Peaches the Yorkie - Rescued dog with Neurological Disorder

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Sweet little PEACHES came to Furkids after being dumped at animal control, weak and unable to stand. We thought that she had been hit by a car. In fact, PEACHES has a neurological issue. She needs assistance to eat, stand, and potty; but she is happy, and has a good appetite! PEACHES had an appointment with her neurologist last week. While we don't have a diagnosis yet, she has been placed on medication which seems to be helping. You can see the improvement in her second video clip - look at her GO!! It is likely that PEACHES will need… READ MORE >

The True Definition of Rescue - Help Annie and Daisy Dukes

Posted on Sunday, March 30th

MEET ANNIE : What a pitiful picture! Annie was found stray in someone's backyard, which is really unimaginable when you hear all of the medical issues this baby has been battling. This little Jack Russell mix is about 9-10 years old. She is SKINNY, has FLEAS, has infected ears, worms, terrible teeth and a large bladder stone in need of removal. However, we have not even mentioned her most noticeable issue - the terribly swollen rear leg. X-rays don't show any broken bones, but the swelling needs to come down for them to make a final diagnosis and determine if… READ MORE >

Please help, lifesaving surgery needed

Posted on Saturday, March 29th

My name is Happy Clam, because I am happy as a clam! I am only a few months old and happy to be alive and safe from harm, but I have a brain disorder and need help, FAST! When Furkids rescued me from a high-kill animal control, they thought I was an "Applehead Chihuahua" because of my rather large head. It would have been nice if that was the case. However, I actually have hydrocephalus a.k.a. water on the brain. Thank goodness Furkids saved me! They will do everything in their power to get me the surgery I desperately need… READ MORE >

Don’t let the clock run out on dogs and cats

Posted on Saturday, March 29th

Tick tock. The clock is running down for cats and dogs in animal control shelters. Tomorrow, some of them will be killed. But you can help Furkids stop the clock. Furkids saved six dogs on Christmas Eve. The week before, it was 10 cats. Time almost ran out for all of these helpless animals until Furkids stepped in, just in time, to give them life and hope. The before and after pictures tell our story best. Just look at the faces of these animals before we rescued them. And look at them today. What a difference one day has made… READ MORE >

Arendelle needs bladder surgery

Posted on Friday, March 21st

{{sigh...}} Look at her. This precious kitten is a staff and volunteer fave - absolutely gorgeous, with a PURRsonality to match! But Arendelle has had a rough ride in her young life. Urinary incontinence is not something people want to discuss, unless they are making jokes ("I laughed so hard that the tears ran down my leg!"); and certainly not something that rescuers expect to encounter in kittens. So, when Arendelle was experiencing, um, "leakage"...well, we knew something was very, very wrong. Several trips to specialists revealed nothing. Possibly nerve damage, maybe it would resolve as she got older. So… READ MORE >

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