Blogs from June 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: Elizabeth Jordan

Posted on Monday, June 29th

Volunteer Spotlight: Elizabeth Jordan We value each and every volunteer who donates their time and energy to our cause. This month, we're kicking off our Volunteer Spotlight series to honor our amazing volunteers and recognize the incredible work that's helped us continue saving the lives of countless homeless animals in need.           Meet Elizabeth Jordan.   Why did you choose Furkids to volunteer/foster? My husband Bill originally found Furkids; we have always been interested in supporting animal rescues. The mission Sam established and the organization's commitment to saving lives is what brought us to Furkids. And the free roaming cat… READ MORE >

Furkid’s Foster Nationally Recognized by Petco Foundation

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th

Furkid’s Foster Nationally Recognized by Petco Foundation Susan Struble, a foster volunteer at Furkids has been recognized as one of 22 National Foster Heroes by the Petco Foundation and BOBS from Skechers in celebration of National Foster a Pet Month in June. We are so proud of this amazing woman for her incredible commitment to saving some of the most fragile lives that come into Furkids. Over 1,200 pets have her to thank for being alive today! In 2013, Susan Struble and her family went to Furkids for a fun day socializing with the cats. Seven years later, Susan has fostered over 1,200 cats and kittens, becoming a… READ MORE >

Surviving Abuse That Never Should Have Happened

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th

Surviving Abuse That Never Should Have Happened Help Furkids Save Them Sugar Pie had been shot with buckshot and had lost the use of her leg – and she was alone and scared. With buckshot throughout her little body and struggling just to get around, Sugar Pie had very little hope of recovering from being brutally shot.  Cinderella was discovered down in a manhole; cold, alone, very scared - and very stuck. Eventually, emergency workers were able to pull her out with a pole. It turns out she had been thrown into the manhole by her owner. In addition to being badly traumatized, Ella had mange and… READ MORE >