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Share the Dream - Martin Luther King Day and Weekend at Furkids

Posted on Monday, January 25th

Last month, we shared the names of the wonderful groups that visited Furkids in 2015.  To start 2016, we celebrated Martin Luther King Day and Weekend with four amazing groups of students:  The Atlanta Girls School, The Paideia School, Georgia Tech and Emory University.   The students honored Dr. King’s memory by building multi-level cat towers, cat cubbies, cleaning rooms and socializing with cats. There was a lot of hammering, drilling, cutting, sweeping and wiping going on!   To find out more, and to help fund more kurunda beds for the cats and dogs, click here…  READ MORE >

A Chance to Grow - Be a Foster Parent!

Posted on Monday, January 25th

“It matters to this one, she deserves a chance to grow. It matters to this one, I can’t save them all I know. It matters to this one, to be what she can be. It matters to this one, and so it matters to me.”   Furkids provides food, medical care, and ensures the animals are marketed for adoption though our website, adoption team, Petsmart and Petco stores.  Who needs a foster home?  Moms with babies, to allow the babies to grow and develop. Many times a spare bathroom for a mother and her babies is all that is needed. The animal is… READ MORE >

Thunder Enjoys the Sun…and Another Chance

Posted on Monday, January 25th

His story generates interest to this day. It was a stormy afternoon last summer, and we were in the midst of a terrible downpour. Our Open House was in full-swing. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed, and the front door flew open. A man struggled through with an upside-down laundry basket, duct-taped to a plastic lid. Through the slats of the basket, we could see an old tabby cat. The man explained that his neighbor had suddenly passed away, and he wanted to get the cat to safety. Furkids knew this old guy would not fare well at animal control, and his chances of… READ MORE >

January is National Walk Your Dog Month!

Posted on Monday, January 25th

If your New Years’ Resolution is to exercise (or even if it’s not), don’t forget to include your dog. Pet obesity is a huge problem in the U.S., and walking your dog is a great way to bond with your dog, socialize him to other pets and for both of you to get some exercise.  Walking is natural for dogs – they are pack animals, and like to have things to do and see!  Taking a walk gives dogs stimulation – mental, physical and visual (and don’t forget the wonderful smells)!  And, under the proper guidance, they can learn what… READ MORE >

I am an Animal Rescuer…Tori’s Fight for Breath

Posted on Monday, January 25th

I am an Animal Rescuer. My work is never done. My wallet is always empty, but my heart is always full. Craig, an animal rescuer from Los Angeles, was making plans to return home from Atlanta, when he came upon a small, pitiful cat in a Wal-Mart parking lot. As Craig approached the little cat, she meowed pitifully. When he picked her up, he could feel how ragged her breathing was, and how little she weighed. Without a thought to his plans for the day, his pending flight home, and what he would do with the little cat, he gently placed… READ MORE >

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