Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Vincent

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th

Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Vincent

We value each and every volunteer who donates their time and energy to our cause. In our Volunteer Spotlight series we're honoring our amazing volunteers and recognize the incredible work that's helped us continue saving the lives of countless homeless animals in need.




Meet Courtney Vincent.






Why did you choose Furkids to volunteer/foster?

I was driving in the rain and saw a tiny black kitten on the curb, about to walk onto Jimmy Carter Blvd. I pulled over, rescued her from harm, and wrapped her in a towel on my lap. It was this kitten, Leo-shay, that connected me to Furkids. They said, if you can foster her we can help. Yay!  


How long have you been a volunteer/foster at Furkids? 

That would be September 2015, when I found that kitten. 


How many hours per week/month do you volunteer?

Before the pandemic, I was helping every Saturday up at the Cumming headquarters. Now I’ve been fostering and helping set up for transports at the Peachtree Corners Adoption Center. Total since April; around 5 hours a month.


Where and how do you primarily volunteer?

I've volunteered in so many ways! I’ve always been a medical foster with Furkids, and I used to help every Thursday for at least three hours a week. It is so rewarding! A few years ago, I even stayed at the shelter with the cats for two nights during a hurricane, to make sure all the cats were OK. 

I currently foster, and help with TransFUR, a Furkids program that transports cats and dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia, provides initial veterinary care, and transports the animals to Northern states where there are may more adopters waiting for their new pets. We’ve saved a lot of animals here in the south with this Furkids program!

When Furkids moved to the new Cumming headquarters, I did various things, including groundskeeping, painting, running to pick up supplies, organizing, cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. You name it, I’ll do it!


What do you like most about volunteering? Fostering?

I enjoy knowing I'm helping save lives, period. Whether it’s fostering sick kittens or getting the transport van ready for kitties, I know they’ll be finding loving homes here or up North.


Which cat or dog is your favorite and why?

A favorite??? That’s a hard question. All of my past fosters have found homes. However, I’d love to see Ingrid find a home. She stays at Cumming HQ, with the other Purrkids (a program for shy cats who need help socializing). Ingrid loves tricking the new people/ volunteers, and will escape into the hallway.  She’s sassy and stubborn like that, and after "rescuing" her from the hall several times, she’s become special to me. I’d like her to find a home/ family to call her own. 


What would you like people to know most about Furkids?

Furkids always needs volunteers and fosters. There’s something for anyone looking to help out. The staff, and founder Samantha, are wonderful people. I’ve enjoyed being around them over these past five years.


What do you do when you are not volunteering with Furkids?

That’s easy. Driving, eating, showering, sleeping, or working. 


Do you have pets? If so could you briefly describe them to us?

Absolutely! I’m also a pet sitter, and love all animals. I currently have four resident kitties under three years old. Their names are Martha Stewart, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, and Wendy Williams. Post was diagnosed with asthma a month ago, but that doesn’t slow him down. He and Wendy love racing side-by-side on our two cat wheels.


Thank you Courtney, for all that you do for Furkids! Stay tuned for our next Volunteer Spotlight, and please visit our Volunteers page if you're interested in becoming a Furkids volunteer.