Lemond – Missing Ear Kitty becomes a Furkid

Posted on Tuesday, March 24th

Four-year-old Lemond came to the attention of Furkids this past week. He was in animal control, covered with fleas and filth. He was breathing through his mouth, likely because of a severe respiratory infection.Lemond is also missing an ear; and has just one functional eye. Not a pretty kitty by most standards, and not a likely candidate for rescue.

But, Furkids said, “Yes! We will take him!” The call for donations went out on Facebook, and brand-new Lemond fans stepped up to insure he would receive initial vetting, and an ER evaluation! He went straight to the hospital, and had his exam yesterday.

Here is what we know so far about this sweet soul. Lemond LOVES people. He purred all the way from AC to emergency, and is the King of the Head Butt. He wants to be friends with everybody! In a double surgery, Lemond was neutered, and his non-functioning eye was removed. He is undergoing additional evaluation for what appears to be an old jaw injury. We are not certain yet how that will be treated, butLemond will probably need additional surgery in the very near future.

This boy has quickly captured the hearts of everyone who meets him. Our goal for Lemond is simple: get him healthy, spoil him silly in foster care, and then find him the best Forever Home we can. Lemond has clearly suffered in his four years on earth…Furkids vows to make the rest of his years fantastic! You can help by donating now.

Follow Lemond‘s progress on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for caring about this one-eared, one-eyed, scruffy, flea-infested feline…we will bring you HAPPY updates!

Written by: Nancy Pihera