You’ll Never Guess How Long Boo Was Trying To Find His Way Home

Posted on Thursday, September 8th

Furkids CEO and Founder, Samantha Shelton, sometimes works from home… or should we say that her work tends to follow her home. One day, Sam was sitting at her desk when she saw something out of the corner of her eye at the window. It was a black tail belonging to some sort of animal. True to her form as a rescuer, Sam decided to check it out.  As she approached the window, she saw a black and white Tuxie kitty scoping out a critter. She had never seen this cat before and thought she would try to go outside and approach the cat. Sam worried that the cat might become frightened and run away from her. She tried her luck by talking to the kitty, and to her surprise… the cat talked back! She knew this kitty must belong to someone if he had some conversational skills. Despite his talkative nature, he became hesitant of this interaction and ran under a parked car. Sam said she must have looked like a crazy person, on her belly, under a car, talking to cat.

When she was finally able to get the cat safely inside, Sam wondered when the last time was that this cat had a proper meal. She got her answer when she fed him and he enthusiastically gulped down the food! This hungry Tuxie cat was taken to the Furkids Cat Shelter and scanned for a microchip. Imagine the surprise when the scanning wand beeped as an indication that this cat was indeed chipped. It turns out, the cat belonged to someone in Suwanee, Georgia. How he managed to get to Peachtree Corners astounded the Furkids staff and volunteers present.

Furkids immediately got on the phone to try to get in contact with the owner. Unfortunately, sometimes owners do not update their change of address or phone number in the microchip database, but Furkids was cautiously optimistic. The phone rang and rang, and then… a voice.

It turns out, this kitty’s name was Boo, and Boo belonged to a family with two children who had been missing him. But for how long was he missing? A week? A month? How about for three years? That’s right! Boo had gone missing three years ago, and after searching and searching for him with no signs that he was alive or coming back, the family gave up hope.


“When can we come get him?” Boo’s mom said excitedly.

“Right now,” Sam told her.

Boo’s mom said she was going to let it be a surprise for her two kids who hadn’t seen Boo in three years!

The family arrived at the Furkids Cat Shelter and… Well, we’ll let you see for yourself.  WATCH THE REUNION HERE!

Science Daily says that cats are 20 times more likely to be returned to their owners when they have been microchipped, and 2.5 times more likely for dogs. It is also very important to keep your contact information current, so if you have recently moved or changed your phone number, please update your information as soon as possible!

Also, if you find a stray animal, always take the animal to a shelter or veterinary office to get the animal scanned for a microchip. You never know who will be missing their missing pet.