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One Hundred Years And Counting! Help Furkids Celebrate a Special Friend!

Posted on Saturday, September 12th

Ninety-eight-year-old Rosemary Bauer had a wish, to pat a dog. Second Wind Dreams could make it come true, and they asked Furkids to partner with them on the project. That's how, in April of 2014, Furkids volunteer Linda, and her Furkids rescue, Willow, found themselves visiting Rosemary at her assisted living center. It was such a happy occasion that Linda has continued to visit Rosemary weekly, with rescue pooches Willow and Annie in tow. Sometimes they spend quiet time, sometimes the pups help Rosemary win at Bingo. (Perhaps that's why so many dogs sport that moniker?) This week, Rosemary will celebrate a landmark birthday...on Sept. 17th, she'll turn 100! Her family has asked… READ MORE >

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