Double Your Dollars up to $30,000 by July 15

Posted on Thursday, June 11th

EXCITING UPDATE 7/22: Just in the nick of time, Furkids friends helped us match our $30,000 goal. We are excited to begin the process of equipping two new surgical suites and preparing to better serve the needs of our animals. We never could have done this without your help. Thank you! 

Furkids is made of miracles. Today, another miracle is within our grasp.  But the timeframe is short, and we need your help – now – to make it a reality!

We have been given TWO Challenge grants for new surgical suites! One, for $20,000, is designated for our cat shelter; thanks to two generous donors. The other, a $10,000 grant, is slated for the dog shelter; it comes from our good friends Millard and Sue Choate. But there is a BIG catch...

We MUST raise $30,000 ourselves, BEFORE JULY 15th, to take full advantage of these remarkable gifts.

Furkids provides basic and emergency veterinary services for approximately 38 cats and dogs per day.  Our surgery suite, built in 2008, is too small to meet the needs of our growing program and it's expensive for us to depend on outside vet services. Our own, modernized surgical suite will let us save precious lives and money, and keep sick animals from being shuttled around.  And it will let us use money for specialty vet services we can't provide on our own.

It will cost $40,000 to supply the equipment for one new surgery suite, and we need that facility ASAP.  As of June 26, we’ve raised $16,000.  That means we need $14,000 to take full advantage of the matching grant. Please donate now, and help us make this miracle happen. Donate whatever you can, because every penny you donate now will be matched by our donors. When you contribute now, in any amount, you’re actually doubling your donation. How about them apples?

Click below to help Furkids make this miracle a reality. Please mention "Surgery Suite" Thank you!