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You’ll Never Guess How Long Boo Was Trying To Find His Way Home

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, September 8th

Furkids CEO and Founder, Samantha Shelton, sometimes works from home… or should we say that her work tends to follow her home. One day, Sam was sitting at her desk when she saw something out of the corner of her eye at the window. It was a black tail belonging to some sort of animal. True to her form as a rescuer, Sam decided to check it out.  As she approached the window, she saw a black and white Tuxie kitty scoping out a critter. She had never seen this cat before and thought she would try to go outside and approach the cat. Sam worried that the cat might become frightened and run away from her. She tried her luck by talking to the kitty, and to her surprise… the cat talked back! She knew this kitty must belong to someone if he had some conversational skills. Despite his talkative nature, he became hesitant of this interaction and ran under a parked car. Sam said she must have looked like a crazy person, on her belly, under a car, talking to cat.

When she was finally able to...


Fabulous FeLV+ Furkids

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, August 10th

It’s no secret that Furkids is committed to saving as many animals as possible. We are a rescue that isn’t afraid to take on the hard cases… even the FeLV+ ones. Furkids has two FeLV+ suites, one at the cat shelter and one at the dog shelter, which house 17 cats total. FeLV+ cats can live long, happy lives, and Furkids provides them a warm, loving, safe environment to live out the rest of their lives, unless they happen to get adopted (which, unfortunately, doesn’t happen very often). 

When a cat is FeLV+, it means that the cat has a disease called feline leukemia. It is a virus that weakens cats’ immune systems and can cause some types of cancer. Feline leukemia is transmitted from cat to cat through biting, grooming, close contact and sharing food dishes, water bowls and litter boxes. It can also be transferred from mother to kitten via nursing. Because FeLV+ cats need to be separated from FeLV- cats, it makes it difficult to find homes that can commit to only living with...


The Senior Solution! Seniors Chloe and Freckles Go Home…

Posted by Furkids Admin | Saturday, January 16th

We Couldn't Wait to Share! CHLOE And FRECKLES Go Home!

All adoptions are celebrations, but some just plain rock our world. Chloe and Freckles came to Furkids as seniors who had lost their home, and they were strongly bonded. While they were happy enough as "Greeter Cats" at Furkids, their position was eliminated because of work happening at the shelter; so Chloe and Freckles were on the prowl for a home of their own.

It's not easy to home a bonded pair of kitties, much less a bonded pair of seniors. But one day, ace counselor Jeanni was serendipitiously - and quite accidentally - at the Mall of Georgia PetSmart adoption center, when a couple came in to find out about kitties who might fit their needs. They did not want young cats who might outlive them, and were looking for older cats in need of a good home. So, Jeanni brokered this match made in heaven. The couple has made provisions for their new family members - should anything happen to them, one of their children will care for...


August Cat and Kitten Adoption Specials: We are on Fire!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Thursday, August 6th

Tetched By the Heat? You Decide!

We ran some hot adoption specials last month, but this August, we're on FIRE! Furkids is in a full-on Forever Home frenzy. We have too many cats and kittens, and we know a flood of fall felines is just beyond the horizon.

We've reduced adoption fees in three ways:

1. ALL kittens, aged 4 months to one year are just $9!

2. Our "little" kittens, less than 4 months, have 1/2 price adoption fees - just $62.50. 

3. ALL of our adult "Shelter Dwellers" have $9 adoption fees. Visit the shelter this week!

Reminder, our FIV+ cats, seniors (8 yrs+), and sponsored kitties have no adoption fees at all!

These sizzling specials are in effect until the last day of August, but don't wait! Stay cool, and visit our felines online.  Or grab your flip-flops, and head over to the cat shelter Mondays or Saturdays from noon to 5 PM; or Wednesdays from noon to 8 PM.

You can also meet some cool kittens this Saturday, August 8th, from 10 AM to 2 PM; at any of our three...


Adopt an Altered, Fully-Vetted Adult Cat for Just NINE Dollars!

Posted by Furkids Admin | Wednesday, July 22nd

Adopt an Altered, Fully-Vetted Adult Cat for Just NINE Dollars!

It's hard to believe, but absolutely can adopt a fully-vetted adult Furkid - any cat you choose - for just nine dollars until the very last day of July! Oh, except for our senior cats, FIV+ kitties and sponsored cats; their adoption fees are ZERO! 

It is the PURRfect time to grow the family by four paws, or maybe eight. Stop by our cage-free cat shelter Mondays or Saturdays, from 12 to 5 p.m. or Wednesdays from 12 to 8 p.m., to meet your new bestie! Or visit one of our adoption centers at PetSmarts and Petcos throughout the metro area. You can virtually visit and apply for all of our cats online, too. Begin browsing now at Still have questions? E-mail and we can help! 

It's hot today, but winter is just around the corner. Adopt some sweet, snuggly, purring machines now, and you'll be ready for those three cat nights ahead!

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