Blogs from October 2015

Adoption Mania sweeps the Metro during the Petco 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th

Petco Turns Fifty, Furkids Gets the Gifts! Petco celebrated its 50th anniversary the weekend of October 3rd and 4th, and Furkids partied hearty! We held Mega Adoption Events at Petcos throughout Atlanta, and set our sights on 100 adoptions. Surprise! We blew our goal right out of the water. In total, 151 previously-homeless animals went home forever! There's more good news. As part of their celebration, Petco awarded Furkids $100 for each adoption, if we closed more than 50. That translates to a $15,100 gift to Furkids - thanks so much, Petco!  Furkids staff and volunteers worked their tails off… READ MORE >

Read Black Beauty’s Plea for Help

Posted on Friday, October 9th

Hi, my name is Black Beauty. I am a black lab mix that gave birth four months ago to five beautiful black lab mix puppies. That was the high point of my life. Ever since then it has been going downhill. My children haven’t been taken care of the way a mother hopes to care for her babies. My family, who I thought loved me, moved and took two other adult dogs with them leaving me and my children alone to fend for ourselves. One of our human neighbors called Furkids and asked for help. Once Furkids saw the pictures… READ MORE >

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