Jazz Cats Shoot Music Video at Furkids

Posted on Saturday, November 5th

The Jazz Cats filmed their music video for “I Fell in Love” at the Furkids Cat Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia! Check it out to see some of your shelter favorites! READ MORE >

Furkids Brainchild 15th Anniversary

Posted on Thursday, October 13th

This week is incredibly special to all of us at Furkids. It was on October 11, 15 years ago that Samantha Shelton found a mother cat and her three kittens in her back yard. Samantha looked for a no-kill animal shelter to take them in but none had room. She soon found Friends of Animals and started volunteering with them to find homes for the kittens and mom. Just a few months later, Samantha began a foster-based animal rescue organization out of her own home. What started out as a mission to help four homeless animals, quickly became the largest… READ MORE >

You’ll Never Guess How Long Boo Was Trying To Find His Way Home

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

Furkids CEO and Founder, Samantha Shelton, sometimes works from home… or should we say that her work tends to follow her home. One day, Sam was sitting at her desk when she saw something out of the corner of her eye at the window. It was a black tail belonging to some sort of animal. True to her form as a rescuer, Sam decided to check it out.  As she approached the window, she saw a black and white Tuxie kitty scoping out a critter. She had never seen this cat before and thought she would try to go outside… READ MORE >

Do you know the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat?

Posted on Saturday, March 7th

For more information on stray vs. feral cats visit http://www.alleycat.org/strayorferal READ MORE >

PAWS 2013 Copy

Posted on Saturday, March 7th

A benefit for the Furkids. Georgia‘s largest No Kill, Cage Free shelter! Nov 7th, 2013 at the Park Tavern - Atlanta. Music by Yacht Rock Schooner playing “smooth hits of the 70’s” and several WSB-TV on-air personalities including Chuck Dowdle, John Bachman, Mark Arum and 97.1 River on-air personalities including Kaedy Kiely and the River van promoting and appearing. On behalf of the many homeless dogs and cats taken in by this loving shelter each year whose lives are saved and who are adopted into loving homes as a result of your support, thank you from the tips of their… READ MORE >

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