Top 10 Moments of 2019

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st

As we begin 2020, we’re reflecting one last time on 2019 – a very historic year for Furkids! We moved to our new home and still saved a record number of lives! Here are our favorite moments from 2019. None of this could have happened without the generous help of our supporters, like you!

#1: Moved headquarters and cat shelter to a home of our own

We said a bittersweet good-bye to our Pleasantdale cat shelter, where over 35,000 lives were saved, closing the doors on our home of 15 years. Now, we are looking forward to the lives we’ll save at our beautiful new 9+ acre campus in Cumming, where we are building an animal shelter that will be steeped in nature, and serve the community with programs that help people connect with animals and nature. It will be so much more than just an animal shelter!

#2: Saved 88 cats from deplorable, unsafe living conditions

In October, we dropped everything to save 88 cats from horrible crowded, filthy living conditions. Many were malnourished, had illnesses, infections, and even broken bones. On top of the costs to care for these animals, our medical costs skyrocketed. The capacity of our shelter was also tested, with these 88 cats representing an additional 40% growth in shelter population. We could not have saved these lives without you – our supportive Furkids Family!

#3: Awarded $500,000 Lifesaving Impact Grant from the Petco Foundation

The generosity of the Petco Foundation is boundless. They support us by opening their stores for our animals, where they get a better chance at adoption; by donating supplies and food for our homeless animals; and especially with the financial investment we need to change and save the lives of homeless animals in Georgia. We can’t possibly thank the Petco Foundation enough!

#4: Rescued helpless dogs from two puppy mills, changing lives forever

Furkids stepped up to save the lives of dozens of dogs hopelessly living in deplorable outdoor conditions in two different rescues. Most had never been indoors, and didn’t even know how to use a water bowl or a dog bed. These dogs are now in loving homes.

#5: TransFUR program saved 1000+ lives

Furkids TransFUR program saved 1000+ lives in 2019 by transferring homeless pets from an overpopulated Georgia to waiting adopters in northern states.

#6: Won Give Atlanta for 3rd year in a row


For the third year in a row, Furkids Magazine's Give Atlanta Challenge fundraising competition. We are so grateful for all the support you gave us during this annual campaign, and for the lives we’ve been able to transform and save because of it!

#7: Rescued 40 cats from euthanization in a rural shelter

In April, the kind folks at a rural shelter appealed to us to save 40 cats and newborn kittens, and of course we said ‘yes’!

#8: Awarded $25,000 PetSmart grant for 1000 adoptions in PetSmart stores

Furkids completed 1,000 adoptions in our PetSmart locations by January 31st, and earned a $25,000 grant from PetSmart Charities!!!

#9: Furkids Thrift Stores ranked #2 in Best Thrift Stores in Georgia

Being known for some of the best quality deals in the entire state has been no small feat. The roots of Furkids go back to our initial funding from yard sales. These sales grew and grew, and finally became the three Thrift Stores we have today. To this day, our Thrift Stores fund a great deal of lifesaving for the homeless animals of Georgia.

#10: Established partnership with VCA Hospitals

Furkids began a partnership with VCA Hospitals to make sure newly adopted Furkids get off to a healthy start by offering people who adopt a Furkid a complimentary first exam, in-hospital consultations, expert advice, and more.

2019 was truly a historic year for Furkids. So many amazing things happened, and along the way, we managed to increase the total cats, puppies, dogs and kittens’ lives saved to 35,000. All were rescued, spayed or neutered, treated for disease, vaccinated and cared for until they found their forever home. It takes a lot of love and care to make this work possible and we cannot thank you enough for all you do for Furkids! We can't wait to see the lives we change in 2019, and we hope you'll continue to be by our side!