Here We Grow Again! Furkids Announces Two Major Expansion Projects

In an effort to save the lives of more homeless cats, Furkids is excited to announce two major expansion projects! As of July 2022, we have launched a Community Cats Program, and opened a new rescue facility in Cobb County.

Our Mission to Save all Cobb County Animal Control Kitties

Currently, Furkids saves an average 300 cats a year from Cobb County Animal Control. However, there are still a few hundred cats and kittens that are not lucky enough to find lifesaving rescue. As a result, they are being left behind, and sometimes euthanized.

To combat this tragedy in Cobb County, we opened a new Furkids facility in East Cobb in order to save the lives of ALL of the CCAC kitties. Our goal is to give them the lifesaving medical care they desperately need, and prepare them for adoption at Furkids or through our Interstate TransFur Program!

Now the work really begins. We are raising funds now for the renovation costs to convert the existing space into our 2,400 SF medical quarantine facility, ongoing rental fees and utilities.  Expenses have skyrocketed this year, however, we are committed to getting the space fully up and running as quickly as possible. In fact, we are already saving lives and are so happy to welcome these little lives to our space!

Not only are we excited about the opening of our new Cobb County rescue facility, but we’re also taking action for community cats across Georgia! 

Furkids Launches New Community Cats Program

“Community Cats” describes outdoor, unowned, free-roaming cats who may be feral, semi-feral, friendly, kittens, adults, sick, healthy, altered and/or unaltered. For years, Furkids has loaned out traps and provided food and spay/neuter (s/n) services in order to help manage population control for these cats in our community. 

Our Community Cats Program will provide TNR resources and services in a managed and impactful way! This includes an accessible TNR Help Request Form, and a public, low-cost spay/neuter clinic once a month. Click here for pricing and appointment bookings.

If you are interested in becoming a TNR program volunteer, please email our new Community Cat Program and Outreach Director, Diviya Roney, at [email protected].

For more information and additional ways to help our Community Cats Program, click here.

Ways You Can Help with These Expansion Projects 

Please join us to help these exciting lifesaving programs by supporting our efforts to save more lives in Cobb County and all across Georgia. We are confident that we can better manage population control via our Community Cats Program, and bring the Cobb County Animal Control shelter to no-kill status for cats by the end of this year. We need foster homes, volunteer help, caregivers, and donations to set us up for success. 

To be a TNR volunteer, click here. To help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 for our buildout and initial start-up fees, supplies, rent and utilities for our East Cobb center, click here

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to “Leave No Cat Behind.” Please be sure to join our Furkids of East Cobb Facebook group to keep up to date with our progress! Thank you!

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