Foster Tails with Robin, Shannon and Mr. Baxter

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st

Foster Tails with Robin, Shannon and Mr. Baxter In today's blog post, veteran dog fosters Robin and Shannon share their foster mission statement and introduce their 33rd foster dog, Mr. Baxter. “He’s our 33rd,” I say to the woman we meet at the park during our daily walk. “I could never foster,” she says. “I would fail.” I tell her that it helps that we have a mission statement and tell her what it is: we want to be a safe, healing and loving space for a dog on its journey to its forever home. This mission helps keep us grounded, though admittedly there comes that difficult time with… READ MORE >

2014 Grand Finale

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Yes, those are HORNS you hear! We are BLOWING OUR OWN HORNS, loud and clear! 2014 was a BIG year for Furkids. We set a goal to rescue TWO THOUSAND HOMELESS PETS, and managed to take in 2,375! We found FOREVER HOMES for 2,069 animals, an adoption rate 35% higher than the year before. And we ended 2014 appropriately, with a FLURRY of FREEDOM RIDES and an AVALANCHE of ADOPTIONS. In December alone, 250 pets left Furkids for their own digs...almost DOUBLE our previous average numbers. Thanks to our new initiative, Operation: HOME!, donors can sponsor specific animals by paying… READ MORE >

June 2014 Adoptions!

Posted on Friday, March 14th

June marked a great month for our animals! With our $9 over 9 month old cat promotion, we adopted 87 cats in that age range. Our goal was 100 - we were SO close! In total we adopted out 156 cats and kittens and 56 dogs and puppies! Below is a list of everyone that was adopted. Congratulations to the new families! You can see a HUGE adoption album of the happy families on our Facebook page. During June, we also RESCUED 234 cats and dogs! Savings this many animals comes at a great cost. A donation of ANY amount… READ MORE >

We continue breaking records! 226 animals RESCUED in April 2014, 116 adoptions

Posted on Saturday, March 1st

April 2014 proved to be a record breaking month for Furkids and Small Dog Rescue - saving 226 animals. In the same month we adopted out 116 animals. Do the math! We have a LOT of animals in need of loving homes. This month we took in some of the MOST difficult medical cases we have ever seen. We rescued dozens of bottle babies orphaned with no chance at survival. Our volunteers and foster homes STEPPED UP and helped save so many lives. We can not thank everyone enough for this huge victory for Georgia's animals. Funding is greatly needed… READ MORE >

10 of our kittens spent today filming on set of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues !

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th

Had to repost such #hot #news, with a shiny new image. #Tag yourself on facebook to share the news:-------------------------------------------------Follow the news on all of our networks: 10 of our kittens spent today filming on set ofAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues ! They were some of the most well-behaved and friendly kittens thanks to our wonderful foster homes (the crew even said so!) We can't share details or photos, but we can say that 10 rescued Furkids kittens will be in a scene with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd in the upcoming movie!!!! From the streets of Atlanta, Georgia to the… READ MORE >

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