Kitten Season, Adopting Kittens, and More!

Its here - and its happening in a big way!

It’s kitten season, the time of year when we see a drastic increase in mother cats having litters. Although these little fuzzy bundles are adorable, the reality is that kitten season often overwhelms shelters with an influx of newborns who require extra resources, time, and expenses. This year, we are seeing more kittens than ever before who need our help.

At Furkids Animal Rescue, we are committed to saving as many of these vulnerable lives as possible. Every kitten season, we rescue hundreds of kittens, providing them with the care and love they need until they find their forever homes. Currently, we have more than 450 kittens in our program who are under the age of 6 months old!

Adopting Kittens

Once kittens are around 2 months old and are spayed/neutered, they are then available to go to a loving home. Kittens are typically full of energy, curious in nature, and playful! Many of the kittens who come to us are still learning to trust humans - and our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure each kitten receives medical care, socialization, and plenty of love.

When you adopt from Furkids, your kittens will come with a full medical record of their procedures and vaccinations. You’re not only adding to your family, but also helping us continue our lifesaving work! Every adoption empties a space in a foster home or shelter for us to say “yes” to one more animal in need! Also, all adoption fees directly support our efforts to rescue and save more lives. If you are interested in adopting - the first step is to fill out an adoption survey here

Once submitted, an adoption counselor will reach out to you to make an appointment.

Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One!

Kittens are naturally social creatures. They thrive on interaction and play, which are crucial for their mental and physical development. When you adopt two kittens, they can entertain each other, engage in necessary social behaviors, and help each other get their wiggles out (instead of ripping up your furniture!). This can lead to healthier, happier kittens who are less likely to develop behavioral issues such as aggression or anxiety. This is also the best way to avoid "Single Kitten Syndrome"

Believe it or not, 2 kittens are actually EASIER to care for than 1 kitten! Kittens are highly social animals. Having a companion helps prevent loneliness and reduces anxiety. They can play, sleep, and groom each other, which mimics the natural behaviors they would exhibit with their littermates. Kittens with a playmate tend to be happier and more content, as they have a constant source of interaction and affection. The kittens will still bond with "their humans" while having another buddy to keep them company while you go about your day!

Adopting two kittens can also make the transition to a new home smoother. For those who don’t already have another pet at home, two kittens are able to help eachother feel at ease in a new enviorment. They learn confidence from eachother, and open up to their adopters faster!. If you don’t already have a companion animal in the home, Furkids asks that adopters adopt two kittens instead of one to ensure the best outcome possible for both the kittens and adopters.

But what about the cost of 2 kittens over 1? Furkids understands that finances may be a contributing factor when making a decision about adoption. While you may be purchasing more food and cat litter, you also have access to our low cost veterinary clinics, and can even get certain vaccines for free. Furkids also has a partnership with VCA Animal Hospitals in which they offer a free check up on all adopted cats. Furkids does all that it can to support its adopters!

Want to learn more about "Single kitten syndrome" and why adopting 2 kittens together is a good idea? Learn more Here:

Want To Help, But Not Looking To Adopt?

Summer is an especially busy time for us at Furkids Animal Rescue. With the surge of animals, our space and resources are stretched to the absolute limit! 

We rely heavily on the support of our community to continue our mission. Here are a few ways you can help:

Foster: If you can't commit to adoption, fostering kittens can be a great way to help. It helps them to socialize better with humans, is a less stressful environment, and doesn’t take up precious space in our shelters so that we can continue to save more animal lives. Interested in fostering? Fill out an application here!

Donate: Caring for over 450 kittens and over 1000 animals total is expensive. Many of these animals come to us in critical condition and need life saving medical attention. This life saving work isn’t possible without the support of readers like you. To make a donation today, click here!

Volunteer: Our cat and dog programs are always looking for volunteers! Looking to add to your life through fulfilling and rewarding service? The Furkids team (and our animals) would love to have you! Fill out an application to volunteer here!

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends and family! You can share our posts on social media, or even email this blog to a colleague. 

Together, we can make a huge impact on the lives of these precious kittens!

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