Valentine and her growing needs

Posted on Monday, June 15th

Little Valentine could not even lift her hind end when she arrived at Furkids as an 8 week old puppy. She scooted around on her front paws, dragging her rear. Facebook followers may recall her first set of wheels constructed by a Furkids volunteer in the garage. That got Valentine up and rolling. Then we saw what needed tweaking and eventually Valentine graduated to the Walkin' Wheels® she now uses. Not only does this wheelchair allow Valentine greater mobility and use of her four legs, but it also helped to strengthen her muscles and now Valentine is able to stand… READ MORE >

Meet Arial the Blind and Deaf Puppy

Posted on Monday, June 15th

Furkids rescued Arial from a high kill animal facility where she was likely dumped by someone who was unable to sell her for profit. Despite what must have been a harrowing experience for Arial, she is a truly remarkable puppy. That's because Arial is blind and deaf, disabilities that do not keep her from living a very social and active life. Arial is also becoming quite proficient in using her sense of smell to find what she wants - she found her basket full of dog toys quickly and also quickly learned where to find her food and water. Every… READ MORE >

There is something about Noel

Posted on Thursday, March 12th

A Good Samaritan came across Noel roaming in a desolate area with only an abandoned camper shell for shelter. Noel was taken to Animal Control with the hope that an owner would reclaim her. That never happened, but fortunately her Good Samaritan had not forgotten her. He pulled her from Animal Control on Christmas Eve and asked Furkids to help find Noel a forever home. Noel is a nice medium size dog at about 45 lbs. She is housebroken and is at home on the sofa or the bed. Noel is a social girl and loves to go! She is… READ MORE >

Help these former "Starving Puppies" find their happy endings

Posted on Monday, March 31st

UPDATE: Pat Benatar has been adopted, the other 5 are still waiting. A few months ago, we were contacted about a litter of eight starving and emaciated pit mix puppies living outside in filth. We knew placing them would be a challenge, but we accepted the challenge anyway! See the video of their arrival at the dog shelter below. A few of our wonderful foster homes took care of the eight puppies during multiple mite treatments and nursed them back to health. These dogs are extremely loving and loyal. Most have learned to walk on a leash and sit and… READ MORE >

Meet Savannah in Atlanta

Posted on Thursday, March 27th

Like the city she's named for, sweet Savannah exudes classic beauty, warmth, and charm. Furkids staff and volunteers agree, she is EVERYTHING (and more) anyone could ever want in a cat. So, why has she spent all of her seven years in Room 11 of the Furkids shelter? Well, sadly, Savannah is a victim of BCS. Yes, Black Cat Syndrome. You've always heard it, and it is for real; black cats are mostly overlooked by adopters, who are usually looking for a "fancier" cat. But, ask anyone who is owned by the proverbial black cat - you will hear OVER… READ MORE >

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