Volunteer Spotlight: Elizabeth Jordan

Posted on Monday, June 29th

We value each and every volunteer who donates their time and energy to our cause.

This month, we're kicking off our Volunteer Spotlight series to honor our amazing volunteers and recognize the incredible work that's helped us continue saving the lives of countless homeless animals in need.


        Meet Elizabeth Jordan.


Why did you choose Furkids to volunteer/foster?

My husband Bill originally found Furkids; we have always been interested in supporting animal rescues. The mission Sam established and the organization's commitment to saving lives is what brought us to Furkids. And the free roaming cat shelter just made it feel right.


How long have you been a volunteer/foster at Furkids? 

We started with Furkids in 2012. Bill had more time initially so I mostly helped him clean on holidays and weekends. Probably 5 or 6 years ago, I started as a regular cleaner.


How many hours per week/month do you volunteer?

These days, I probably spend 8 to 10 hours a week volunteering at Furkids. But when there are special projects - like relocating the shelter, it can be 20+ hours a week.


Where and how do you primarily volunteer?

These days our time is mostly spent at the cat shelter: cleaning, feeding and socializing. But last year we filled in a lot of other ways as needed: medical transport; helping with medical treatment; clearing out the warehouse; painting and setting up rooms at the new shelter; relocating cats to the new shelter; even a little landscaping. 


What do you like most about volunteering? Fostering?

There are so many wonderful things about volunteering with Furkids. There are so many amazing and dedicated people - volunteers and staff; they honestly feel like family. And seeing the real difference we make in these animals lives. Helping sick and injured cats heal physically.  Seeing shy cats really blossom and gain confidence to interact with potential adopters so they can go to furever homes.


Which cat or dog is your favorite and why?

It is so hard to pick a favorite. There are so many very special cats currently, and over the years, so many have gotten straight to my heart. My extra special girl right now is Kathy. She was so timid when I met her a few years ago; but now Kathy comes running to the door when she hears my voice. And all the FIV and FELV cats are very special; Furkids is a dedicated advocate in educating the community and individuals about these cats.


What would you like people to know most about Furkids?

I don't know if people understand the dedication to these animals. Furkids med team, fosters, adoption counselors, cleaners, socializers are always available - 24/7 these people jump in to save lives. Injured or neglected animals many rescues wouldn't be able to help come to Furkids to be given a chance; and find wonderful homes.


What do you do when you are not volunteering with Furkids?

Ha, ha. If you ask most people I know, they will tell you that I am never not volunteering with Furkids. If I am not physically interacting with the cats, I am talking about Furkids. Most of my wardrobe is Furkids related. 


Do you have pets? If so could you briefly describe them to us?

We have the world's most spoiled tuxedo cat. Crossfire is 12 years old; she found us as a stray when she was 6 months old. And there is no question that she has to be an only cat; she gets upset when we come home from the shelter smelling like other cats.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you do for Furkids. Stay tuned for our next Volunteer Spotlight, and please visit furkids.org/volunteer/ if you're interested in becoming a Furkids volunteer.