Furkids and Good Mews Support DeKalb County Police by Accepting Animals in Cruelty Investigation

Posted on Thursday, December 1st

On November 29, in an animal hoarding investigation, the DeKalb Police Cruelty Unit removed dozens of cats living in unsanitary conditions from a home in Dunwoody. Some of the cats were suffering from conditions commonly found when large numbers of animals live together in a confined, unhealthy environment. The case is under investigation by the DeKalb Police Cruelty Unit.

In general, cats in a hoarding situation can suffer from upper respiratory infections, flea infestation, starvation, stress, and many other ailments.

We can understand someone’s desire to want to save animals from death, but a single family doesn’t have the resources to provide the proper care for a large number of animals, and that’s why facilities like ours exist.

Furkids has taken in over 40 of the cats and Good Mews has taken in over 25. Both organizations are medically caring for the cats and both have exacting adoption processes to appropriately match homeless animals with loving, adoptive families in lifelong homes.

If you look around you can see that shelters like Furkids and Good Mews are equipped to care for large numbers of animals and keep them healthy and happy.

Georgia has a major pet overpopulation problem and spaying and neutering is critical to better controlling the numbers of unwanted animals in our state.

These cats will soon be available for adoption. Please consider making a donation towards their care to Furkids or Good Mews. It costs approximately $200 per cat to provide their medical care and prepare them for adoption.

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