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Blogs from September 2015

Furkids’ Dog Lucy Pie is on National TV

Posted by Furkids Admin | Monday, September 28th

Lucy Pie was literally saved moments from death by Nikki Reed. She shared her story this morning on The Today Show. Consider giving Lucy Pie the forever home she deserves today! 


Meet Furkids Feathered Friends - Ginger and Mary Ann

Posted by Furkids Admin | Friday, September 25th

Meet our newest feathered Furkids. Joey and Chandler had a duck and chicken in New York City, why can't we? 

Meet Ginger (duck) and Mary Ann (chicken). They are best friends! Their owner is on hard times and called the dog shelter the other day looking for a place for them to go. It just so happens our vet tech Julia lives in the country with a lot of property, dogs, cats and goats. She offered to take them in and add to her little farm. Ginger and Mary Ann are headed to a new and exciting life with adventures galore. Meet our first honorary feathered Furkids! 












UPDATE: Nathaniel the Pomeranian

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 17th

When we first introduced you to Nathaniel he was unable to walk due to some mysterious illness or injury. We asked for your help and you answered! Thank you! With your donations we were able to bring him to the UGA Vet School for five days where he was tested by their neurological department. In the end they ruled out numerous diseases and injuries, but have been unable to find the true cause. He has sensation in all his legs and is NOT paralyzed, however he simply can't muster the strength to walk. They all agreed he was a strange case and his symptoms presented weird. He is in NO pain, just unable to walk on his own. 

They suggested we wait about two months and try physical therapy and so far the time and therapy has seemed to help. He is already putting more weight on his joints and gaining strength in his front legs with the help of his AMAZING foster mommy! She works with him every day and even take him swimming in the pool for hydrotherapy. (That will have to be the next video...


Record Shattering Adoption Month - 321 Pets Adopted in August 2015

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 17th

To say that August was a good month for our homeless animals is an understatement! This August, our adoption teams placed 247 cats and 74 dogs into new forever families! That is a RECORD for Furkids for the most animals adopted in one month EVER! We could not be happier or more proud to do what we do. We look forward to breaking this record in the near future. How about September? Do you think we can do it? We know we can - but we need your help. We need you to share our animals, share our mission and encourage adoption as the only option to friends, family and colleagues. Together we can make Atlanta a no-kill city, but it requires ALL of us to be a part of the movement. A HUGE thank you and GIANT hug to our adoption teams for their tireless work. These volunteers do not get paid! They simply love helping match families and pets and making furry love connections. Congratulations to the happy families. We hope to hear many happy tails soon. You can send happy tail stories to...


Gemma has Feline Leukemia, and a PURRfectly Normal Life in a House Full of Love!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 17th

It was serendipitous that Kay and Don met as volunteers for Small Dog Rescue, now Furkids' Dog Shelter. They married, and have fostered more than 100 dogs and puppies over the last ten years. That's extraordinary!

But their story doesn't end there. Don had always wanted a cat. Since the pair spent a great deal of time at our Alpharetta dog shelter, Kay and Don knew our feline leukemia (FeLV+) cats well; they are housed at the dog shelter instead of the cat shelter because FeLV is contagious to other cats.

It is not, however, transmissible to dogs, or people. Don and Kay decided to foster FeLV+ cat Gemma, a huge fan of pups of all persuasions. We are happy to say that they completely failed at foster - soon after, they officially adopted Gemma! She is very happy now in her very own "pack".

Sadly, many cats who test positive for the FeLV virus are euthanized; even though they can live in fine health for years. Furkids is committed to educating folks about these felines, who are just...
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