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Furkids Saves America!

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st

Furkids Saves America! Did you know Furkids works every day to save the lives of helpless and abandoned animals? We are proud of our recent success story to provide love, care, and comfort to America. That's right; we saved a beautiful young blue-eyed husky, now named America!   America was found, severely injured and all alone on a busy road. Her injuries included a painful fractured femur that needed immediate medical attention. She was taken to animal control, who contacted her family through her microchip information - but sadly they never came for her. Abandoned, in pain, and lying in a cage, America needed love, care, and attention.  We took action to save America! Our doctors and med team… READ MORE >

Is a Study Buddy on Your Back-to-School List?

Posted on Monday, July 29th

Is a Study Buddy on Your Back-to-School List? School is almost here!! Back-to-School time can often trigger worries that our kids might not buckle down and do their schoolwork. After a summer of fun, sitting down to seriously hit the books may not be that high on their list, right? Finding a way to positively and effectively reinforce studying is a challenge, as all parents know. At Furkids, we know that kids respond enthusiastically and look forward to reading with cats as part of our FurTales program. Of course, parents love it to. We have learned that having a cat or dog nearby can help distracted kids slow down and focus on reading and schoolwork.… READ MORE >

Save a Life this Weekend with Furkids at Petco!

Posted on Friday, July 5th

Save a Life this Weekend with Furkids at Petco! Pets truly change our lives, so let’s save theirs! Furkids has partnered with the Petco Foundation to invite you to save a life by adopting a pet. On July 13th and 14th*, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Furkids will have pets available for adoption at select Petco locations in the Atlanta area. If you adopt, you save that animal and make room for another animal in our shelter, so you save two lives! And, if you get a couple of kittens, you save four lives! Since it's kitten season, we'll have a lot of cute little floofy kittens for you to meet at every… READ MORE >

Orphan puppies reunite with their mom

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd

Orphan puppies reunite with their mom On June 17, 2019, six puppies were discovered in an abandoned horse barn; their mama was nowhere around.  The property owner called the Sheriff’s office to pick up the puppies.  They were covered in fleas and dehydrated. The veterinarian estimated their ages to be 3 weeks. Furkids picked up the puppies the next day, and because they were still nursing, they were split between two foster volunteers who bottle fed and cared for them.   Amazingly, 8 days later someone working around the horse barn spotted the mama dog! The Sheriff’s office was called, again, and an employee was able to trap the mama. She was in… READ MORE >

A First in Furkids’ History! ONE Mama, 11 KITTENS!!

Posted on Wednesday, July 31st

A First in Furkids’ History! ONE Mama, 11 KITTENS!! In mid-June, a very sweet, beautiful little mama gave birth to 11 kittens in animal control. Although Furkids inundated with kittens, kittens, kittens; we just couldn't leave this vulnerable brand new family in animal control, where little families are being euthanized to make space. This 12-member family is so large that they are the largest family Furkids has ever rescued in our 17 years of lifesaving! We asked our wonderful followers on Facebook to help us come up with a great naming theme for this family - a challenge, since the theme needed to broad enough to have at least 12 names!… READ MORE >

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