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Blogs from September 2016

URGENT: We’re Rescuing Over 20 Animals from Rockdale County

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 22nd

See the FOX5 story! Over 20 animals need to be relocated immediately due to renovations at Rockdale County Animal Shelter. These animals have no place else to go and Rockdale County does not want to have to euthanize them. Furkids has agreed to take all 17 cats and some dogs into our program, but we need your help! 


Please consider opening your home and your heart to an animal by fostering! We will supply food, medicine, and of course, veterinary care for any animals you foster. Become a foster today!

Are you planning on adding a four-legged family member to your pack soon? Consider adoption with Furkids. Furkids remains a resource throughout the life of your adopted animal! Find your new best friend today!

Make a donation to help the Rockdale County animals right now! Furkids makes your dollar go farther for animals in need. 


We thank you for your continued support of Furkids and the animals who need your help to get the second chance they deserve. Please...


Kittens With Entropion Need Help!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 22nd

Furkids is committed to the health and well-being of our animals and to them the highest quality of life, even when the circumstances seem bleak. We recently rescued several cats with eye injuries that will need surgeries in the near future. Each of these kittens were born with Entropion. Entropion is a genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward. This can cause an eyelash or hair to irritate and scratch the surface of the eye, leading to corneal ulceration or perforation (PetMD).

Manhattan is a brown Tabby. The cost of Manhattan’s medical treatment is estimated to be between $800 and $1000.

Blairsville, Blue Ridge and Hiawassee are siblings who all have Entropion. Blairsville (Tuxedo) is pictured, but due to the potentially graphic nature of Blue Ridge's and Hiawassee's eyes, their photos are linked.*

Blairsville and *Blue Ridge both need Entropion surgery to begin with, but will likely need more surgeries to follow. Blairsville  is...


Furkids Open House: Oct 1 & 2

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 22nd

Furkids is gearing up for our annual Open House! Pet lovers of all ages are welcome to attend the festivities at the Furkids Cat Shelter on October 1 and 2. What makes this event so special is the behind-the-scenes experience! 

Ever wonder what happens when our animals are rescued? Take the tour of our 10,000-square-foot, cage-free cat shelter. Our facility features 11 spacious rooms where cats reside until their permanent homes are found. We also have an on-site veterinary clinic and surgical suite, quarantine and isolation rooms, and offices. You’ll get to meet many of our adoptable cat shelter residents, too!

Not big on tours? That’s quite alright! Head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while you participate in fun games and activities, munch on a bake sale item or two provided by Southern Sweets Bakery, Henri's Bakery, Blue House Market and Loving Hut, and meet our adoptable cats and dogs (there will be special adoption discounts)! Kids will have a blast jumping in the...


Flea-and-Tick-Ridden Puppies Rescued!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 22nd

These puppies were just rescued by Furkids. Their mother is a pet living in Lula, Georgia, but she is an “outside” dog. The owner said that the mother dog got out under the backyard fence and met up with a neighborhood male dog. When the mother returned home, it was discovered that she was pregnant. The babies were born outside in deplorable conditions. For eight weeks, they and their mom have been subjected to the elements.

Our rescuers were called out to the property about five puppies, but upon arrival, only four puppies were found. This means that one of the puppies is missing. The four that were on the property were covered in thousands of fleas and ticks. The Furkids medical team has been working tediously for the last two days on removing all of the bugs and properly vetting the dogs.

Unfortunately, the owner was unwilling to surrender the mother dog along with the babies. We are hoping to receive a call regarding a change of heart about the mother dog and about the...


We’re Hiring!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 22nd

Furkids has employment opportunities in the Alpharetta area. We have openings for a Dog Shelter Manager and for full-time and part-time kennel technicians at our no-kill dog shelter.  Please view the job descriptions below.

Dog Shelter Manager
Our Shelter Managers are key members of our team, responsible for guaranteeing the humane treatment of animals, overseeing facility and equipment maintenance, inventory, budgets and supervising shelter staff. Shelter Managers are also responsible for customer service duties, including all Shelter staff interactions with volunteers, foster and adoption families, and the public at large. Though our Shelter Manager duties are largely administrative, Shelter Managers may be required to directly interact with the animals in the Shelter’s care while assisting other staff or volunteers. The ideal candidate will be passionate about animals, and have prior managerial and/or customer service experience, with animal shelter volunteer or professional...

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