Kitten Season FAQs

Posted on Wednesday, May 15th

You may have heard that kitten season is here, but what exactly is "kitten season?" We caught up with Terri B, our resident kitten expert, to learn the basics!

Q. When is kitten season? 

More like when isn't kitten season! It does vary, but typically here in Georgia, kitten season lasts from late February - November, with the bulk happening from May-October. 

Q. How many kittens come in during kitten season?

We've taken in 700 kittens so far, and estimate that the total will be over 2,200 kittens by the end of kitten season! 

Q. Why is kitten season so bad in Georgia? 

There's a few factors at play here. A big one is the weather. Cats go into heat when the temperature changes, so here in the south they can go into heat even in the winter if there are a few randomly warm days. There are also no state laws or funding for spay/neuter initiatives in Georgia. 

Q. What can I do to help? 

If you find a litter of young kittens, do not touch them right away! Mamma might be just around the corner, and they will be best off with her. If they are in a dangerous spot, or you have not seen mamma in a while, take them in and reach out to your local vet's office or rescue to see if they have any bottle-feeder fosters available. In the meantime, keep the kitties warm with a covered heating pad. 

Even if you don't find any kittens yourself, you can still help out! We always need fosters who can take in bottle babies. If you are interested in learning how to bottle feed, please email Terri to find out when our next class will be held. You can also donate kitten supplies through our Amazon Wishlist. KMR formula, heating pads and bottles are all in high demand this time of year! 

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