URGENT! Nathaniel Can’t Walk

Posted on Thursday, August 27th

Look at that smiling face! A face of pure joy and happiness. He was safe. He was posing for his adoption picture and ready to find his new home. He had the entire future ahead of him. It's hard to be a vibrant 10 year old Pomeranian that weighs over 20 lbs, but that was him. Happy and barking all the time! He needed help loosing weight and we were on track feeding him a restricted diet and green beans every day he was getting better and shedding the pounds, but then it took at turn for the worst. He had trouble walking. At first we thought he was having a bad day. All that weight had to be hard on his body, but then another day and he didn't want to get up and walk. Something was wrong - seriously wrong. He was rushed to the vet where they tried different medications, acupuncture and checked him top to bottom for issues. They did find a new thyroid issue that would hopefully help him loose weight on new medication, but at this point Nathaniel could not walk - at all. He was completely sedentary and became a helper in the medical room at the vet clinic as they brainstormed. As of today, he can not control his bowel movements or urine and needs a diaper right. How embarrassing for this mature man! 

Our vet was out of options and suggested he see a specialist which we arranged ASAP. However, the specialist was stumped too. He has no disk related issues. He does not have anything wrong with his spinal cord. Something neurological is going on to cause all four legs not to work. So our specialists recommended he go to UGA for further testing and a neurological visit. We had an appointment for next week planned, but today we decided he just CAN NOT wait another week. He can not wait another DAY. We have to figure this out. He is uncomfortable and immobile. He needs our help, so we decided to rush him to UGA as an emergency case this morning. Thank you Jon for driving him to Athens and staying with him today!

We have NO IDEA what the future holds, but you can be sure we will do everything we can to restore Nathaniel to this happy version of himself. His care so far has totaled over $1,000 and that is BEFORE we enter the emergency room doors at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital this morning. Help us raise $3,500 for Nathaniel's care. If we happen to raise too much for his care, we promise it will be put to wonderful use on another extreme medical case.

Will you give today to help hopefully save Nathaniel's life?