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Furkids Partners with Dog Trainer Alex Andes!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, April 5th

Our tails are wagging so hard - we're excited to tell you about the big plans for our Dog Program! Furkids staff and volunteers will soon be learning the latest canine training techniques with Alex Andes, owner of Peach on a Leash Dog Training & Behavior Services. Before pursuing her dream of starting her own business, Alex worked for and learned from celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog.” 

Alex will help us become even better at assessing and serving dogs at intake, in the shelter, and after adoption. Some planned programs include puppy classes, manners classes, and follow-up classes for adopters; as well as  "Save the Adoption" classes for dogs and adopters who might have headed down the wrong path.

She'll organize trainings for everyone at the shelter to learn dog body language, prevent dog bites, and teach our residents social skills to make them more adoptable. We'll also soak up tips and tricks to highlight our adoptable dogs...



Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, April 4th

Mostly-toothless Khatleesi was not having an easy time with what was surely her umpteenth pregnancy. As an 8-year old, she was, technically, a pregnant senior. But she soldiered on, and delivered The Meowtain, Jon Snow, Arya Stalk, and Tyrion Lannispurr. (Don't judge, she'd used up all those cute kitten names with other litters. This time she had to think outside of the litter box.)

As Khatleesi was cleaning them up, which was surely challenging without teeth, she began to feel nauseous. Although she was hungry, she couldn't eat. Pain made it nearly impossible for her to nurse her littles. But, luckily, this pregnancy and delivery was very different from those before. Khatleesi was now a Furkid, and her loving foster mom saw her distress.

Her babies were shuttled to a member of our brilliant bottle brigade, and Khatleesi was rushed into emergency surgery. Her seriously infected uterus was removed - likely just in time to save her life. She was sore, but she felt so much better when...


Accentuate the PAWSitive - FIV is No Big Deal!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Tuesday, April 4th

Samson and his forever family know that the feline immunodeficiency virus is spread by deep bites typical of un-altered tom cats in territorial battles, or from mom to baby in the birth process. It is not passed among house cats using the same litter boxes or food dishes; or by communal grooming. It's just fine for FIV cats to live with people, dogs, and other cats.

Kitties who test positive for FIV CAN have reduced immune function, and MIGHT be at greater risk for respiratory infections and dental issues; but those conditions are easily treated. With normal veterinary care, cats with FIV live long and healthy lives. Just like other cats.

Furkids has always championed the FIV+ cat. Until recently cats who tested positive were euthanized. Fortunately, the word is out, that FIV is not a death sentence; and we hear every day about our Furkids FIV alums like Samson thriving in their Forever Homes! So we're celebrating our PAWSitive kitties this month, with our "Accentuate the...


Props for Paul Preston and Kitty Kommercial at Furkids’ Fifteenth!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, March 9th

Props for PAUL PRESTON and Kitty Kommercial at Furkids' Fifteenth!

Raise your hands, ladies - OK, guys, too, we don't judge - if you crushed a little on the comic genius of Paul Preston in our viral Kitty Kommercial! Well, guess what! JACKSON GALAXY is not the only special guest at the Furkids 15th Birthday Party on March 25th at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. PAUL PRESTON will be there, too - we're honoring him!

But, wait, there's more! Partiers might just catch a glimpse of Goldfish Girl (or Plant Lady, if you prefer.) Rumor is, she was the brains behind this fine feline film. Hot-pink Waving Woman will be there, as well!

Don't forget your autograph book, this is a Red Carpet kind of bash.

Get your tickets while they're hot, and still available, here: We mean it when we say, "It Will Be OUT of This World!"


A Miracle Happened for Abby and Lucy!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, March 9th

The MIRACLE of SIGHT - Help ABBY and LUCY See Again!

It's a perfect day for a MIRACLE for ABBY and LUCY. These two bonded, 6-year-old Bichon-Poodle mixes came to Furkids from a horrible situation. They were filthy; and sick with terrible ear infections. Their fur was hopelessly matted, their skin was red, inflamed, and irritated; and their person was headed to a life on the streets.

In short, they were pitiful.

Once in the capable hands of Furkids fosters, they were healed up, cleaned up, and carefully assessed; and we discovered that - in spite of all their past trials - they are at the very top of the Sweetness Chart. Total Lovebugs. But, they have one BIG challenge...

Due to early onset (probably genetic) cataracts, ABBY and LUCY are BLIND

Have you, or a loved one, had cataract surgery? Then you know it is a straightforward procedure, removing the diseased lenses of the eyes and replacing them with clear, artificial lenses. It is also very, very successful. And, because...

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