Saving and Transforming Lives – Inside and Out

Posted on Thursday, March 26th

Saving and Transforming Lives – Inside and Out Scruffles Eight-year-old Scruffles was starving and gravely ill, with an abscess in his ear and an upper respiratory infection. With cut-up ears, broken tail and scars all over his face, it was clear Scruffles was brave in the many scraps he got into living on the streets. Scruffles had clearly been struggling to survive outdoors for a really long time, and he was clearly on his last leg. The woman who saved Scruffles said, “I’ve never been through such a dramatic and constantly intense rescue before in my life. I hope to never see another animal in his frightening condition again.… READ MORE >

Help Salvage our Anniversary Celebration!

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th

Help Salvage our Anniversary Celebration! Furkids is adjusting our operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We are experiencing a significant impact on our ability to save animals and on our fundraising efforts. We are especially concerned about the animals likely to be surrendered to shelters as families are challenged to make ends meet or are too ill to care for their pets. Resources are already rapidly depleting at shelters, forcing many to close their doors.  Because of this crisis, Furkids had to cancel our most vital fundraiser - our 18th Anniversary Celebration. Historically, this party has generated critical lifesaving revenue – around $150,000 of our annual… READ MORE >

Furkids in the Midst of COVID-19

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th

Furkids in the Midst of COVID-19 In response to the coronavirus, Furkids is adjusting our shelter and adoption operations. While we do not know what the coming weeks hold, we do know that the health and safety of our Furkids community is of utmost importance. Therefore, we have implemented the following operational changes: Furkids Operational Changes Cat adoptions have been temporarily consolidated to our Pet Adoption and Community Resource Center in Peachtree Corners.   Our Alpharetta Dog Shelter and Peachtree Corners Pet Adoption & Community Resource Center are open for adoptions by appointment only. To set up an appointment with our dog shelter, please call 678-624-1003 or email To… READ MORE >

Furkids Rescues Kittens with Swimmer’s Syndrome

Posted on Thursday, March 5th

Furkids Rescues Kittens with Swimmer’s Syndrome Recently, Furkids was called upon to help rescue dozens of cats and kittens from a filthy, run-down home. It was a truly sad situation for these helpless, fragile animals! We’ve discovered three of the kittens have Swimmer’s Syndrome, a congenital condition that can occur in young kittens, causing the legs (typically the hind limbs) to splay laterally. These kittens look like little frogs, with their hips and feet rotated out to the side, rather than underneath their bodies. The great news is that with time, proper therapy, and a lot of patience, Swimmer’s Syndrome can be corrected. We’ve dubbed this plucky trio the “Furkids Swim Team”, and we’re working 24x7 to bottle feed, clean and provide a strong… READ MORE >

Junie was Broken, but Now has a Home!

Posted on Thursday, February 27th

Junie was Broken, but Now has a Home! Sweet Junie was found abandoned, lying on the side of the road and shivering in the rain. It was clear that she had given up on trying to make it. Her rescuers picked her up and tried to see if she could stand, and she couldn’t. X-rays confirmed both of Junie’s hind legs were broken. One was so badly injured it had to be amputated, and veterinarians where concerned her remaining hind leg might have nerve damage so extensive it might never be functional. But through Junie’s unbreakable will and the care of our medical team, she made an amazing recovery. This beautiful… READ MORE >

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