabulous FeLV+ Furkids

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, August 10th

It’s no secret that Furkids is committed to saving as many animals as possible. We are a rescue that isn’t afraid to take on the hard cases… even the FeLV+ ones. Furkids has two FeLV+ suites, one at the cat shelter and one at the dog shelter, which house 17 cats total. FeLV+ cats can live long, happy lives, and Furkids provides them a warm, loving, safe environment to live out the rest of their lives, unless they happen to get adopted (which, unfortunately, doesn’t happen very often). 

When a cat is FeLV+, it means that the cat has a disease called feline leukemia. It is a virus that weakens cats’ immune systems and can cause some types of cancer. Feline leukemia is transmitted from cat to cat through biting, grooming, close contact and sharing food dishes, water bowls and litter boxes. It can also be transferred from mother to kitten via nursing. Because FeLV+ cats need to be separated from FeLV- cats, it makes it difficult to find homes that can commit to only living with...


Lemond Goes Home!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Monday, June 15th

Lemond stole our hearts, and gave new meaning to the phrase, "Everybody's beautiful, in their own way".

When Lemond came to Furkids months ago, he looked like a very sad cat. He was filthy, flea-ridden, and covered in grease; missing most of an ear, and had just one "good" eye. His jaw was crooked, and he drooled a little. An initial exam identified some problems - Lemond needed to have his damaged eye removed, and his crinkled ear was due to a severe ear-mite infection. Our docs couldn't find anything specifically wrong with his jaw; so we decided to leave his mouth the way it was.

After his eye surgery, Lemond was placed in a wonderful foster home, where he was treated to spa-like baths; eventually removing most of the grime. And, as his pretty markings became evident, so did his remarkable heart. Lemond was a joyful, happy guy under his rough exterior.

He caught the eye of a journalist, who captured his persona in a video for the Headline News Network. He became an Internet...


Lemond the Missing Ear Kitty *UPDATE*

Posted by Furkids | Wednesday, April 8th

We introduced you to Lemond in our last newsletter. One of the most pitiful cats we’ve seen, Lemond came to us from animal control with a horrible skin infection, ear mite infestation, just one ear and only one viable eye. He was also covered in some sort of unidentified grease. Not a pretty boy, by any stretch; and not a cat that most rescues would promote, or even consent to take. But, Furkids – as you would expect – said, “YES! We will help him!”

Thanks to an army of generous donors, we were able to get Lemond the surgery and care he needed to begin a new and healthy life. In the process, Lemond was “discovered” by the folks at Headline News (HLN) here in Atlanta, and he was asked to star in a video about his story!


On Tuesday, our now-dapper friend – complete with a red silk bow-tie – WOWED the camera with his performance. Lemond loves everyone, and made that very clear while filming! We’ve created a collage of the event, so that you can sneak a peek...


Lemond – Missing Ear Kitty becomes a Furkid

Posted by Furkids | Tuesday, March 24th

Four-year-old Lemond came to the attention of Furkids this past week. He was in animal control, covered with fleas and filth. He was breathing through his mouth, likely because of a severe respiratory infection.Lemond is also missing an ear; and has just one functional eye. Not a pretty kitty by most standards, and not a likely candidate for rescue.

But, Furkids said, “Yes! We will take him!” The call for donations went out on Facebook, and brand-new Lemond fans stepped up to insure he would receive initial vetting, and an ER evaluation! He went straight to the hospital, and had his exam yesterday.

Here is what we know so far about this sweet soul. Lemond LOVES people. He purred all the way from AC to emergency, and is the King of the Head Butt. He wants to be friends with everybody! In a double surgery, Lemond was neutered, and his non-functioning eye was removed. He is undergoing additional evaluation for what appears to be an old jaw injury. We are not certain yet how that...

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