Strudel Lost Her Best Friend, But We Are Going to Save Her Life!

Posted on Thursday, August 6th

Strudel Lost Her Best Friend, But We Are Going to Save Her Life!

The call came yesterday, from animal control. They had two lethargic cats who had suffered some sort of blunt-force trauma; along with maggot infestations, wounds, swelling, and infections. They were gravely ill. Could we help?

Sadly, before we could rescue them, Beatrice lost her battle. Strudel is still fighting; and we have volunteers on the way to transport her from animal control to emergency.

We have no idea as to the extent of her injuries. She will need comprehensive evaluations, and certainly antibiotic therapy; with possible surgical intervention. Strudel will have a long and difficult road to recovery. You can help her right now, with a gift here. Please mention that it is for Strudel. You con donate via Paypal or credit card at the link provided. 

In spite of her pain and illness, the vet tech who initially treated Strudel shared that she is a sweetheart. Her world fell apart, but she can still love. Let's show Strudel that her life matters; and there is a happy, healthy future for her. Thank you for all you do to help us save the Strudels of the world. We love our Rescue Partners!