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Blogs from December 2011

Aspen | Featured Furkid

Posted by Admin | Saturday, December 24th

Aspen is about 2 years old. He is a very gentle, calm, sweet, laid-back cat who was abandoned by his owners, then rescued by Furkids volunteers. He's a big boy! A true gentle giant who is immediately loved by everyone and loves everyone in return. Nothing seems to bother him. He loves to just lounge around, quietly survey his surroundings, and welcomes all human interaction -- whether it is affection, play, or grooming. He is an ideal cat for anyone looking to add a lot of love to their home. Aspen is currently located at PetSmart Northlake -- where he… READ MORE >

Two Recent Group Visits

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, December 21st

Here at Furkids, we always look forward to having students from Ohio State University's Buck-I-Serv program visit us for their week-long service trips. The most recent OSU group was here the week of December 12. In addition to helping out at the main shelter, they also spent entire days at Small Dog Rescue, the FIV House, Thrift Store, and helping with Santa pictures at Midtown PetSmart. At SmallDog Rescue, they took EVERY dog (40 of them!) on a nice walk and also afforded many of them lots of playtime in the playroom. The dogs were tuckered out by the end… READ MORE >

Furkids and Good Mews Support DeKalb County Police by Accepting Animals in Cruelty Investigation

Posted by Admin | Thursday, December 1st

On November 29, in an animal hoarding investigation, the DeKalb Police Cruelty Unit removed dozens of cats living in unsanitary conditions from a home in Dunwoody. Some of the cats were suffering from conditions commonly found when large numbers of animals live together in a confined, unhealthy environment. The case is under investigation by the DeKalb Police Cruelty Unit. In general, cats in a hoarding situation can suffer from upper respiratory infections, flea infestation, starvation, stress, and many other ailments. We can understand someone’s desire to want to save animals from death, but a single family doesn’t have the resources… READ MORE >


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