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Blogs from August 2015

URGENT! Nathaniel Can’t Walk

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 27th

URGENT! Nathaniel Can’t Walk

Look at that smiling face! A face of pure joy and happiness. He was safe. He was posing for his adoption picture and ready to find his new home. He had the entire future ahead of him. It's hard to be a vibrant 10 year old Pomeranian that weighs over 20 lbs, but that was him. Happy and barking all the time! He needed help loosing weight and we were on track feeding him a restricted diet and green beans every day he was getting better and shedding the pounds, but then it took at turn for the worst. He had trouble walking. At first we thought he was having a bad day. All that weight had to be hard on his body, but then another day and he didn't want to get up and walk. Something was wrong - seriously wrong. He was rushed to the vet where they tried different medications, acupuncture and checked him top to bottom for issues. They did find a new thyroid issue that would hopefully help him loose weight on new medication, but at this point Nathaniel could not walk - at all. He was...


Meet Kael - A Unique dog with a Very Unique Story

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 27th

Kael Keady has come out of the closet. With his secret off his chest he already feels much lighter than his 40+ lbs. Kael Keady came to Furkids with a severe injury. His bladder was rerouted during a gender reassignment surgery at Russell Ridge Animal Hospital with Dr. Miller. Of course, Kael Keady is neutered so the only thing affected is the way he pees.  Kael came to us an avid “hiker” but he will leave here a “squatter”. On the bright side, you won’t need to worry about Kael marking. Kael is smart, focused and polite. He’s a cookie monster but will sit politely for a treat. Whatever his gender, Kael Keady is a playful, energetic and loving dog in need of a home, be it pink or blue or any color of the rainbow. He is at heart no different than any other dog. He just needs love, acceptance and a home. Apply to adopt Kael Keady now! 

Until August 31 his adoption fee is only $40, so act fast and scoop up this uniquely beautiful dog! 



Monroe goes home!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, August 26th

Adorable MONROE Is Just Like Every Other Cat...

He loves cat perches, and bird-watching. He loves snuggles on the sofa, and a good TV show. Now Monroe has been adopted! Monroe went home with his new Forever Mama, to his own cat tree, in front of a window; and his own sofa and TV.

Oh, and like many other cats, Monroe is FIV+.

You couldn't tell? Nobody can! FIV+ cats are just like other cats. Their status isn't "contagious", and they can live happily-ever-after with their non-positive brethren. With regular medical care, they can - and DO! - live long, healthy lives.

Don't let a cat's FIV test deter you from adopting your best friend. At Furkids, we often home FIV+ cats with cats who have not been exposed to the virus; in fact some of our free-roaming Ambassador Cats are FIV+. And to encourage more people to adopt these wonderful companions, we offer our FIV+ cats with no adoption fees and one year free vetting at our shelter! Learn more about FIV+ cats here.

The next time you...


Join our 40 Yard Dash to Save Lives

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, August 26th


Dakota Saves Rosie

Posted by Furkids Admin | Monday, August 17th

He's our pick for National Black Cat Appreciation Day! Meet North Dakota

Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day and in honor of these amazing felines, we have picked Furkids shelter cat, North Dakota to highlight! Not only is he a big goofy boy who anyone would be lucky to adopt, but he recently saved the life of a fellow cat in need. Please read and share his story. We would love to hear about the special black cat in your life, too!

Furkids saved a very special cat named North Dakota after his previous shelter closed. Dakota for short is a gorgeous three year old boy who loves to hang around and be goofy. He is a perfect example of laid back - he loves to rest on his back whenever the urge strikes him! We love this goofy guy and are so grateful for his smarts and his recent gift that saved the life of Rosie, a fellow cat in the Furkids program. 
Rosie is older and in poor health and desperately needed a blood transfusion last week. Dakota was all paws in and happily...

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