Abandoned on the side of the road – left for dead

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th

Chloe’s rescue story is unimaginable. It is something you read about in a newspaper and drop your jaw in amazement. Chloe was found abandoned in a cat carrier on the side of a busy road in Chamblee. She was left for dead. Actually, she was left for worse than dead. Had someone not found her she would have continued to suffer cruely from dehydration, starvation and eventually die an agonizing death. LUCKILY someone with a keen attention to detail noticed the carrier and pulled over to find this precious baby! Chloe was rescued weighing a mere 3.5 lbs. The vets… READ MORE >

Five Dogs in Need of Heartworm Treatment RIGHT NOW

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd

As if being a homeless dog isn't hard enough, these dogs will have to undergo a brutal process to rid their hearts of worms through their blood stream. The treatment is dangerous, painful, potentially deadly and most of all PREVENTABLE! All that pet owners need to do is purchase heartworm medication from their veterinarian, and give it once a month to prevent this horrible disease. Unfortunately it is too late for these dogs, and they will need to go through 90 days of treatment and confinement before being placed up for adoption. We ALWAYS treat dogs for heartworms before they… READ MORE >

Peaches the Yorkie - Rescued dog with Neurological Disorder

Posted on Monday, March 2nd

Sweet little PEACHES came to Furkids after being dumped at animal control, weak and unable to stand. We thought that she had been hit by a car. In fact, PEACHES has a neurological issue. She needs assistance to eat, stand, and potty; but she is happy, and has a good appetite! PEACHES had an appointment with her neurologist last week. While we don't have a diagnosis yet, she has been placed on medication which seems to be helping. You can see the improvement in her second video clip - look at her GO!! It is likely that PEACHES will need… READ MORE >

Sick kittens need serious help

Posted on Friday, March 28th

Furkids got the call late in the afternoon - three desperately ill kittens were in a high-kill, rural shelter, and they needed medical intervention immediately. The photos we received were heart-wrenching. Volunteers and staff sprang into action. The story splashed across the Furkids Facebook page, and within an hour, Furkids was able to have these tiny, sick babies transferred into emergency care. It was a long night, and we held our collective breath... Happily, the next morning, the kittens began to rally. They were far from out-of-the-woods, but they were stabilizing. A couple of days later, they were ready for… READ MORE >

You Can Help Pee Wee Live to See 2015 with a Matching Gift

Posted on Tuesday, March 11th

Meet little Pee Wee, named because he weighs just five pounds. Pee Wee is a brave soul who was abandoned by his owner and left alone in Dekalb. The small dog struggled to find his way home -- lost, hungry, cold and confused – when a car hit him and broke his back. He was thrown to the side of the road, unable to move, until a concerned passerby called Animal Control to pick him up and end his suffering by putting him to death. But the team at the county wasn’t ready to give up on this little dog… READ MORE >

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