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Furkids of Atlanta Helps Homeless Animals Find Their Way Home

Posted on Thursday, August 25th

by Elisha Neubauer, Georgia State HomesFor many animals, a loving home is not available to them. Some way or another, through no fault of their own, they find themselves in the local shelter. For a handful, salvation comes quickly, and they find themselves adopted out and swept away to live a new life in a new home filled with love and affection. While this is the desired result, the bleak fact of the matter is that it is not the majority.PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE   READ MORE >

Mom and Babies Need Your Help!

Posted on Thursday, August 11th

Furkids just rescued this starving mom and her babies yesterday. They were brought in from animal control, but as of now, we don’t have many details about where she came from. Our main priority was getting mom and babies out of animal control and back to the shelter so that we can start to undo the obvious neglect that this dog and her babies endured.  Here’s what we know so far: Mom is extremely emaciated, anemic and heartworm-positive. The puppies are only 2-3 weeks old, so the mother gave birth to the puppies while in this poor condition. These dogs… READ MORE >

Help Kittens Found Taped Up In A Box!

Posted on Thursday, August 11th

These kittens need your help after they were found taped up in a box and left at a bus stop yesterday. Riders waiting for the bus noticed crying coming from the box, and when they opened it, they discovered that the kittens were showing signs of being overheated as they were panting, soaked with sweat, and trying to get out. The kittens had not been fed in a while and were starving when we took them in. This story is reminiscent of another Furkid named Independence,  found in a box in the middle of the road over the 4th of… READ MORE >


Posted on Wednesday, August 10th

Furkids hit a new record by adopting out 344 animals in July. That is the most we’ve ever adopted out in one month since beginning in 2002. Summer months are typically very hard for shelters due to many people going out-of-town on vacation and not being able to commit to adopting, people going out-of-town and abandoning their animals, and contributions decreasing. We have had a hard summer,  but we are so thankful that we were able to find over 300 animals homes in the month of July. Thank you to all our volunteers and staff who work so diligently to… READ MORE >

Beneficial Boarding

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th

Thanks to some amazing Furkids partners, some of our dogs are getting out of the shelter and into fun boarding facilities where they are able to run around, play and get plenty of one-on-one attention. Being guests at these boarding facilities gives dogs the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs, socialize with humans, and get more exposure for better chances of being adopted! Some Furkids dogs can be found at Fido Fido in Sandy Springs, Camp Bow Wow in Alpharetta , and Camp Bow Wow in Lawrenceville living it up rent-free! You read that right… These incredible boarding… READ MORE >

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