Lucky Loon Mountain lives up to his name

Posted on Thursday, March 20th

Meet Lucky Loon Mountain! Lucky was rescued from Fulton County Animal Control where he truly was lucky to be rescued. Older dogs, especially ones with medical issues, don't often make it out of animal control. Lucky needs one of his rear legs amputated. We are told the leg was fractured a year ago and never was corrected by a veterinarian, so the bone at the point of fracture disintegrated! He currently is not using the leg and it rotates a full 360 degrees! He also need a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery on his other rear leg to alleviate pain… READ MORE >


Posted on Monday, March 10th

TWO OF OUR FURRY BABIES ARE IN THE ER AND CRITICAL!!!!! Victoria and Emilie need your help! This weekend has been rough for our Furkids family. Two of our own are suffering. They don't have forever homes yet, so for now Furkids is their family. We house, protect, love and care for them when they are ill. Right now these girls are fighting hard to survive. Donations toward their care are GREATLY needed![add_to_cart item="Donate to the shelter" quantity="user:1" ] Victoria is a sweet beagle mom with babies we asked fans to help us rescue from a high kill shelter one… READ MORE >

Adopt A Tooth

Posted on Sunday, March 2nd

Did you know that February is national pet dental health month? We might make jokes about dragon breath in our dogs or cats, but bad breath actually can be a sign of dental disease. Veterinarians estimate that 80 percent of adult pets suffer from dental disease, which can lead to heart, kidney, intestinal and even joint problems. This is because bacteria that start in the mouth can travel and wreak havoc in other parts of the body. So get out an animal-friendly toothbrush and tooth paste, please, and get busy brushing your pet's teeth. (Don't use people toothpaste, by the… READ MORE >

Help Baby Lazarus

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th

We never expect these kinds of emergencies, but we could not turn a blind eye to Lazarus when our volunteer found him dodging cars in middle of the road. Upon first exam, the greatest concern were the deep wounds covered in maggots and a possible infection. Those are all cleaned up now, but pneumonia is our greatest concern now. Please help us continue our care for Lazarus by contributing to vet bills totaling over $1200.   Thank you!    [add_to_cart item="Donate to the shelter" quantity="user:1" ]  READ MORE >

Meet cat number 1,001!

Posted on Friday, March 29th

Furkids has saved more than 1,000 cats this year!Can you believe it? Meet number 1001! This is Dusty. He is a very tiny little baby that is currently being bottle fed by a volunteer after being dumped at the local pet store. Donate now so we can save even more!   We have also rescued 330 dogs with our Small Dog Rescue division!    [add_to_cart item="Donate to the shelter" quantity="user:1" ]      READ MORE >

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