2014 Grand Finale

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Yes, those are HORNS you hear! We are BLOWING OUR OWN HORNS, loud and clear! 2014 was a BIG year for Furkids. We set a goal to rescue TWO THOUSAND HOMELESS PETS, and managed to take in 2,375! We found FOREVER HOMES for 2,069 animals, an adoption rate 35% higher than the year before. And we ended 2014 appropriately, with a FLURRY of FREEDOM RIDES and an AVALANCHE of ADOPTIONS. In December alone, 250 pets left Furkids for their own digs...almost DOUBLE our previous average numbers. Thanks to our new initiative, Operation: HOME!, donors can sponsor specific animals by paying… READ MORE >

Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #2

Posted on Sunday, March 30th

Patient: Lieutenant Dan Room Number: 2 It's LIEUTENANT DAN! And, yes, he ain't got no laig! You know that Lieutenant Dan lost his legs in a terrible battleground accident, but then his luck turned, and Dan got Titanium Prosthetics! OUR Lieutenant Dan lost HIS leg when it was literally CRUSHED by a car...the despicable driver didn't even stop to help him. But then, our Dan's luck turned, too...a horrified witness got him to the safety of Furkids! The leg could not be saved, and there are no titanium prosthetics in Dan's future. But he GOT THE SURGERY HE NEEDED to… READ MORE >

Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #3

Posted on Sunday, March 30th

Patients: Ethan Hawk and Rob Roy Room Number: 3 Good News and No News for Ethan Hawk and Rob... GOOD NEWS: Hawk, who came to Furkids with a terrible two -inch gash on his tiny leg, is healing well; and he is leaving today for a foster home! Hawk is VERY scared, and will need a lot of special attention before he is ready for adoption, but he doesn't need any more medical treatment! NO NEWS: Sweet, sweet ROB ROY, however, is not nearly so lucky. He has a SEVERE BONE INFECTION in two legs. It is almost certain that… READ MORE >

Fund the Furkids inFURmary - Room #1

Posted on Sunday, March 30th

Patient: Julie Barnes Room Number: #1 Hello, Furkids Friends, Fans, Followers, and Family! You all KNOW that Furkids rescues and re-homes HUNDREDS of healthy, homeless pets each year. But are you aware of our COMMITMENT to SAVE ANIMALS with SEVERE MEDICAL ISSUES? We step in when no one else does, expecting that - somehow - we WILL MAKE THINGS BETTER for these precious souls. And we ALWAYS DO. Because YOU ARE RIGHT THERE WITH US! We are SOOOOOOOO grateful for your support! Today, the Furkids inFURmary is FULL. Full of sweet rescues in need of specialized, and often life-saving medical… READ MORE >

Hartsfield the Airport Kitty Lands at Furkids

Posted on Thursday, March 20th

Hartsfield was dumped by his previous owners, left to fend for himself by the airport with scary planes and noises all day every day. His condition was the worst we have seen in a very long time. Once we were able to calm him down and rescue the poor fellow, he had to be sedated to shave his fur and mats just to run bloodwork. Hartsfieldis at least 10 years old, has a mouth tumor and no teeth. Upon rescue he weighed only six pounds! He had been living out on his own for a long time surviving the elements.… READ MORE >

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