Beneficial Boarding

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th

Thanks to some amazing Furkids partners, some of our dogs are getting out of the shelter and into fun boarding facilities where they are able to run around, play and get plenty of one-on-one attention. Being guests at these boarding facilities gives dogs the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs, socialize with humans, and get more exposure for better chances of being adopted!

Some Furkids dogs can be found at Fido Fido in Sandy Springs, Camp Bow Wow in Alpharetta , and Camp Bow Wow in Lawrenceville living it up rent-free! You read that right… These incredible boarding facilities don’t charge Furkids, but instead donate the time and space at their facilities for our dogs. Please check out the websites of Fido Fido, Camp Bow Wow – Alpharetta, and Camp Bow Wow – Lawrenceville.

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