Breast Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate!

Posted on Thursday, April 21st

Chanty came to Furkids when her owners abandoned her as they no longer had time for her. A compassionate neighbor took care of her, and brought her to Furkids.  Upon an exam, it was found that, at 8 years old, she had never been spayed. In addition, several lumps were found on her chest, and it was determined surgery was needed.  It is obvious that Chanty had not received the care she deserved, and that lack of care contributed to her cancer development.

Breast cancer occurs fairly frequently in un-spayed female dogs. Spaying can largely reduce the risk of developing this type of cancer, especially if the dog is spayed before it has an opportunity to go into heat. 

Furkids wants to save Chanty, and we need your help.  Chanty’s surgery will cost several hundred dollars.  Please donate here, and give Chanty an opportunity to live a happy life!