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Meet Cecil:  Inventor, Volunteer, Cat Whisperer

Posted on Saturday, April 30th

Meet Cecil Clontz, a volunteer at Furkids for almost four years. Cecil is, by profession, a Consultant who works with service providers (video, internet, voice). By choice, he is an inventor, photographer, Vice Chairman of the Furkids Volunteer Council, cat whisperer and an amazing volunteer at the Furkids cat shelter. Cecil is an original member of the Purrkids program, a group of volunteers dedicated to working with shy cats.     Cecil’s interest in electronics began at a very early age, and he has 5-6 projects in development at any given time. As electronics have changed, his interest has grown… READ MORE >

City the Kitty Hopes for a Second Chance at Life

Posted on Saturday, April 30th

City the kitty has known much pain and difficulty in his short life. He came to a local animal control, suffering from abuse that left him with a shattered leg, broken tail, and both upper canines broken at the gum line. City made his way to Furkids and its partner vets, where he was evaluated for care. While waiting to be strong enough for surgery, he would lie on his side and eat food from the bowl, as it was too painful to stand for any length of time. Through all the pain and waiting, City is always receptive to… READ MORE >

Love Changes Everything!

Posted on Thursday, April 21st

SAY 'YESH' TO ADOPTION DURING THE PETCO FOUNDATION ADOPTION WEEKEND! Have you been thinking about adopting a special cat? May 7-14 is the week to take action – add to your family, make room for another rescue pet at the shelter, and support Furkids!  May 7th - 14th, to help to break our record and add happiness to your home, check out these special adoption rates: Cats, six months and older:  $14 (shelter and Furkids' cats in petco stores, May 7-14 only). For the rest of the month, ANY cat over six months is half price (shelter, any store)! This… READ MORE >

Breast Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate!

Posted on Thursday, April 21st

Chanty came to Furkids when her owners abandoned her as they no longer had time for her. A compassionate neighbor took care of her, and brought her to Furkids.  Upon an exam, it was found that, at 8 years old, she had never been spayed. In addition, several lumps were found on her chest, and it was determined surgery was needed.  It is obvious that Chanty had not received the care she deserved, and that lack of care contributed to her cancer development. Breast cancer occurs fairly frequently in un-spayed female dogs. Spaying can largely reduce the risk of developing… READ MORE >

Jackson Galaxy Picks Furkids

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation has chosen Furkids to participate in “Cat Pawsitive,” an intensive Training Program to help cats in shelters put their ‘best pawforward’ in finding a forever home. Furkids is one of only nine shelters across the country that were invited to participate, and we are so excited! Developed by Jackson Galaxy and a team of animal behavior experts, Cat Pawsitive is a training program aimed at enriching day-to-day life for cats in shelters, building social skills, promoting the human-cat bond, and improving “adoptability” by reducing stress-related behaviors. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to learn… READ MORE >

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