227 Lucky Animals Find Forever Homes in March 2015

Posted on Saturday, April 18th

Furkids placed 227 cats and dogs in loving homes during March 2015. Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! While we celebrate these adoptions, remember we still have hundreds waiting in the wings to be adopted. Please remember that both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter are open three days a week for visitors. BOTH ARE OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS!  March 2015 Cat Adoptions: 160 141647 Alaska, 14864 Alyssa, 150054 Andy, 10144 Angelica, 111676 Anna, 141538 Ariel, 150282 Ashton, 141092 Ava,  14865 Avery, 150052 Bandit, 150345 Banta, 141164 Beanie, 14861 Bear, 141497 Beli, 141190… READ MORE >

Stay of Execution for Nine Animals

Posted on Thursday, April 9th

On March 19 Furkids fans granted a stay of execution for nine animals at a struggling rural shelter in South Georgia. Dogs Cara, Robin Hood, Sponge Bob, Tucker, Willow, Cregg and three kitties named Vera, Reva and Lola were saved thanks to donations from fans for their initial vetting, boarding and transportation costs.   Canine Intake Manager, Tina Ghering, and volunteer, Lindsey R.,  drove more than two hours to meet three dogs with hopes of bringing them into the program. This shelter had a nearly impossible deadline to place more than 200 dogs due to shelter overcrowding or the animals… READ MORE >

Lemond – Missing Ear Kitty becomes a Furkid

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th

Four-year-old Lemond came to the attention of Furkids this past week. He was in animal control, covered with fleas and filth. He was breathing through his mouth, likely because of a severe respiratory infection.Lemond is also missing an ear; and has just one functional eye. Not a pretty kitty by most standards, and not a likely candidate for rescue. But, Furkids said, “Yes! We will take him!” The call for donations went out on Facebook, and brand-new Lemond fans stepped up to insure he would receive initial vetting, and an ER evaluation! He went straight to the hospital, and had his exam yesterday. Here is… READ MORE >

New Life can be Deadly for Unwanted Pets

Posted on Thursday, March 12th

Springs means new life and growth. While beautiful flowers bloom and baby rabbits frolic, “new life” can also create a serious community issue—hundreds of unwanted, homeless puppies and kittens. And, the cycle of life continues. Being cute, young and sweet does not guarantee survival on the street or adoption from a county shelter. Imagine cardboard boxes of puppies and kittens showing up at community shelters with limited space. The adoption line is short, and soon animals are out of time. Room must be made for the next truck load. It is a sad reality most shelters face. As a no-kill… READ MORE >

High School Student Collects 1,000 Items

Posted on Thursday, March 12th

We love being the recipient of collection drives. They are like mini birthday parties where we get to open the gifts for the animals and their caretakers, but this collection drive was unlike any we have seen before! Jordan, a junior at Parkview High School, collected items for four weeks. She produced flyers and distributed them to teachers, students, her church choir and her mother's colleagues. At only 16 years old she was able to collect 1,000 items including shoes, clothes, household goods and accessories which can now be re-sold at our thrift stores. The items have a thrift store… READ MORE >

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