Furkids Saved Me: Scruffles, Retired Alley Cat

Posted on Sunday, December 22nd

Hi, I'm Scruffles! I’d been homeless pretty much all my life, and it was getting harder and harder to survive. I had to keep moving from place to place. Scary people chased me, and I got in to all sorts of trouble. I was hungry, and I was cold and wet a lot too. My ears are nicked, my tail has been broken and is crooked, and my ear hurt so badly for so long that now I have a permanent head tilt. I look like a mess.

But one day when I was hiding under a house, a nice lady found me. She said I was sweet and gentle, and didn’t chase me away. She gave me food and water, cleaned me up, and even took me to the vet, who fixed me all up. My ear stopped hurting too!

Then the lady took me to a family and said I was something called a “foster”. It was so great. I got to live in a comfy house! The cat that was already there seemed OK too. But after a little while, the family couldn’t keep me anymore and said I had to go. They gave the nice lady until that Friday to find a place for me or I would go to the animal shelter, which would mean certain death. Everyone was all upset. Somehow the best time of my life became the scariest thing that ever happened to me!

I only wanted a place to sleep, some food and water, and I had lots of love and cuddles to offer. Why was this happening to me? They said it was something called FIV, and that there was an unfair stigma that cats with FIV couldn’t live with cats that didn’t. They said most shelters put FIV cats down! Things were going from bad to worse, super fast!

The nice lady contacted all her friends, and her friend’s friends. One of them was a Furkids volunteer, and THEY SAVED ME! They say I’m a sweet gentleman, so I get the honor of being their FIV Ambassador. That means I get to hang with other cats and roam free to get endless pets. And best of all, I’ll never be hungry or struggle outside again!

And now it’s just before the holidays and things are even better! I get to crash at the shelter manager’s home while Furkids moves! So, if you’re looking for me while Furkids is transitioning to our new shelter, I’ll be chilling by her fireplace. Thank you Furkids!

Love and Happy Holidays,



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