Blogs from September 2016

Man of Steel

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

Man of Steel has had a pretty rough time. He is currently residing at the dog shelter and he has a skin condition that won’t let up. When Man of Steel arrived at Furkids, our medical team immediately started treatment , but after a couple weeks of not getting any improvement, they decided it was time to see a specialist. There was no sign of mange, mites or other parasites that might be causing his skin irritation. The specialist said that Man of Steel most likely had an allergy on top of a bacterial infection. He’s trying to get better,… READ MORE >

Tripod Kitties

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

It’s no secret that Furkids is committed to saving every animal that we can. We step up when other rescues will not or cannot. This was the case for a brother and sister pair that recently arrived at Furkids. Each kitten was born without a back foot. Unfortunately, they will be unable to move around without pain unless we amputate their legs. The journey through surgery and recovery is going to be tough, but once these kittens are healed, they will be pain-free! Cats are very resilient creatures and these two should have no problems adapting to life as tripod… READ MORE >

The Happiest Happy Tails You’ve Ever Read

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

Henree We’ve had so many incredible adoptions lately, it’s hard to keep track! What’s even more amazing is that many of our FIV+ kitties are finding their forever homes!  Last month, Hammer, our longest resident cat (and FIV+) was adopted after 11 years in the shelter! And last week, Henree,  our most senior resident, not only in the FIV suite, but in the entire building, was adopted by a wonderful couple. Henree belonged to a home once upon a time. He was left behind after his previous owner relocated to Canada and wouldn’t take him with. Shortly after arriving to Furkids,… READ MORE >

You’ll Never Guess How Long Boo Was Trying To Find His Way Home

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

Furkids CEO and Founder, Samantha Shelton, sometimes works from home… or should we say that her work tends to follow her home. One day, Sam was sitting at her desk when she saw something out of the corner of her eye at the window. It was a black tail belonging to some sort of animal. True to her form as a rescuer, Sam decided to check it out.  As she approached the window, she saw a black and white Tuxie kitty scoping out a critter. She had never seen this cat before and thought she would try to go outside… READ MORE >

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