Kittens in a Nest, Twenty Feet Up in a Tree!

Posted on Monday, May 25th

Rescuers say it all the time, "Now I've seen everything." But Mom Cat Acacia just laughed; and said "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" To prove her point, Acacia gave birth to four babies. In a nest, in a tree. Yep, the clever stray found a safe and cozy hidey-hole and delivered Spruce, Sylvan, Willow, and Hemlock, twenty feet up, away from prying human eyes The property owner, who had been feeding Mom, guessed that Acacia had been coming and going from the nest for just over a week. We knew that, if there really were babies up there, they would… READ MORE >

Yellow Jackets Have Hearts – GA Tech Students Raise Awareness

Posted on Thursday, April 30th

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority on Georgia Tech’s Campus hold a philanthropy event every year. This year they invited us to be a big part of it!   Paws for a Cause was held on April 21 on Georgia Tech’s beautiful campus. Students were able to learn about rescue animals and socialize with adoptable dogs for a $5 donation. A welcomed break for the students as they enter finals week.   The donations were split between Furkids and Breast Cancer Awareness. The students produced the event and it was a fabulous success raising more than $800 for… READ MORE >

TOGETHER FOREVER… Mittens and Girl are two lucky gals.

Posted on Thursday, April 30th

Some call it foster failure, we call it forever fostering. The Reynolds family has been wonderful! Volunteering their time and home to our animals for the past year. First they brought home Mittens (left) when we sent out a plea. She was part of a large intake we did from a person with too many animals. She was shy and scared and the Reynolds helped her. They actually fell in love with her and adopted her, but the story gets better! A few months later her sister named Girl (right) was still in need of a foster home, so they… READ MORE >

227 Lucky Animals Find Forever Homes in March 2015

Posted on Saturday, April 18th

Furkids placed 227 cats and dogs in loving homes during March 2015. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS!  March 2015 Cat Adoptions: 160 141647 Alaska, 14864 Alyssa, 150054 Andy, 10144 Angelica, 111676 Anna, 141538 Ariel, 150282 Ashton, 141092 Ava,  14865 Avery, 150052 Bandit, 150345 Banta, 141164 Beanie, 14861 Bear, 141497 Beli, 141190… READ MORE >

Stay of Execution for Nine Animals

Posted on Thursday, April 9th

On March 19 Furkids fans granted a stay of execution for nine animals at a struggling rural shelter in South Georgia. Dogs Cara, Robin Hood, Sponge Bob, Tucker, Willow, Cregg and three kitties named Vera, Reva and Lola were saved thanks to donations from fans for their initial vetting, boarding and transportation costs.   Canine Intake Manager, Tina Ghering, and volunteer, Lindsey R.,  drove more than two hours to meet three dogs with hopes of bringing them into the program. This shelter had a nearly impossible deadline to place more than 200 dogs due to shelter overcrowding or the animals… READ MORE >

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