Furkids TransFUR Program Expands

Furkids TransFUR Program Expands

Giving the gift of life never stops at Furkids. 

In 2020, our domestic TransFUR program expanded to the islands of Puerto Rico & St. Croix, bringing more than 170 homeless and abandoned dogs stateside. The islands have been struck with earthquakes, economic hardships and pure devastation during 2020. And in turn, pet abandonment is at an all-time high. With limited shelter resources, the islands are overpopulated with “street dogs” trying to escape the inevitable—death! At Furkids, saving the lives of animals is our core mission—no matter how near or far!

Without your support, all of these deserving dogs would have been euthanized and/or suffered senseless deaths, homeless on the streets.

Can we count on you to help us save more animals in 2021 and continue to give the gift of life?

You may make your gift online or mail your gift to:
5235 Union Hill Rd.
Cumming, GA 30040

No donation is too small. On behalf of Scruffy and dogs everywhere hoping for safety and love, thank you for giving them the gift of life.

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