Strudel Lost Her Best Friend, But We Are Going to Save Her Life!

Posted on Thursday, August 6th

Strudel Lost Her Best Friend, But We Are Going to Save Her Life! The call came yesterday, from animal control. They had two lethargic cats who had suffered some sort of blunt-force trauma; along with maggot infestations, wounds, swelling, and infections. They were gravely ill. Could we help? Sadly, before we could rescue them, Beatrice lost her battle. Strudel is still fighting; and we have volunteers on the way to transport her from animal control to emergency. We have no idea as to the extent of her injuries. She will need comprehensive evaluations, and certainly antibiotic therapy; with possible surgical… READ MORE >

Double Your Dollars up to $30,000 by July 15

Posted on Thursday, June 11th

EXCITING UPDATE 7/22: Just in the nick of time, Furkids friends helped us match our $30,000 goal. We are excited to begin the process of equipping two new surgical suites and preparing to better serve the needs of our animals. We never could have done this without your help. Thank you!  Furkids is made of miracles. Today, another miracle is within our grasp.  But the timeframe is short, and we need your help – now – to make it a reality! We have been given TWO Challenge grants for new surgical suites! One, for $20,000, is designated for our cat shelter;… READ MORE >

Clady is a very sick little lady trying to stay strong

Posted on Thursday, April 30th

*********SWEET CLADY – SHE’S A VERY SICK LADY********* We’re Trying HARD to Save Her, But She Needs YOUR Help, Too! CLADY, a SWEET, little SHIH TZU, was DUMPED by her “owners” at a HIGH-KILL rural shelter, because she was “unable to train”. We thought she had suffered horrific BURNS, and no telling what else, because her SKIN was so INFLAMED. It was actually too HOT to barely touch. Initial exams identified skin infections, a total of FIVE DIFFERENT ORGANISMS, doing battle on the surface of her poor little body. Pictured left is the day we took her into the program (6… READ MORE >

High School Student Collects 1,000 Items

Posted on Thursday, March 12th

We love being the recipient of collection drives. They are like mini birthday parties where we get to open the gifts for the animals and their caretakers, but this collection drive was unlike any we have seen before! Jordan, a junior at Parkview High School, collected items for four weeks. She produced flyers and distributed them to teachers, students, her church choir and her mother's colleagues. At only 16 years old she was able to collect 1,000 items including shoes, clothes, household goods and accessories which can now be re-sold at our thrift stores. The items have a thrift store… READ MORE >

Peaches the Yorkie - Rescued dog with Neurological Disorder

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Sweet little PEACHES came to Furkids after being dumped at animal control, weak and unable to stand. We thought that she had been hit by a car. In fact, PEACHES has a neurological issue. She needs assistance to eat, stand, and potty; but she is happy, and has a good appetite! PEACHES had an appointment with her neurologist last week. While we don't have a diagnosis yet, she has been placed on medication which seems to be helping. You can see the improvement in her second video clip - look at her GO!! It is likely that PEACHES will need… READ MORE >

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