Changing Lives One Cat at a Time

Posted on Wednesday, April 24th

The small black cat crouched in fear at the back of the intake cage, hissing and growling, swiping at any hand that came close. Her ears were pinned back and her eyes were wide as she puffed herself up to seem larger and more fearsome. What adopter could possibly want to take her home? Jump ahead just seven weeks: the same cat rests calmly in her bed watching people bustling about. She sniffs at hands that are extended to her and lifts her head to receive petting. She rolls over and fearlessly exposes her belly. She gently nibbles a treat… READ MORE >

Volunteer Groups - March

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th

With the month of March comes Spring Breaks across the country.  With those Spring Breaks come great college student groups to Furkids.  How lucky are we?! [portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled showcaps=true include="5150, 5144, 5143, 5142, 5141, 5140, 5139, 5154, 5153"] READ MORE >

February Visitors

Posted on Friday, February 24th

Furkids had some wonderful volunteer groups visit in the month of February. They are our ♥♥♥ VALENTINES ♥♥♥ Girl Scout Troop #29316 brought some donations and sponsored Pirate & Rico for the month of February! Thank you, girls! Nicholas is 7 years old and in the 2nd grade. He and his dad brought some donations from the First Montessori School of Atlanta. Not pictured is Madeline -- she is 8 and was the main coordinator for the class who found us on the web and chose Furkids for their Valentine's Day donations project. They collected and donated three boxes of… READ MORE >

Two Recent Group Visits

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st

Here at Furkids, we always look forward to having students from Ohio State University's Buck-I-Serv program visit us for their week-long service trips. The most recent OSU group was here the week of December 12. In addition to helping out at the main shelter, they also spent entire days at Small Dog Rescue, the FIV House, Thrift Store, and helping with Santa pictures at Midtown PetSmart. At SmallDog Rescue, they took EVERY dog (40 of them!) on a nice walk and also afforded many of them lots of playtime in the playroom. The dogs were tuckered out by the end… READ MORE >

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