Shae Survives Gunshot to Her Head

Posted on Thursday, May 28th

Shae Survives Gunshot to Her Head When Shae arrived at Furkids, we could immediately see her left eye had no vision, and was sunken and deformed. She was clearly in pain and scared, but she was as sweet as any cat could be. Her upper left canine tooth was crushed, and her jaws were infected and not aligned properly. Then, x-rays showed multiple projectile fragments from a shattered bullet!! Shae has multiple skull fractures; primarily from her nasal area to her jaw and roof of her mouth (upper hard palate), where there is a hole. And, all of it was infected. We removed the broken bone… READ MORE >

Cinderella Needs a Happily Ever After

Posted on Thursday, May 21st

Cinderella Needs a Happily Ever After A local 911 call center recently received a report that a young dog was found stuck in a manhole. They rushed to the scene to find Cinderella; cold, alone, very scared - and very stuck. Poor Ella was difficult to reach, but they were eventually able to pull her out with a pole. She had been thrown into the manhole by her owner. Naturally, Ella was traumatized. She also had mange and a fever, and she clearly needed help. It’s truly impossible to comprehend how someone could inflict such pain and sorrow on an innocent animal. But with your support… READ MORE >

Domestic Violence: Sheltering in place isn’t safe for everyone

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th

Domestic Violence: Sheltering in place isn’t safe for everyone As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, some people have been trapped at home with abusive family members when they previously at least had the ability to seek refuge elsewhere. With more victims of domestic violence confined with abusers, hotlines have seen a spike in pleas for help. Domestic violence destroys families and hurts everyone, including pet family members. Sasha is one of those pets who came to us from a very traumatic past. She’s a sweet girl and is improving a little bit, day by day at Furkids. Sasha is still shy, and values her space, but she can't deny how… READ MORE >

Pledge to Save Pet Lives!

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th

Pledge to Save Pet Lives! Take the Pledge to Save Pet Lives   Approximately 1.5 million pets are unnecessarily euthanized in U.S. shelters each year. Now more than ever, we are asking all animal lovers to take action and help Furkids continue to save animal lives in our community! Join us along with Petco Foundation and BOBS from Skechers and take the pledge to #savepetlives.  How You Can Save Pet Lives With Furkids Adopt Social distancing isn't lonely with a Furkid. Now is the perfect time to open your heart and home to a homeless animal in need. You'll have plenty of one-on-one time with… READ MORE >

Puppies Go from Abandonment to Awesome

Posted on Tuesday, May 5th

Puppies Go from Abandonment to Awesome These puppies were scared, miserably uncomfortable, alone in a rural trailer park where no one knew them – and their mom was gone. They had to be so scared! They were picked up by local animal control, where they were placed in an outdoor doghouse that kept them out of the elements; and because they appeared to have contagious mange. The puppies had to go somewhere safe, since their odds of making it out of animal control in their condition alive were not good. Thankfully, animal control contacted Furkids, and we quickly went to give these puppies a real freedom… READ MORE >

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